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Chapter 0477 do not say I come you will you do not control you

"Gek, take me back."

She told everyone that strange creatures appeared in the sewer in recent months, and sewer workers disappeared one after another. Joe, Barry and Sisko decided to go to this sewer to have a look.

As long as the radiation source is detected, located and identified, the relevant information can be displayed to the pilot, who will aim at the most threatening target and launch the missile.

And under the control of the Hydra driver on board, the Adac armored vehicle staggered out under the cover of black smoke from the incomplete combustion of diesel, trying to return to the Hydra defense building, so that it could survive.

The shock wave produced by the 2000-pound ground-penetrating warhead bomb immediately wiped out all life in the passage.

"Since you don't know your own name, but I don't know yours either, then I'll give you a new name, how about it?

Because of his appearance, plus that famous saying, it means that this place is the base of Hydra!

Zhou Wenwen rushed into a shopping mall and went straight to the toilet.

The first to bear the brunt is the 90 mm caliber electromagnetic gun on each of the left and right hands.

The members of Hydra on the ground inside the building quickly raised the garage shutter door and gate, trying to escape by car.

Everyone went to the sewer pipe and discovered the evolution process of Gurud, and there was a terrifying sound.

Thinking of this, Zhou Wenwen carefully observed the electronic cycle device again, and he found that the description of the electronic cycle device is that it can mix Aβ energy and electrons together and emit them, so he needs to absorb Aβ energy and current in the energy system.

The Super Eagle continued to maintain the f-117a Nighthawk form, and while the Hydra soldiers and tanks below hadn't reacted, it passed at supersonic speed and low altitude, and at the same time threw 4 laser-guided bombs weighing more than 900 kilograms, 4 wc windage correction ammo spreader.

In addition to two 90mm electromagnetic guns, Geek is also equipped with three cold weapons, which naturally only Transformers can lift and use.

But at this time the Hydra base has also reacted, and they lowered the explosion-proof steel door at the last moment.

This steel door not only stopped the attack of jaguars, pumas, and hunters, but also forced them to return from the original path of the passage and climb up from the Hydra defense building

It turned out that under Zhou Wenwen's observation, Zhou Wenwen found at least 3 people 6 meters away to his right.

Just does it really work?

Looking at this harpoon, which is similar in size to a car, Zhou Wenwen couldn't help but feel suspicious, but he could only continue to look down.

At this time, Barry suffered another brain attack and lost consciousness.

The absorbed Aβ energy and current will enter the acceleration field along the conduction, and after circulating for 1 week (168 seconds), the mixture will become 1l?

Driven by the polysulfide rubber SR113-TC-1 dual-thrust solid-fuel rocket motor, the AG88A Hamm anti-radiation missile flew towards the Adac armored vehicle at a speed of 633 meters per second, and the speed was still rising.

After the energy cluster is launched, it will have an "ionization" effect on the area it passes through, and the missile will fail and explode when it passes by.

"Then what are you waiting for, let's go," the forerunner urged.

However, Zhou Wenwen still recognized his image in several Marvel movies and TV series.

Recognizing it, Zhou Wenwen's face immediately became very ugly, and he didn't regret it.

"You are?"

The "star-strike" energy launch vehicle allows Geek's hands to launch a cluster of concentrated energy clusters.

And Joe was captured. When Joe woke up, he found a huge gorilla, which was very scary.

Zhou Wenwen just put the electronic cycle conversion device on his chest, and the energized magnetic sheet, desperately carrying the "family size", pounced on it and attached it firmly to his chest. Zhou Wenwen had to close the device to take it off.

The idea of ​​​​the Hydra soldiers is good. Weapons like AT4 rocket launchers, rpg-7 rocket launchers, and Javelin anti-tank missiles, which are specially aimed at armor, can indeed damage the surface of the forerunners and jaguars and cause them damage.

Back to the original question, since the Heavenly Sword Bureau already exists, the people with the ability to transform are undoubtedly the Skrulls.

2 "Honeycomb 2" rocket platform systems, "Ruby" laser self-defense system, "Introduction Star" energy launch vehicle, and "Strike Star" energy launch vehicle.

He had been watching him just now, and at least two of them would look at him every once in a while.

And there was one person, although he didn't look at Zhou Wenwen.

Zhou Wenwen asked Geek to go out to help the jaguar and the cougar, as soon as possible after finishing.

The Skrulls are an alien race with highly developed technological civilization.

Caitlin told Barry that he was controlled by Gurud, and Iris blamed Barry for his father's disappearance, and the two had a big fight.

Accompanied by Zhou Wenwen's voice, the electronic cycle conversion device, plasma arc generator, and plasma magnetic confinement ring, which were still black just now, lit up white lights and blue lights at the instant the crackling electronic sparks sounded. light, yellow light.

The Hydra soldiers, who were unaware of this, only noticed the Super Eagle that turned into an F-117A Nighthawk attack aircraft when the Super Eagle suddenly accelerated and raised and made a violent engine sound.


There was a sound of "Hugh" piercing through the air, and the young animal missile flew out at a speed of 408 meters per second driven by a dual-thrust solid rocket motor.

At this time, the Forerunner and Jaguar will return to the bunker to avoid missiles and rockets.

Feeling something bad, the 7 Transformers quickly transformed into a vehicle and ran towards the owner Zhou Wenwen.

Sure enough, when Zhou Wenwen turned around and thought about dealing with Bucky, Bucky jumped up like a monkey, wearing heavy armor, and attacked Zhou Wenwen very nimbly.

At that time, because he had withdrawn from the overclocking armor, and Zhou Wenwen had no idea that Bucky had woken up.

Everyone found Gurud's location~www.novelbuddy.com~ The Flash quickly went there.

Zhou Wenwen carried the lead box with all his strength and came to the side of the Super Eagle. With the help of the super eagle's shielding ability, the energy fluctuations generated at the moment when he put on the overclocking armor and entered the overclocking state prevented it from being detected by the satellite.

Facing Jaguar's question, the pioneer who was hiding in the concrete building bunker scanned the surroundings without much hesitation, and said decisively, "Wait, we can't do much."

"Before I left, the master was fighting a human, and now he should win."

Of course, a fortress-level building like the Hydra Defense Building may require more than one shot.

At the same time, no one can tell how many shots are needed for armor like the Transformers of the same family. Only actual combat will know.

Super Eagle stood up and asked.


Chapter 0478 The arrow is on the string, and I have to send it.

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