I Kidnapped the Timeline - Chapter 632 Legend ends

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Daybreak 1126.

This year Lin Guyuan was 116 years old.

After the Thunder Clan, after decades of stable development, the Human Clan ushered in a brand new and powerful hostile force.

At this time, Lin Guyuan was 116 years old, but as a practitioner, he still had the energy to take charge of the tactical command.

That day, Lin Guyuan was looking through the materials sent by the Psionic Research Institute in his office.

The picture on the data file is a red-bodied domain creature that looks like a magnified cockroach.

The group that this creature belongs to is called the Chisha Clan, and it is also a new challenge and threat to the front line of the northern region of the human race at this stage. Although the Chisha lifeforms look like cockroaches, they have wisdom not weaker than humans.

The field where this family is located is full of yellow sand, and the environment seems harsh, but in fact it has rich spiritual mineral resources.

The Red Sand Field is located in the northwest of the northern supply area of ​​Star City, and there is a "morphological field" in the middle before connecting with the human race.

At that time, the human race continued to squeeze the living space of the form race from the northwest, plundering resources, while the Chisha race eroded the resources and life of the form field from the other end.

When the morphological field is shattered, the border between the human race and the Chisha race is officially connected.

There was no process of negotiation and negotiation, and a war broke out between the Human Race and the Chisha Race because of the distribution of inventory resources in the Morphological Field when they first met.

The competition between clans is so cruel, they completely put aside the so-called etiquette and morality, and only fight for the benefit The innate ability has been clearly understood.

Chisha people are born with a very strong physique, but they did not go all the way to the black on the road of physical cultivation, but developed a special ability to control the yellow sand according to the characteristics of their own life forms, and they also have very strong skills on the battlefield. law lethality.

Every Chisha life form is very good at melee combat and spell strike ability, and they are not afraid of the melee attack of human assassins.

Sitting on the seat, Lin Guyuan looked devoted.

If he wants to develop a combat strategy against the life of the Chisha tribe, he must have a detailed understanding of the life structure, ability characteristics, and other knowledge of the Chisha tribe.

But compared to the Leiming clan, the Chisha clan didn't make him feel pressured.

Compared with the Thunder Clan, the Chisha Clan has a more comprehensive development. They seem to have no shortcomings, but in fact they pose a very limited threat to the Human Clan, and they have no special ability to restrain the Human Clan's combat system. Compare.

Even though the overall strength of the Chisha tribe is not weaker than that of the Leiming tribe back then, this time the human tribe is the dominant side from the moment the war started.

Lin Guyuan has also seen the future of the Human Race defeating the Chisha Race.

However, he still thinks it is very necessary to study the life characteristics of the Chisha people.

The purpose of formulating a new combat plan is to reduce the casualties of one's own side as much as possible while winning the battle.

With his current authority, he was able to read the highest-level information in Star City, so he clearly knew how harsh the environment the human race would face in the future.

If the human race wants to develop in the long run, it must accumulate strength to meet the most difficult challenges.

If there is no accident, when Mo invades the human world, the human race will join hands with Mu Hao to fight against Mo's invasion.

At that time, what the human race will face is the gathering of countless powerful forces. Even if there are soldiers who have returned from Tongtian Road to help, the possibility of victory is still very slim.

Because of this, he believes that the human race must accumulate strength, and must not waste its foundation for rapid expansion in this era and lead to depression.

The Chisha War lasted 28 years.

In order to defeat the Chisha tribe, Lin Guyuan researched many new combat configurations specifically targeting the weaknesses of the Chisha tribe. Victory was steadily advancing under Lin Guyuan's planning, and he was not in a hurry.

At the end of the 28-year war, the aged Lin Guyuan would still cheer and cheer with his comrades. But after cheering, he suddenly turned his head and looked out the window of the tactical hall.

His white-haired face was reflected on the transparent glass of the window, and it was snowing heavily outside. Do not know why

, A trace of loneliness suddenly rose in his heart.

He knew that his time at the front was running out. "Old Lin, what's wrong with you?"

A young soldier sitting next to Lin Guyuan saw the change in Lin Guyuan's expression and thought that Lin Guyuan was not feeling well, so he hurried forward and asked.

"I don't know how many times I can watch the heavy snow on the front line with you... Every time in the future, I will cherish the fact that the originally lively tactical hall suddenly becomes quiet at this moment.

