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"I didn't expect that there would be such a thing in Xiongtai. It's really a shame."

Mr. Mo said.

"Is there anything special about this kind of thing? It's just a rare refining material, isn't it?"

For Yu Sheng's doubts, Mr. Mo also explained.

"Generally speaking, these things are collected by special people, and there are also special people who go out to dig them out. Generally speaking, those that appear on the market are all carried out through these channels."

After Yu Sheng listened to it, he was taken aback for a moment, and then he realized that at the beginning, all of this seemed to have been formulated by rules, and it was destined to be something that cannot be bought and sold privately, and it has been anti-monopoly.

However, these things in his hands have become goods of unknown origin, so Mr. Mo said that he has the ability.

The rest of his life was a little speechless. How could he be considered capable? He just inadvertently intercepted others and obtained the spoils of war.

Of course, he won't talk nonsense in this link, the so-called more explanations make more chaos.

In fact, it's not just Mr. Mo who is suspicious, but Ms. Mo who is at the side also thinks this guy is special.

Whether it is temperament or other aspects, she is very calm. Such calmness is quite attractive, she thinks so.

With their communication, the auction also started.

The first item to be displayed on stage was a mutilated sharp blade.

There are rust marks on the body of this Bingjian, and it doesn't look very valuable. Just because of its appearance, many people have been persuaded to leave.

"This is something from the celestial burial period. Although it has lost its divinity, its material is solid and immortal. It can be used as a general defensive weapon and is very practical."

The introducer introduced on the side.

Yu Sheng is a little speechless, this thing is like this, since it is said to have any practicality, it really makes people sneer.

He didn't know who would buy this thing.

However, following his words, some people began to bid. Since the starting price was more than one thousand silver dollars, someone soon offered a thousand and one silver dollars.

"Is there anything worth selling for this thing?"

At this time he was puzzled.

For the rest of his life, he has had many good things, from spiritual weapons to divine weapons, he has seen people who are not ignorant and ignorant.

However, what is the answer given to him by the organizer now.

Mr. Mo smiled lightly when he heard the words, and replied.

"Things from the sky burial period are so desirable. Even if it's a piece of shit, there will be people bidding for it, let alone a perfect weapon."

In the spirit of taking pictures and refining it, it will be able to become a new sword, and some people will not miss it, although the chance is slim.

"The rust on the sword cannot be melted by ordinary fire."

Miss Mo said in a low voice.

She also saw some strange features of this thing, otherwise it wouldn't be sold so cheaply, only one thousand silver dollars.

"I'll take a picture."

Yu Sheng directly called for two thousand silver dollars, which immediately made the atmosphere of the scene a little silent for a while.

At this time, not only the two brothers and sisters of the Mo family looked at them, but also a large group of people looked at them, because he was not a guest seat here.

It's not a guest seat, it's an ordinary audience seat. Usually, they choose to bid for a certain product, which is a bit unexpected.

Although this thousand silver dollars is not too much, it is not too little in the eyes of ordinary people. Now someone actually adds a thousand silver dollars directly for bidding, which is a little hard to understand.

When the steward who hosted on stage saw that it was Yu Sheng who was bidding for the auction, he was taken aback for a moment.

Because the clothes he was wearing belonged to the venue. Could it be that he was going to bid for the auction, but where did he get the money? Suddenly, a strange emotion spread in his heart.

"Did Mr. Mo make the move?"

At this time someone asked.

Because Yu Sheng is by Mr. Mo's side, if it is him who makes the move and the servants call for the price, that's okay.

However, Mr. Mo really turned a blind eye to this discussion, and was still talking about something with Yu Sheng.

The people on the stage couldn't control so much anymore, since someone was asking for a price, they would hit the gong and drum once to indicate that if no one raised the price, after three strikes, the item would fall into the opponent's hands.

"Mr. Mo, this is the first time."

The reporter of the chamber of commerce, when he learned that the person wearing their clothes was quoting, immediately thought of Mr. Mo's side, so he made the report.

Yu Sheng was speechless, it was obviously him who was quoting and bidding, how could it be that Mr. Mo was bidding, isn't this a mess.

