I Randomly Have a New Career Every Week - Chapter 2 : Beautiful women are only owned by local tyrants

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   The two turned their heads and found that it was a young man who was talking.

   is wearing a casual suit and holding a Vacheron Constantin watch, very high profile.

   Lin Yi still had an impression of the man in front of him. He seemed to be the young owner of the Navigation Group, named Li Yunhang.

   The scale is larger than Chaoyang Group. In the past six months or so, Ji Qingyan has been madly pursued.

   But Ji Qingyan didn't feel the least bit about him. What was helpless was that the other party had not given up his heart, and got it today.

   "Why are you here?" Ji Qingyan said coldly.

   "I wanted to come here to talk about things, and it happened that your car broke down. I just bought a Lamborghini Hurricane that cost more than 2 million yuan. If you want to use a car, just take my car."

   Ji Qingyan's Maserati is not expensive, only more than 1 million, which is twice as bad as Li Yunhang's Rambo.

   does have the capital to show off.

   But Lin Yi thinks that this thing is quite strange.

   Why did Ji Qingyan’s car just broke down when Li Yunhang appeared?

   It is estimated that this incident was caused by him behind the scenes.

   "Forget it, my colleague also has a car, so I can just go in his car."

   As he said, Ji Qingyan gave Lin Yi a look, "Let's go."


   "President Ji, I have heard what you said just now. He is just a small employee of your company, so he drives a domestic car. It can't be compared to my Rambo."

   "What happened to the domestic car?" Ji Qingyan said, "I just want to sit."

   Ji Qingyan didn't want to talk to Li Yunhang anymore, and walked towards Area C with Lin Yi.

  As soon as they walked to Area C, Ji Qingyan and Li Yunhang both stopped.

   were all attracted by the silver Pagani Zonda.

   Ji Qingyan is a little wondering, whose car is this and why is it parked here?

   If someone comes, why don’t you know?

   "President Ji, this Pagani Zonda, seems to be more than 28 million yuan, it will not be your new purchase."

   The words of Li Yunhang's face in Tao Ji.

   This car is enough to buy ten Lamborghini Hurricanes. If it is really hers, it would be a bit embarrassing.

   "This car is not mine, you think too much."

   Li Yunhang was emboldened again, "So, let’s go with the Rambo, it's faster than his domestic car."

   "I am not interested in sports cars, so I like to ride in domestic cars."

   Ji Qingyan looked at Lin Yi, "Where is your car, let's go now."

   "It's there." Lin Yi pointed to Pagani and said.

   But Ji Qingyan and Li Yunhang both misunderstood, thinking that Lin Yi was referring to the broken Xiali.

   After all, Lin Yi is just a small employee, how could he drive such a luxury car.

   "Haha, it turned out to be a broken Xiali. Looking at the degree of dilapidation of this car, it is estimated that it has been more than ten years old. It may not be worth one of my tires.

   Li Yunhang laughed with tears, "President Ji, on your terms, I guess he has never been in such a broken car in his life."

   "What's the matter with Xiali, you just need to be able to travel, can your Rambo still fly in the sky?"

   Talking, Ji Qingyan stepped on high heels and walked towards Lin Yi's little Po Xiali.

   "Let's go, get in the car." Ji Qingyan said from the position of the co-pilot.

   Lin Yi did not speak, and pressed the car key in his pocket.


   Pagani's car lights came on, and the gull-wing doors opened automatically, shocking Ji Qingyan and Li Yunhang.

   Is the owner of the car here?

   "Mr. Ji, you are in the wrong position. This Pagani is mine too."

   "What did you say? This Pagani is yours?" Ji Qingyan asked in a stunned voice.

   He is just a small employee in the sales department, how can he drive such a luxury car?

   is unlikely, right?

   "It's really mine, otherwise I won't be able to open the door." Lin Yi said with a smile.

   Walking to Pagani's first officer, Ji Qingyan still couldn't believe it.

   As the boss, he didn't drive such a good car. How did he get in?

   "Dude, I just want to hit our manager Ji in a hurricane. It seems to be a little bit too interesting."

   Lin Yi patted Li Yunhang's shoulder meaningfully, and then sat down in the main driver.

   Li Yunhang was dumbfounded, feeling a burning pain on his face.

   Didn't take you to slap your face like this!

   "Ji Qingyan, didn't you say that you don't like riding in sports cars, why did you get in his car!" Li Yunhang asked unwillingly.

   "I don't like other people's sports cars, so I like to ride in his sports cars!"

   With a snap, the car door closed.

   seemed to hit Li Yunhang in the face again.

  In the car, Lin Yi was a little nervous. After all, it was the first time driving a sports car, and he was still a little uncomfortable.

   Fortunately, I was watching a lot of sports car test drive videos, knowing how to drive this thing, otherwise I would be ashamed in front of Ji Qingyan.

   "Lin Yi, aren't you an employee of the sales department, why are you still driving this car?

   Ji Qingyan is full of question marks, and I really don't understand what's going on.

   "Hey, I just wanted to experience the life of an ordinary person. I came to work at the company. I didn't expect to be fired for no reason."

   Lin Yi sighed, "Stop pretending, in fact, I am a rich second generation. The next step is to open Didi and experience the lives of ordinary people."

   Ji Qingyan was stunned for a second, then laughed.

   "Don't tease me, do you really believe me?"

   "No one believes this, so I won't explain it."

   "Okay, let's drive, I still have an urgent matter."

   "No problem, don't forget to give five-star praise afterwards." Lin Yi said.

   "I think you are too deeply involved in the movie, you really regard yourself as the owner of Didi."

   "What lie to you, you can see for yourself."

   Lin Yi took out the phone, Ji Qingyan took a look, was taken aback, is he really the owner of Didi? !

   Is it really the rich second generation who came to experience life? Isn't it too weird?

   "Are you really the owner of Didi?"

   "Of course, Mr. Ji, would you like to place an order and cheer? You are my first passenger. UU reading www.uukanshu.com"

   Ji Qingyan chuckled, "It seems I am quite honored."

   As he said, Ji Qingyan took out his mobile phone and specifically downloaded a Didi app. Under the guidance of Lin Yi, he registered an account and placed an order.

   In accordance with the nearby principle of dispatching orders, Ji Qingyan's order was directly grabbed by Lin Yi.

   thus began his journey as a Didi driver.

   stepped on the accelerator, a monster-like roar sounded, such a powerful wave made Ji Qingyan a little scared, and subconsciously put on the seat belt.

   Lin Yi glanced at Ji Qingyan.

   "What are you looking at, hurry up and drive." Ji Qingyan said strangely.

"no problem."

   drove on the road, the 28 million Pagani Zonda, instantly became the focus of the road.

   "Damn, it's Pagani the Son of the Wind! It is said that there are 28 million!"

   "Look at the woman in the co-driver, she is more beautiful than a car."

   "Sure enough, beautiful women are only owned by local tyrants."


   Amid the envy of the crowd eating melons, Lin Yi sent Ji Qingyan to the destination.

   "Thank you for bringing me here."

   Now Lin Yi is no longer his own employee, so he should be more polite.

   "It's okay. When you go back, if you don't want to take a taxi, remember to ask me to place an order, and the Didi driver will serve you wholeheartedly."

   "Add a WeChat to facilitate contact?"

"of course can."

   The two added WeChat to each other, and Lin Yi drove away.

   At exactly this time, the system prompt sounded in Lin Yi's mind.

  【Ding, congratulations to the host for completing the first order and rewarding 50000 proficiency points. 】

   [Professional completion degree is 5%, reward 50 million RMB! 】


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