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Chapter 0402 Midnight Emperor Opens His Eyes

Betty's body has been tested, and the cell fragments are integrated, which means that the superpower cannot be eliminated. Barry wants to help Betty stay in a cutting-edge laboratory.

The heavy li became one of the battlefields of the gods. Hundreds of blue energy figures and tens of millions of red energy figures fought each other at an extremely fast speed.

Air Guards and Pioneers led the members of the Shining Star Legion Transformers to control Zhou Wenwen's fleet of the Western Ocean.

Zhou Wenwen Tony went first, riding the Destroyer and Stalker respectively, while the Visitor grabbed the Black Dwarf and followed.

And Harrison agrees very much and wants to be the enemy of the military.

Zhou Wenwentis arrived at the stone tower one hour earlier than Duncan, but it was already five o'clock in the afternoon, and the night horse would attack.

The shield of the battleship body disappeared instantly, and the particle beam successfully hit the position of the battleship's power system, causing an explosion and blowing holes.

"What are you going to do?" Tis nodded and asked after he was really curious.

Barry wants to tell Iris the truth.

Zhou Wenwentis arrived at the stone pagoda smoothly. According to the description to the mercenary who had participated in the exploration of the stone pagoda and returned alive, he input magic power to unlock the magic lock, and the stone pagoda door was immediately opened.

The impact force generated when the stone tower penetrated the air layer, and thus lowered, destroyed all the blue energy figures and suppressed all the red energy figures.

Joe sensed something was right. Joe questioned why his daughter ran to the crime scene last night, and Iris said that he saw The Flash and wrote an article about it.

Eddie told Barry that what he saw last night was completely uninjured by his own gun, and Barry prevaricates.

"Agreeing with the idea, it will help to solve the monsters of the gargoyle."

Then there are the remaining questions, how should we understand that soil controls water, water controls fire, and fire controls metal?

But the kind of red fog can be blown away by the force of the wind because the element chain is stable.

For Betty's inability to save, the freezing point of friendship with Iris felt very painful.

The situation progressed, the stolen Hummer was found at home, and iron filings were found in Barry's car, which was taken back to the laboratory for analysis.

So Zhou Wenwen thought about it. In the end, only plants and cells need the elements in the soil, and even if the soil produces gold, plants also need a small amount of metal elements.

After October, Dr. Harrison went to his basement, adjusted his log, and had already observed that the explosion ended 311, or, in other words, had been following Barry for a long time.

At the scene, Eddie asked Barry what happened to Iris, and he was very keenly aware of the same relationship between the two.

Stephen nodded and agreed. The group immediately set off and entered the portal of the temple. After arriving in London, Stephen, Wang, and Peter went to find Wanda Quicksilver.

Officer Barry arrives at the new crime scene, where the victim appears to be on fire, charred.

Sisko made a steel beam for Barry to use speed to defeat iron.

The natural day refers to the world tree that collects energy because of the peculiar body trajectory of the wooden satellite of Seya, which will release the power of nature to all parts of the world.

Sisko found that in the name of the victim, he entered the power grid and absorbed electricity. When Barry arrived, he was fortunately absorbed the power. Barry, who had no speed, ran slower than normal, and was powerless to the one-time superpower.

Tony went to Iris's cafe and said that the Flash was beaten by himself last night and fled. With the language threatening and pinching his cell phone, Iris is terrified and posts a message calling out to The Flash and reminding Heart of Steel.

The perspective returns to the present, the current situation is that Kuaiyin is injured, the Vision is caught, and the second ammonite-type battleship is lifted. Once the battleship enters the atmosphere, the stratosphere reaches the universe, and the speed of light is turned on. If you want to find the Vision, I am afraid that Can only kill the Titan star.

Zhou Wenwen smiled and opened the sheepskin scroll from his arms. When Tis saw it, he was surprised because the contents of the sheepskin scroll turned out to be the inner route of the stone pagoda.

When Barry learned that Iris was threatened, he went straight to Tie, unexpectedly, and was seriously injured.

The energy fog often occurs near the water surface where the cold and warm air meet in the foggy swamp. Generally, after the fog, there will be continuous magic lingering.

The fifth, elemental fog - green fog.

And in order to beat steel, you have to go at 800 mph.

Green fog, green fog is caused by the combined action of the force of nature and the force of wind, the natural day of the misty swamp.

Zhou Wenwen immediately looked at Stephen and said, "It needs the cooperation of the London Temple."

When the name of the superpower was checked, Faruko, who was injured in October, went to the cutting-edge laboratory and threatened to see Dr. Harrison, and he was very nervous.

Eddie teaches Barry boxing and the two are very close.

Brown fog, when the air full of the power of the earth rises along the slopes near the misty swamp, and the adiabatic cooling makes the air saturated, and the brown fog is produced.

"The mercenary chooses to buy the exile magic scroll from the mage, and throws the giant gargoyle into another world. The duration of the exile magic is half."

Dr. Harrison was also furious.

Joe privately asked Harrison to help solve the case of Barry's mother's victimization. In fact, Joe had already suspected that Harrison was the murderer behind it.

Chi fog, when the air is filled with the fog of the power of fire, passing through the water surface of the foggy swamp, if the temperature is very different from the water temperature, the water surface of the foggy swamp will evaporate a lot of water vapor, and the cold air near the water surface of the foggy swamp will produce water vapor and Condensed into red mist.

"...Where did you get it?" Tis asked curiously.

Tony sneaks into Iris' house again and takes it away.

This kind of influence~www.novelbuddy.com~ Yinskander Lu will meet a few months later, the most powerful one to welcome the power of nature.

Take Iris back to his alma mater and threaten Iris.

The third type, elemental fog - red fog.

After Iris was published again, The Flash appeared again, hoping to do the same again. Iris insisted on his own ideas and was moved.

The brown mist is blown away by the force of the wind because the elemental chain is stable.

The sixth type, energy fog.

And since Quicksilver didn't die, Wanda didn't fall into grief, and fell in love with Vision. Although Wanda Vision still came together on the trajectory of fate, but the relationship between the two is only at the stage of embracing. Did not reach base.


Chapter 0403 Announcement of Active Interception

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