Mr. Mo nodded and said.

"This thing of yours belongs to me."

He looked at Yu Sheng and asked if he could give it to himself.

Yu Sheng didn't understand why Mr. Mo cared so much about the Bing Po Sword. He also denied the value of the sword at the beginning. Now that he said it this way, it might be backfired.

Yu Sheng naturally didn't want to argue with him, but at the moment of bidding just now, he rubbed against him with the sword heart light ball hidden in his chest, which made Yu Sheng realize that maybe Jian Xin had taken a fancy to this thing.

That's why he tried hard to take pictures. In fact, he didn't have many silver dollars on him, only a few thousand. This time, he was bleeding a lot.

"Mr. Mo, I really need this thing, so please give it up."

Yu Sheng said.

The thing was photographed by Yu Sheng, but now it has fallen into the other party's hands, causing people to misunderstand, and Mr. Mo himself is also a dove occupying the magpie's nest, which makes him helpless.

If he reported to the organizer, as Mr. Mo, he would naturally trust the other party instead of himself.

Thinking about the rest of my life makes me a little depressed.

At this moment, Mr. Mo smiled faintly.

"Just kidding, friend, you are too serious."

Immediately afterwards, someone continued to bid, and Yu Sheng continued to follow.

Finally, without he backing down, the rusty sword was traded for three thousand silver dollars.

Mr. Mo was also a little speechless. Xiao Si of this chamber of commerce actually had a deposit of 3,000 silver dollars. It seemed that he underestimated people.

"Do you have enough money? Do you want me to extravagant you?"

Mr. Mo said

The rest of his life was speechless, the other party obviously looked at him when he said this, and he didn't know whether the other party was really borrowing or pretending, it was a bit teasing.

"No, I just don't have enough. If you really want to lend me money, then in the future auction, please don't hesitate to help me take the auction."

Seeing this scene, Ms. Mo felt a little bit annoyed for her brother and said.

"Why are you like this? Obviously my elder brother was joking just now, and you took it seriously."

She puffed out her chest and said.

For the rest of her life, she only saw a section of graceful lines, matching her exquisite body, which seemed to have some flavor.

Seeing the other party staring at her, Ms. Mo immediately restrained herself

He said a little bit, but he was still not polite in the slightest, wanting to argue with reason.

Mr. Mo smiled heartily. He felt that Xiao Si in this shopping mall was really good. It was true that he was able to give himself a difficult problem, and he was able to anger her sister, which was really "not bad".

The auction continued, and the first round did not cause any waves. Most people would not care about such things. Of course, most people did not participate in the lottery. After all, everyone who knows knows that the good show begins, and the later it is, the more exciting it is. more stuff.

The second item came down, and it was a broken scripture, which contained profound cultivation methods.

"The starting price is one thousand silver dollars."

After the price was announced, everyone was also a little dumbfounded. This auction house really knows how to ask for a price. The starting price for such a broken item is a thousand silver dollars. Why not grab it.

Although it is said that the scripture book is something that most people need, it is not necessary, because they can get it for free by joining some forces.

Of course, some rare scriptures are priceless treasures, and are generally not circulated. If you want to get them, you can only see them if you have great rights or make equivalent contributions. Therefore, ordinary people should not think about these things.

"What everyone doesn't know is that this scripture is part of the Ksitigarbha Sutra."

The people on the stage continued to explain, which immediately caused the people below to discuss.

Ksitigarbha, what a joke.

Even if it is the underworld in the underworld, one of the top forces, there may not be a complete Ksitigarbha Sutra.

That thing is as mysterious as the legendary miracles, full of mythology, how could it be obtained by ordinary people, and exhibited in this way, it seems like a fantasy, a little unrealistic.

Everyone whispered, obviously a little disbelieving.

"Is there any mistake? Since when did the trading firm become so deceitful? Are these fakes also being sold, and they start with thousands of silver dollars? What's wrong with you? Do you think everyone's money is blown by the wind?"

Some people were a little uneasy and complained directly.

In fact, not only these audiences, but even some giants in the main bidding seats were a little puzzled, and no one bid.

