I Have a Special Forces System - Chapter 2187 the eve of departure

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In fact, their relationship with each other is very delicate, there is no such thing as worth shopping at all, as some people say, they are like a pair of brothers, or inseparable friends.

Yu Sheng, at this time, for Tianmen, it is not just a simple disciple.

He has such a cultivation base, calm temperament, and his talent and influence, enough to look down on many people in Tianmen. It can be said that if such a person disappears, or leaves, it is impossible for Tianmen. recovered losses.

"Immediately, Yu Sheng will send me to protect the mountain and protect the Heaven's Gate, so that I can live forever."

Ye Qingyun said in the hall.

Such honor is awarded, and everyone has no objection, and the honor is added. This is an affirmation of a strong man, and it is a symbolic hope given to people.

The rest of his life was speechless. He didn't understand what Ye Qingyun was up to, so he arbitrarily named himself a mountain protector. Didn't this tie him up?

On the surface, Yu Sheng agreed with a smile, but in reality, he felt so depressed.

However, despite everyone's cheers and sustenance, he agreed readily and didn't say anything.

Guarding the mountain and protecting the law, although the name is guarding the mountain, which means protection.

But it's unlikely to keep him stuck here.

Ye Qingyun actually knew for a long time that he gave Yu Sheng'an this position just because he didn't want him to forget the existence of Tianmen.

Just as they agreed, if Tianmen was in trouble, they would help.

Yu Sheng now understands that Ye Qingyun's original vision was far-sighted.

Maybe he didn't have the strength to protect him at the beginning, but as time goes by, he has the ability to protect him. This is where the opponent is brilliant. If he sees a person, and the conditions are mentioned in advance, this avoids many things, and he is not afraid that you will not agree.

This is like an early investment project. When you have no money, you will make a big cake. When you have money, the other party is inviting you, so you may invest in it.

In the Tianmen, the news of Yu Sheng being promoted to elder was spread. Before the opening of the burial area, this was a top priority. Many sects sent gifts to congratulate Yu Sheng on his success.

These sects, the rest of my life did not read too much, and I did not have any thoughts in my heart.

In his view, the short-lived glory, perhaps, can make people admire you and have the idea of ​​making friends.

But he knew that if he had a little trouble and he encountered an accident, these so-called friendships would all vanish, and it would even be possible for swords and soldiers to face each other.

So most of the time, the rest of my life is still awake.

Time was slowly getting closer and closer to the opening of the celestial burial area, and even Ye Qingyun went to prepare.

Yu Sheng didn't know what he was going to prepare, but seeing his cautious look, it must not be something simple.

It is said that the opening of the celestial burial area will require many treasures of heaven and earth. These things, even on weekdays, are invaluable.

But this time, according to the proportion of the head, all the sects that require joining in must contribute.

Of course, the door to heaven for the main thing is the most.

And Tianmen can also be the first to enter the secret realm.

All gatekeepers have no objection to this.

It doesn't matter who gets in first.

As for the creation inside, they are not afraid of being swept away by these people.

After all, it's just the beginning.

On the surface, many sects are peaceful, but everyone knows that in the face of absolute interests, no one will let others divide it up.

And there is no such thing as equal division. The most likely thing is that in the end, there are several Xeon sects who divide up the most important resources, and the remaining sects can only get some scraps.

Of course, this is a theoretical thing, but in reality, as long as you enter the sect on this road, whoever is willing to be a stepping stone for others, they all want to give it a try and make themselves the protagonist.

Yu Sheng also knew at this time that if he wanted to go in, he had to correct his position.

Outside, the Fire Clan says he is a master and is admired by others, but inside, he may be the target of the fire in a sect. Entering the passage, anything is possible.

For some reasons, Tianmen has to enter this time. It is said that it is to retrieve the lost treasure.

But what kind of treasure, Yu Sheng does not know, and has not heard others say it.

It is conceivable that Ye Qingyun would not hesitate to take risks, I am afraid that the things inside are not simple.

"Tiankeng is unpredictable. This time, I don't know how many people will die."

There are also some celestial masters who predict that this time will inevitably be unsettled, and there may be rivers of blood.