After hearing Lin Guyuan's answer, the young soldier was silent for a while, and a look of reluctance appeared in his eyes. He understood Lin Guyuan's inner thoughts, and also understood his worries.

But he also knows that some things are destined to have an end, and it is impossible to continue indefinitely.

After the battle of Chisha, the human race ushered in a period of steady development until the emergence of the wet demons.

Lin Guyuan, who has reached the retirement age, postponed his retirement and resolutely chose to continue fighting on the front line, making suggestions for the human race to defeat the wet demons, and personally planning various combat plans.

At this time, Lin Guyuan was already a living legend in the eyes of many young fighters.

No matter what kind of difficult challenges the human race faces, even if they can't find a solution for the time being, Lin Guyuan can always find a correct direction for the human race after a period of silence.

The word "ghost talent" is the evaluation of Lin Guyuan by the frontline soldiers from the heart.

He can always find new content in the existing system that has not been discovered by the predecessors, and combine completely different combat strategies.

Feng Qi once said that one of the differences between a weak race and a strong race lies in the efficiency of resource utilization.

An in-depth interpretation of this sentence can also be that one of the differences between the weak and the strong can also be the gap in the utilization efficiency of the existing system.

Although Lin Guyuan's achievements did not promote the development of any scientific research system, they brought the existing system to another level, helped the human race break new paths in the field of system construction, and even promoted the frontline combat power. Construction has brought a great contribution.

He is the well-deserved **** of tactics of the human race, the number one war **** in the world who has never killed an enemy, but is admired by everyone.

Even though he was old, Lin Guyuan was still going on the road of building up his combat power on the front line, and he never stopped.

Daybreak 1196.

Lin Guyuan was 186 years old this year.

He has been in charge of the tactical command for more than a hundred years, and it is finally time for him to retire.

Although he feels that he is still healthy and healthy, he often feels slow in thinking about problems. His brain is like a rusty machine. Piece together the knowledge in your mind to form interesting tactical ideas.

A life span like his is extremely rare on the front line.

Frontline fighters generally have a lifespan of more than 250+ based on normal life expectancy estimates, but under normal circumstances the lifespan of frontline soldiers cannot meet expectations.

Because the environment on the front line is very harsh, and fighting on the battlefield consumes a lot of body functions.

As a result, soldiers who instinctively lived for more than 200 years generally reached the retirement age at the age of 60-70, but more of them died on the battlefield before reaching the retirement age.

Lin Guyuan felt that he could live to this age because he never went to the battlefield to fight creatures in the hostile domain, and at the same time he was a cultivator.

Although usually staying up late to do tactical research, staying up late will cause limited physical damage to practitioners.

Now I feel that I am gradually unable to do what I want, even though I don't want to leave in my heart, but Lin Guyuan knows that it is time for him to make a choice.

He fought against the water, the thunder, the red sand, the wet demon... and other large and small racial wars. He had fought all his life and was used to life on the front line, but he felt confused about returning to Star City.

There are no relatives of him there.

In his eyes, the young soldiers on the front line are his juniors and his relatives.

But facing the decision of the Supreme Council of Star City, he did not raise any objections, knowing that it was time for him to leave.

changes in physical condition

It indicates that even if he can persist for another ten years, he has finally come to the end of this life journey.

In recent years, the environment around the human race has been relatively stable. At the same time, the combat system of the military has been upgraded in a variety of ways. Even if he can persist for another ten years, it will not bring about earth-shaking changes to the front line.

Retiring at this time is a good choice for him.

At the same time, his abdication will leave more room for the younger generations to perform.

After so many years in charge of the tactical command, the rising star of the tactical command has become accustomed to his decision-making, which is not a good thing for the future.

Taking advantage of this period of stable development, his departure can allow the younger generation to grow better.

From the three perspectives of the high-level, himself, and the younger generation, he felt that the idea of ​​the Supreme Council of Star City was correct, and that he should return to Star City and live a retired life.

On this day, Lin Guyuan received a discharge certificate issued by the Supreme Council of Star City. Already 186 years old, he burst into tears suddenly.

A soldier and a horse have a life, and there will be a way back.

He stood up and glanced at the certificates of honor on the wall of the office.

His eyes came to the first certificate, which was issued by the Tactical Command after the research and development of the Spell Sniper Rifle.

His eyes came to the second certificate, the Medal of Outstanding Contribution to Humanity, which was issued by the Supreme Council of Star City after the successful development of the spell healing (augmentation) cannon.

