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Chapter 0476

He closed his eyes, and the moment he opened them again the next second, Zhou Wenwen took out the Kalia pyroxene crystal scepter and began to cast spells.

At this time, because of the fighting, the people in the auto shop had already left, so Zhou Wenwen was able to travel unimpeded.

In the state-of-the-art laboratory, Alyn was as motionless as a robot, and his family said he had been missing for months.

With the help of the forerunner, the copper and tin strips were welded with oxygen, so that the plasma magnetic confinement ring was fixed on the plasma arc generator, and then extended out of the line, connected to the external hand armor to be energized.

For an aircraft equipped with Hamm missiles, after the radar warning receiver on it detects the signal of the radiation source, the on-board launch command computer will classify the radiation source target, judge the threat, and sort the attack.

And you can't do it by yourself.

And like the other two defense buildings, this Hydra defense building also has "bronze walls, iron walls and thin roofs".

So the Forerunner and the Jaguar, the two Transformers, were very smart not to waste their firepower on the building.

Although the two Transformers, the Forerunner and the Jaguar, gave up the attack on the Hydra defense building and chose to hide behind the bunker.

(aв is the symbol of aβ, i is the symbol of current)

After this process lasted for more than ten seconds, a silver-white Autobot Transformer appeared in front of Zhou Wenwen.

Alrin said that Barry was the Flash, and said a lot of strange things.

The radar and program in the Hydra defense building, after not detecting the IFF number corresponding to the radar of the F117 Nighthawk attack aircraft, immediately judged that it was the enemy and launched an attack.

Therefore, even during the flight, if the enemy radar is turned off, the Hamm missile can still fly to the target in a proportional guidance manner according to the calculated flight trajectory.

And the various weapons and mounting platforms on his body also made Zhou Wenwen very excited, as if there was finally a thug with a shot.

"Autobot, what's your name?"

In order to buy time for the super eagle to aim.

After a few hulas, three blu-109/b ground penetrating bombs were "thrown" by the Super Eagle, and they were accurately dropped on the head of the Hydra defense building.

It's just that the enemy's firepower is too much, and they are hiding in fortress-level defense buildings made of cement and steel.

The only weapons are energy cannons, forerunners of rockets, and jaguars, and they cannot destroy this kind of fortress at all.

Said Erlin hurt himself, Erlin hurt Erlin, he said his name was Gurud.

The missile seeker can search, identify, and classify all radiation sources detected according to the predetermined procedures, and will automatically lock on to the predetermined target and track it until the target is destroyed.

But the premise is that r is not air, and when r is air, the air resistivity is infinite, and in the case of arc discharge and gas ionization, the 10000a current will disappear without a trace like a drop of fresh water entering the sea .

After repeating it again, the Hydra soldiers finally came to their senses and were very smart not to rush to shoot.

However, no one knows that the fundamental reason why the pioneers and jaguars did this is to buy time.

The jaguar on the other side, the Forerunner, was blocked by the ferocious firepower of another Hydra defense building at this time, and could not move forward.

Of course, the so-called ferocious firepower can't do anything to Jaguars and Forerunners.

On the other side, when the three Transformers, Jaguar, Puma, and Hunter, tried their best to climb up the freight elevator in the Hydra defense building.

The Forerunner and the Jaguar have been transformed into vehicles, racing all the way on the road, trying to avoid the blockage of the Hydra defense building.

It turned out that in the experiment conducted by Alrin and Harrison five years ago, Gurud was an orangutan who disappeared after the particle accelerator.

Zhou Wenwen took a deep breath, opened the lead box, and took out the electronic cycle conversion device, three secret source stone cubes, plasma arc generator, plasma magnetic confinement ring, and the first-generation trace overclocking liberation potion in sequence.

The Super Eagle continued to fly, and the commander in the Hydra defense building, who saw the situation was not good, dispatched Adats, which is an adats anti-aircraft missile tracked armored vehicle.

And apparently their plan worked.

Because he couldn't understand at all, and he couldn't think of profit. Who would attack them in this country, could it be the FBI? Or S.H.I.E.L.D.?

No, we didn't expose it, and the undercover inside didn't respond.

Frightened, more than a dozen Hydra soldiers in the building armed with AT4, RPG-7, Javelin, etc., fired at the Transformers ahead of time.

The Blazing Blade is a large sword that can shoot out flames that are hot enough to melt steel when it strikes.

The cryogenic shield is a combination of a small round shield and a triangular tower shield.

Everyone found that Gurud and Alrin had the ability of nerve control and telepathy, and everyone suspected that Gurud had a relationship with Harrison.

Because Zhou Wenwen is used to his right hand, he fixed the plasma arc generator, which looks a bit like a templar psionic blade, to the armor of his right hand, which is the socket on the armor of the receiver.

After Zhou Wenwen finished speaking, he stopped talking. He wanted to test the electronic cycle conversion device, the secret source stone cube, the plasma arc generator, the plasma magnetic confinement ring, and a small amount of overclocking liberation potion.

Because of the hunter's departure, although communication was restored, Zhou Wenwen still lost contact with the Transformers.

This made Zhou Wenwen distressed, and considering the unconscious Bucky, someone must carry it.

The Super Eagle quickly transformed into an f-117a Nighthawk attack aircraft and flew over.

At this time, the supervisor in charge of the command at this Hydra base was still a little confused.

Only one Adac armored vehicle survived the disaster and escaped unharmed.

But at this time, the Super Eagle that came to the underground parking lot has returned to the ground.

Then ~www.novelbuddy.com~ Iris appeared, and she decided to help everyone.

Long story short, back to the original topic, and looking down, Zhou Wenwen found that if this group of people succeeds, it is really possible that Du Bandit asked the governor to fight against the tax inspection. I believe it will be a good show at that time It's about to happen.

Taking a deep breath, Zhou Wenwen pressed the button on the armor in his left hand to take over the Aβ emission? system, calling out 150-degree Aβ energy and 60A current, quickly introducing it into the acceleration tube, and circulating it.

The impact produced by this energy group after hitting the enemy is enough to shock the enemy to death.

"Then give you a new name, Earth Explorer-Gek, how about it?"

And the debris, driven by the impact, not only broke the track, but also caused a fire.

Although the Autobots are not very warlike, Geek, as a fighting type, is still equipped with powerful weapons.


Chapter 0477 Don't tell me I'll come, will you? You don't care

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