However, just relying on their words is not enough to scare away these martial arts people who come with hope.

The opening of the celestial burial area this time is a big event.

This is like a feast, who will miss it.

If they miss it, they don't exist. There are only a few years in life, and they don't want to miss it.

If this trip can soar to the sky, then this kind of risk is worth taking.

The news is brewing, and it has been less than a month before the opening of the celestial burial area.

Each sect has already prepared almost everything that can be prepared.

Even some magical armors, as long as they can save their lives, they will not be stingy to wear them, expecting them to return successfully.

This time, all the sects were very friendly, and there was no exchange of fire or other actions for those who stopped standing. The short-lived prosperity happened because of this incident and had a common goal. In fact, this is also a good thing.

Ye Qingyun disappeared for several days, and on this day he finally appeared.

A turtle shell appeared in his hand.

There is nothing magical about this tortoise shell, it looks ordinary, even weathered.

Ye Qingyun gave him directly to Yu Sheng and let him hold it.

"When the time comes, you will go in for me, and everything will be done according to the circumstances."

Yu Sheng was surprised and looked at each other, but still took the thing.

For such a feast, Ye Qingyun didn't actually go in, which is unreasonable in terms of reason.

"You bastard, if you don't go in, let me go in alone, go in and send people's heads."

Yu Sheng complained a little, and even regretted it a little. He went in alone, it was a shit, if he had three long and two short, wouldn't it be a big loss.

Ye Qingyun replied, "This matter is very important, I will explain it to you before departure, and you can choose two people to go with you."

After Yu Sheng heard it, he also arranged for other people to go with him, which made him feel better now, but he still looked at each other with some doubts.

"I missed this opportunity, maybe the Tiankeng will not be opened in the future."

Yu Sheng responded.

Ye Qingyun smiled slightly, a little elegant and clean, his whole person was like bathing in the wind, always like this.

Although he doesn't care, he can convince people with every gesture and do anything. This is the charm of a person.

Yu Sheng knew that there was a reason why such a person could not go in and die. At this time, he just wanted to know something.

"I know you are confused, but it's really inconvenient to tell you, and the opening of the sky burial area also indicates that the year of disaster may be coming."

Saying this, he patted Yu Sheng's shoulder.

"The year of disaster."

Yu Sheng didn't understand this and wanted to hear him explain.

"The area of ​​​​the celestial burial area has too many origins to be traced back. Only the older generation knows about those things, and the secrets are rarely revealed. I only know that there used to be an area separated from Wuzhou Continent, or In space, some people say that in fact, that was the real continent at the time, and what we are in now is just a corner of that continent, separated by life."

Of course, there are many more of these secrets, and Ye Qingyun also selectively revealed a little.

"You know, about the immortals, the immortals above the five elements, in fact, in the sky burial area, there may be immortal remains."

Ye Qingyun said.

Yu Sheng nodded, these things, as long as normal people yearn for them, what is the purpose of their cultivation, but it is just a step forward.

After the tortoise shell was handed over to Yu Sheng, what Ye Qingyun explained was to use divine sense to transmit sound, and people outside could not see it at all.

This tortoise shell is of great significance and will be harvested for the rest of your life.

Then, Ye Qingyun waved his hand, and Yue Lingling walked out.

I saw her wispy figure, which deeply attracted other disciples, and she came.

"I have seen my brother."

Yue Lingling said to Ye Qingyun, then looked up at Yu Sheng, saying nothing.

Yu Sheng smiled.

"Just her, do you want to accompany me in?"

I have to say, Yu Sheng is a little skeptical.

At first, he thought that Ye Qingyun would arrange a strong man to follow him, but unfortunately, a woman was installed.

Although the appearance and body shape can be said, but he is not going to play, is it really suitable to bring this guy.

Ye Qingyun smiled and said, "You know her ability."

Yue Lingling didn't say anything, she slid from the sky, and then clicked her finger, and some fragments of stars and stars appeared, as fine as sand.

Yu Sheng felt that there were grains of sand in the opponent's hands, with Pangbo spiritual power and life essence.