"It's ready to bid."

The buddy at the host seat said hello.

He was smiling and kind, and he was extremely friendly. This smile seemed to remind everyone of something.

"Go away, old man, who wants to buy your fake."

Someone said mockingly.

"Since it is a scripture, do you want to read a few sentences so that everyone can distinguish the authenticity?"

Someone suggested it.

As soon as this proposal appeared, many people adopted it and wanted to take a look.

Some people read part of it, and they don't recommend it.

Because, the vast majority of people did not intend to buy this scripture at the beginning, but just for fun.

The organizer absolutely resisted this kind of behavior of plagiarizing without buying, so it immediately stood up and explained.

"Once this thing is leaked, everyone will know about it, so why do we sell it?"

The organizer said.

Yu Sheng smiled lightly and didn't take it seriously. He now understands that this auction house treats people like fools.

Obviously, everyone is extremely unconfident about the items in this auction, and no one bids immediately.

In fact, this is also very easy to explain, who wants to be the first to eat crabs? Moreover, if you still eat dead crabs, this is a bit disgusting.

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"If no one shoots, then it can only be missed."

After all, according to the requirements of the seller, they are only responsible for putting the item up for auction. As for whether it can be sold, they will not bear the responsibility.

Of course, if you can't sell it, they won't charge you a handling fee, which is quite reasonable.

It is precisely because of this that everyone still believes in the reputation of the auction house. Therefore, even some things that do not match the price are often sold at high prices. There are examples of these.

"The trading house has passed this time. If everyone is a fool, no one will come out to explain the origin of this scripture. Has anyone personally inspected the goods, otherwise, no one would bid."

One of the auctioneers said.

I saw that person with a calm demeanor, a young man dressed in white, and at this moment he was still holding a fan and fiddled with it.

The principal on the auction stage finally knew where the problem was, so he immediately turned to the backstage and asked everyone to wait a while.

After a while, a person appeared along with the sponsor, standing there looking at the crowd.

He was dressed in black, he couldn't see his face clearly, and he himself suppressed his cultivation, so everyone couldn't tell the depth of the other party at all, so the appearance of this person was unexpected.

"Everyone is a little calm, let him explain the origin of this thing."

Only then did the people below come to their senses. It turned out that this thing needs an explanation before it can work.

It's just that I don't know if this person is the seller.

Generally speaking, the seller will not personally choose to show his face. This is not only because of safety issues, but also to avoid a lot of troubles. Most of these troubles will be passed on to the auction house, but the auction house is capable of solving these emergencies. event.

That's reassuring.

"This can't be the seller. It's a surprise. He actually came out to explain it himself. It seems that he really wants to sell this thing."

The people who followed him to watch the excitement gave him a blank look.

"Isn't this nonsense? If you're not in a hurry to buy it, why are you looking for an auction house? Fees aren't money if you're idle."

As everyone's attention shifted, the origin of this scripture was also revealed.

"Originally, I didn't want to say these things, but everyone, Odu questioned me, so I said, this thing was discovered from the Black Tan. When it was discovered, it was accompanied by a skeleton of unknown age."

The crowd couldn't believe it, so the man produced evidence, and recorded some screen evidence that day, and kept it in a magic weapon, which made everyone shocked.

Since this is a relic of the dead, it makes people think.

When I saw that pair of skeletons, and the accompanying corruption, I almost vomited it out. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

After all, some people have never seen such a scene. They are noble sons of various ethnic groups, with a scholarly family, and this auction house did not expect to see such a powerful thing, so they couldn't bear it for a while, and vomited .

Yu Sheng was also a little speechless, but it was still acceptable.

He has seen a lot of dead bodies, including the anatomy class he had participated in a lot when he was in Blue Star, so he is not particularly against these things.

As for the Mo brothers and sisters standing next to Yu Sheng, their expressions were a little unnatural at this time, but they still watched patiently.

"It does have some background, and it may really be authentic."

Someone said so.

"No, it's actually too early to say it's the Ksitigarbha Sutra. This may not be that kind of scripture. Although it comes from that weird place, the Ksitigarbha Sutra is profound and profound after all."

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