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Chapter 0403 Active Interception

One or two yellow Humvees were hijacked in the street, and the vehicles ran through unscrupulously. Barry fought and found that he turned his muscles into iron.

Chlorophyll is a green pigment contained in other photosynthetic organisms of higher plants.

The fourth, elemental fog - brown fog.

Barry had no choice but to take his own course, but still suffered minor injuries, fractures and concussions.

"I heard the news that the monster guarding the fifth floor is a gargoyle with a size of six or seven, which emits energy beams (magic rays) and is very fast."

There are many kinds of chlorophyll, such as chlorophyll a, bd, and bacteriochlorophyll chlorophyll, etc. There are two kinds of chlorophyll ab in the main higher plants related to food.

Or the chlorophyll mentioned above.

It's Tony, and when Barry hears his name, he thinks of his schoolmate.

A worker of the victim grid.

"So what's going on inside?" Tice said along the way.

Zhou Wenwen pointed to the point where the parchment scroll was marked as 5 layers, and continued with a sigh.

"From those mercenary hands, such a building, some hunters who are looking for treasures will definitely try their best to take a look."

Zhou Wenwentis glanced at each other, raised the torch, and the sheep just stepped into the door.

Tis nodded before answering and asking.

After communicating with the cutting-edge laboratory, Barry learned that the army had cooperated with the laboratory to bomb, and finally broke up happily.

When Barry arrived, Iris Jaw had been rescued.

First of all, Captain Natasha did not receive communication, progress and support.

And because the housekeeper often sent Lexi on behalf of the wizard Otto, Zhou Wenwen also knew and befriended him, but he didn't expect to see him again, the guy was dead.

For example, the R virus G virus extracted from the body bitten by a zombie dog and then infected to become a zombie is only 15% similar to the R virus G virus extracted from the body body bitten by a zombie bird and infected with a zombie. 3% is the same.

The bank, with a strange red eye, robbed the amount of cash effortlessly, and the staff in the bank also had red eyes inexplicably, and scuffled with each other.

Tiss, who was on the side, walked out of the empty tunnel in surprise, and now Zhou Wenwen is in his own eyes.

However, Zhou Wen's tattoo here was only unscathed, and his expression was very relaxed, as if he was completely fine.

In the 54th year of the city-state calendar, the caster ran.

When Barry arrived, the scene was under control and the robbers had fled.

Zhou Wenwen replied calmly, "It's very simple. It is found that in the empty tunnel, light cannot escape."

"In other words, in the empty tunnel, no one who uses light as a carrier can move freely."

Hearing a sentence, Zhou Wenwen, who was worried and swollen, couldn't hold back and continued to ask.

"It's very difficult to eliminate. You must first eliminate the host cat monsters before you can eliminate some ghosts." Tis shook his head and replied.

Eddie wants to persuade the class to catch The Flash, so Aerith disagrees and is very happy.

Plus Zhou Wenwen cherished the capital, and sent an electric nuclear battleship equipped with electromagnetic railguns and laser cannons. An air-nuclear powered aircraft carrier with anti-gravity technology successfully attracted half of Ultron's Ultron legion, allowing Tony to retreat to the local residents smoothly.

Zhou Wenwen was surprised that the corpse was one thousand meters away from the current Viscount Stan noble manor, the current mage, the wizard Ta Otto, the housekeeper of the housekeeper of Arthur's manor.


"Didn't you hear me, please?"

Iris therefore met with Barry again and persuaded him to leave, reappearing.

However, in the empty tunnel, the place treats the light equally, even if the gods, only the light, must kneel, unless the gods master the three laws of space, space, and space.

And according to Tis's visual observation, in addition to the aurora law, the eye spirit is the core of the two laws.

Zhou Wenwen, who heard the news, was surprised and pretended to ask.

When the mercenary saw that he was being questioned, he immediately said, "Let's go and show the corpse."

Cutting-edge labs study what makes banks' emotional behavior out of control.

The Heiyan Mercenary Bar is located on the left side of the gathering place, next to the three public mercenary station. There is a lot of traffic, so on weekdays, in order to inquire about news, Zhou Wenwen will also patrol, order a glass of fruit wine, listen to the mercenary bragging, and inquire about news by the way.

Zhou Wenwen, who had just arrived, was temporarily unable to open the empty tunnel with his watch, so Zhou Wenwen liked the goat Tis, but for the sake of life, Zhou Wenwen could only take on tasks.

And with more than 100 Gold Rolls coins exchanged for two gold bars, the day is safe, and the patrol in the middle of the night is also very safe.

And the power outage, destroyed, so that the whole city fell into a power outage panic.

Whether it is a monster, a crystal beast, or a monster, its strength is stronger than that of animals, insects, and plants. For this reason, in order to distinguish the strength of some guys, it is divided into 1 to 12 levels and 12 levels.

During this period, in order to reduce his own hands, Zhou Wenwen also accepted several boys and girls as disciples, and taught them the experience of alchemy of Licorice Pill, Yinyuan Pill, and Shouxin Pill.

For this reason, Zhou Wenwen also developed secondary medicinal pills, Yuanxin Pill, in response to the problem of insufficient raw materials for Licorice Pill, Yinyuan Pill and Shouxin Pill.

The girl he was looking for was named Betty. Barry found it and used his superpower to blow up Barry's clothes. It was proved by experiments that the girl had a bomb, and the military was also looking for it.

Because the capital was notified by the noble's butler in the middle of the night to get up and set fire to the pile. As for why he was looking for him, he specifically looked for Zhou Wenwen, the reason is actually simple.

Joe found Barry, UU reading www.uukanshu.com questioned Iris about seeing the Flash, and Barry was forced to stop Iris from writing a blog.

After saying that, the mercenary took Zhou Wenwen to the cemetery of the abandoned church and found the body. After the mercenary left, Zhou Wenwen called him Tis.

In the second battle of the Avengers, Wanda and Quicksilver had sufficient security because the Shining Star Corps composed of Transformers joined the battlefield as a meat shield.

Hearing Zhou Wenwen's words, Tiston was silent, and he was really curious, and Tis could feel that a stream of energy condensed into the stone tower.

And Iris was angry that what he saw and heard was trusted.

"What, said that the mercenary died, and jumped to death from the mage tower?"


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