Then, Ye Qingyun swiped his palm and a wound appeared, and then Yue Lingling waved his hand and sprinkled the debris inside, and the wound gradually healed without even a scar.

This kind of recovery in seconds makes Yu Sheng stunned for a moment.

Of course, he knew that it was also due to injury, but it was already a big deal.

Yue Lingling looked at Yu Shengshi and said, "I can go with you, but it's all for Senior Brother Qingyun's sake. You have to be honest and don't have any unreasonable thoughts about me."

The woman is very beautiful and watery, and very lively, belonging to the kind of person who is lovable.

Of course, her usual manners and appearances are not pretentious, she is naturally like this.

When Yu Sheng heard the other party's comment like this, he also felt a big head.

"What's the matter, think of me as someone, I'm very worthy."

Yue Lingling nodded, "

It's better, otherwise, when you come back, I will expose your **** and ruin your reputation. "

Hearing this, not only Ye Qingyun laughed, but some disciples also laughed.

They understand Yue Lingling's character. On weekdays, they only deal with a few familiar brothers and sisters.

For unfamiliar people, generally speaking, he will not let them approach, and now it is normal to reject the rest of his life.

After all, the rest of her life is a stranger to her.

Of course Yu Sheng won't bother with him, and said, "If I really do this, you can tell everyone in Tianmen and let them punish me."

After he said that, Yue Lingling nodded, and then came to Yu Sheng's side.

This change is very fast, and the rest of my life is a little difficult to adapt to. Didn't I just live and die with myself, and now it has become so fast.

"You have promised that if you really have thoughts about me, then your Taoism will definitely be unstable in the future."

After she finished speaking, she didn't care to glance at the other party and replied, "I'm afraid that you won't be able to eat me. I've never seen anything in the world, and I have dealt with all the wretched people."

I was speechless for the rest of my life, so I stopped talking.

Xiaotong originally wanted to go with Yu Sheng, but was stopped by the old man Dan Xu.

Now her conditions are of little help for the rest of her life.

As an almighty, he knows that now he needs a supporting senior brother and sister for the rest of his life, and Tongtong's absence will only add to the chaos.

Tongtong stared at him, looking a little anxious, and stomping his feet for a while, looking a little puffed up.

This made old man Dan Xu feel pain in his heart.

He was usually the best to her apprentice, but now seeing her wronged, he seemed a little wronged.

"In addition to entering the sky burial area with Yu Sheng, I promise you all your other conditions. You know, it is very dangerous to go inside, and you may die at any time."

Tongtong nodded, but then she said again.

"I don't care so much, I want to be with brother Yu Sheng."

Dan Xu is helpless, how can he not see it, presumably his own little apprentice, I guess he will die for the rest of his life.

This kid, forget about making Danfeng uneasy last time, and smashing a lot of things, these Dan Xu don't care, after all, the situation was special at that time.

Now his apprentice is crying and grievance for the rest of his life, what should he do.

He felt like he owed the guy money.

"What's so good about the troublemaker? Although the talent is good, the ability to cause trouble is also first-class. You should stay away from him in the future."

The old man Dan Xu is warning.

In fact, his views on Yu Sheng have also changed a bit. This time when Yu Sheng came back, there was a reason why he didn't go to see it.

Because he can't see through the other party's aptitude and prospects.

The greater the ability, the greater the ability to do things.

Either prosperity or destruction.

Both are extreme.

Originally, he thought that Yu Sheng had a good temperament and wanted to teach Dan Dao, but now he has changed his mind. He just wants to be quiet and find someone who is patient to learn and who is kind to him and Tongtong.

The rest of his life was not his only choice.

But now, Tongtong is inseparable from the rest of his life, making him helpless.

"Okay, I'll go to Qingyun now, if he agrees with me, I have no objection."

After all, he was going out.

At this moment, Yu appeared on Dan Peak and found it here.

When Kato Yusheng came to find him, Tongtong immediately went over.

This appearance not only made Yu Sheng feel embarrassed, but even Dan Xu was speechless.

After all, for such a big girl, what kind of formality is it to do this.

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