I Randomly Have a New Career Every Week - Chapter 10 : Who owns the Pagani downstairs?

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     "Thank you Sister Ying." Lin Yi said with a smile.

   "What can I do to thank you?" Wang Ying said with a smile: "If it is inexplicable, you will be fired. It will not be easy to see you in the future."

   "It's okay, don't you all have contact information? Just call me if you have anything to do, and make sure to be there on call."

   As soon as Lin Yi arrived, he became a topical figure in the box.

   But almost all of them are female colleagues.

   The remaining male colleagues all sat on the other side, looking at Lin Yi with a smile.

   "Lin Yi, you are too unlucky. At your level, you have been struggling, and the position of the sales director is yours." Wang Ying said regretfully.

   I have a better relationship with Lin Yi. If Lin Yi can become the sales director, he can take care of himself in the future.

   It's fine now, let alone taking care of it, it will be difficult to meet in the future.

   "Sister Wang, you are wrong to say that. Although Lin Yi's performance is good, Dong Ge is not bad. How did you know that the position of sales director must be Lin Yi?"

   The speaker is called Huang Youwei, Lin Yi’s colleague.

   The man he called Dongge was named Li Jiangdong. Before Lin Yi came to the company, he had always been the sales champion of the sales department.

   But after Lin Yi came, the position of the sales champion changed hands.

   Even though I feel angry, I can't do anything with Lin Yi.

   And this time, Lin Yi was fired, it was also a ghost he was behind.

   "The position of sales director has hard targets. Lin Yi's performance is better than you, so the position of director is naturally his." Wang Ying said unconvinced.

   Although there are not many people in the sales department, they are divided into two factions.

  The male colleagues are all on Li Jiangdong's side. Lin Yi and other female colleagues have become a different faction, usually only maintaining a superficially harmonious relationship.

   "What's the use, isn't he still fired?" Huang Youwei said:

   "And I heard that the fate document will come down soon, and Dong will be promoted to the sales director soon. I suggest we offer Dong Dong a glass."

   "Hehe, don't do this." Li Jiangdong said with a smile:

   "Although I will be the director of the sales department soon, today's protagonist is Lin Yi, so I'm ashamed to take the lead."

   "It doesn't matter, just respect him later." Huang Youwei said with a smile.

   "Then I would be more respectful than fate."

   Talking, Li Jiangdong and others raised their glasses and drank all the wine in the glass.

   As for the other female colleagues, none of them moved.

   "How do I feel, you didn't come to send me off, it's a bit of a show of power," Lin Yi said.

   "Don't say that, I just have a drink casually. Today's protagonist is still you." After the cup was dropped, Li Jiangdong looked at Lin Yi and said playfully:

   "It's you, do you have any new plans after being fired by the company? In a big city like Zhonghai, it's not that easy to mess with."

   "Brother Dong is right, the city is too dangerous, but the countryside is better." Huang Youwei answered.

   "Do you know what happened to Lin Yi in the countryside? He is an orphan. He doesn't even have a home. He can't go back anywhere." Li Jiangdong said with a smile, then looked at Lin Yi and said:

   "Lin Yi, if you still want to mix in Zhonghai, I have a way out. I am familiar with the property manager of our community. I can arrange a security job for you. Are you interested?"


   The other male colleagues all laughed, watching Lin Yi's jokes.

   can have today's end, it is entirely his own fault.

  I just came to the company for more than half a year, and I wanted to compete with Dongge for the position of sales director, and didn’t look at my own virtues!

   "You don't need to worry about work," Lin Yi said with a smile.

   "By the way, Xiao Yi, I am just about to ask you about this." Wang Ying said:

   "Now that you have been fired from the company, do you have any plans for the future? Do you have an eye for work?"

   "Didi will be opened in the future, and it should be able to support the family."

   "Open Didi?" Wang Ying and other female colleagues seemed a little bit unbelievable.

   "Your span is a bit big, right."

   "No way, for the sake of life."

   "Lin Yi, you really have you, but your broken Xiali, can you still register?" Huang Youwei said:

   "Seeing your Po Xiali, it is estimated that passengers will give you bad reviews, and it may be a bit unsettled to support the family."

   "It's okay, Xiao Yi, when we take a taxi in the future, we will call your car and give it to you." Wang Ying said angrily.


   Just as several people were talking, the door of the box was knocked.

   The lobby manager of the hotel walked in.

   "Hello, I want to ask, who is the guest of the Pagani Zonda downstairs?"

   "What did you say? Pagani Son of the Wind?"

   The people in the room were all taken aback. It was a supercar, and there were not many cars in China.

   Thinking of this, several male colleagues got up and looked out the window.

   "Really parked a Pagani, so **** handsome."

   "It is indeed the most developed place in China. There are so many rich people in China Shipping." Huang Youwei sighed:

   "This car seems to cost more than 20 million. Only those super local tyrants can buy such a car."

   "Okay, don't read it, you can't afford it again. UU reading www.uukanshu.com"

   said, Li Jiangdong looked at the lobby manager and said:

   "We are ordinary white-collar workers. We can't afford that kind of car. You can go to another box and ask."

   "Okay, I'm sorry to disturb you."

   said, the lobby manager was about to leave, but Lin Yi's voice rang at this moment.

   "What happened to that Pagani?"

   "Other cars are blocked, I want to inform the owner to move the car."

   "Lin Yi, what are you asking so much for, people are talking about Pagani, but not your Po Xiali." Huang Youwei smiled.

   "That Pagani belongs to me, can't I ask?"

   The audience was shocked when he said this.

   "You, what did you say, that Pagani is yours?!"

   "Why, isn't it possible?"

   Lin Yi took out the car key from his pocket and shook it in front of Huang Youwei and the others, almost blinding them.

   turned out to be his car!

   Seeing Lin Yi is so young, the lobby manager is very calm.

   Those who buy this kind of car are generally rich second-generation, young people.

   It's just that he is so rich, and he even eats with these poor friends. It's so approachable.

   "Lin, Lin Yi, what the **** is going on? Isn't your car Xiali? Why has it turned into a Pagani."

   "Who stipulates that there can only be one car? I can't buy another one?"

   Everyone's heads are a little dizzy, it's a sports car worth more than 20 million yuan, not a Chinese cabbage that costs two yuan apiece.

   "Didn't you say that you want to run Didi, you are so rich, why are you running Didi?" Li Jiangdong asked.

   "I have nothing to do when I'm idle? Isn't it possible to experience life?"


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