Behind every glory is a record of his growing years.

Sweeping down from the first certificate of honor, the corresponding memory images kept appearing in my mind.

From a young man who had just set foot on the front line to the gray-haired one now, he has dedicated his whole life to the front line, and regards this place as his destination.

When he was about to leave, he was full of reluctance.

He thought about continuing to live on the front line after delegating power, and he also knew that if he made this proposal, the Supreme Council of Star City would definitely agree to approve it.

But he felt that he could not set this precedent.

There are many veterans like him who are unwilling to leave. They have dedicated their lives to the front line just like himself, and they have become accustomed to life on the front line, but they will still choose to leave after receiving the order to retire.

If Xingcheng pioneered this because of him, maybe it has to build a pension system for the front line.

Building a pension system on the front line of combat, not to mention the waste of resources, will also have a certain impact on the development of the front line. No matter which angle you look at, Star City is the final destination of their veterans.

So he didn't apply, and he didn't think he should apply, even though he had made a lot of contributions to the development of the front line in his life.

After a long time, he started to tidy up the office.

Before leaving, he decided to take all his memories with him.

In the middle of the night, after Lin Guyuan greeted the soldiers on duty in front of the station, he left the tactical headquarters station alone.

It was snowing lightly outside the garrison, and he walked in wearing a thin military uniform, his eyes swept over the buildings under the lights, and the corresponding memories always appeared in his mind.

Staying here for too long, every step is a memory.

Finally he came to the Fengqi statue standing in the supply area.

The snowflakes are falling, but the statue of Fengqi is still standing here as he was when he was young.

At this time, Lin Guyuan thought of himself when he was young. He has always been the most steadfast believer in Fengqi. When he was young, he always liked to dig out the photos of Fengqi from his favorites, clasped his hands and chanted devoutly. .

This habit has not changed until now.

Looking up at the statue of Fengqi, with tears in his eyes, he muttered his thoughts.

At this moment, he lost the majesty he had when he was in the tactical headquarters, like a child telling his parents about his inner distress.

The person Lin Guyuan admired most in his life was Feng Qi.

It is precisely because he understands history and Fengqi that he knows how much effort Fengqi has put in and how much suffering he has endured for the rise of the human race.

The early human race had internal and external troubles, and even the foundation for development was particularly weak.

It was Fengqi who unified the thinking within the human race, removed hidden dangers hidden within the human race, and it was Fengqi who created many systems that have developed to this day.

It can be said that the current prosperity of the human race is completely built on the foundation given by Fengqi. The sage always has no heart, but takes the hearts of the people as his heart.

He always believed that the one thing that the human race should be most grateful for is that when the era of catastrophe came, a saint like Feng Qi appeared.

Since the dawn of time, there have been too many outstanding talents in the human race, but none of them can stand shoulder to shoulder with Feng Qi.

This is not because the filter of history has deified Fengqi, but the facts have proved that Fengqi's great contribution has laid the foundation for the development of the human race.

Today, Fengqi is a totem symbol of the cohesion of the human race, and it is also the direction that countless descendants of the human race are chasing after. The point of the sword of breaking dawn is the direction of my heart.

The eternal guide of the human race, this is the modern people's definition of Fengqi thought. When he was young, he was excited by the story of Feng Qi.

Fengqi's cry of "strive for the rise of the human race" more than a thousand years ago seemed to come to him through the barriers of history books and time and space. It was from then on that he had his own dreams and goals.

Even though he has established a faith connection, he has never had any spiritual communication with Feng Qi, but deep down in his heart~www.novelbuddy.com~ he always regards Feng Qi as his spiritual guide.

As parting was imminent, he narrated the anguish in his heart to Feng Qi.

In the wind and snow, Lin Guyuan stood upright at last, and paid a dawn military salute to the statue of Fengqi: "Veteran Lin Guyuan, formally retired from the army, may the military of our human race prosper under your blessing!" After the salute, The legend of an era has come to an end.

In the snowflakes, the lonely figure left, and walked slowly towards the tactical command headquarters, the place where his dream started...

The years are ruthless, the Yangtze River is rolling eastward, and the waves have wiped out heroes.

Countless heroes have intertwined and written the epic chapter of the rise of the human race, and they have become legends for a period of time in the long history.

But legends will eventually pass away, and there will always be new legends to continue forward. Aoyama is still there, How Many Suns.

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