I Randomly Have a New Career Every Week - Chapter 3 : Claim the hotel

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   Seeing the rewards of the system, Lin Yi was surprised.

   After completing an order, he sent 50 million RMB!

  Excitement! "

   Before adding, I gave myself 10 million, a total of 60 million current assets.

   In addition, there is the Peninsula Hotel on hand, and he is considered a rich man.

   Lin Yi touched his chin. Although the reward for taking the order is very attractive, the Peninsula Hotel is still waiting for him to claim it.

   No one has placed an order right now, so I went to claim the hotel first.

   Peninsula Hotel is a standard five-star hotel and one of the top hotels in China Overseas!

   There are even many celebrities who have come here for weddings.

  The degree of luxury is evident.

   In the past, passing by such a place, Lin Yi only dared to take a look from a distance, but he didn't expect that now, he became his own.

  Life is to rise from big to big...

   parked the car, Lin Yi entered the hotel.

   Just stepping into the hotel, I heard a whirring sound.

   "Yunjie, thank you for booking my birthday party here. This is the first time I have come to such a luxurious hotel."

   "Whatever you are polite, I should do it."

   The talking boy looks ordinary, but he is stylishly dressed and enjoys the envy of others.

  His name is Yunjie, his family is in the timber business, and he is a rich man in Zhonghai.

The car that    drove was a Mercedes-Benz E-Class with more than 500,000 yuan, which was many times better than that of Lin Yi’s previous broken Xiali.

   Liu Sisi and Yunjie met at the bar last night.

   WeChat chatted all night, and learned that his family situation is not bad, so he dumped Lin Yi and chose to be with Yunjie.

   And this picker didn't disappoint Liu Sisi. Knowing that today was her birthday, he changed the location of the birthday party to the Peninsula Hotel.

   "Muma, I love you so much."

   Hearing the voice was a bit familiar, Lin Yi turned his head and found that the speaker was Liu Sisi!

   Lin Yi was a little surprised. She did not expect that she would set the location of her birthday party at the Peninsula Hotel.

   But besides Liu Sisi, there were two others, and Lin Yi looked familiar.

   seems to be her best friend, I have seen it several times before.

   As for the rest of the people, Lin Yi doesn't know him anymore, it should be the man's friend.

   "What's the matter, although the peninsula hotel is very expensive, but with my net worth, it is okay to come here once in a while to spend."

   "My dear, it would be nice if I could meet you sooner." Liu Sijiao said drippingly.

   "It doesn't matter, now you are with me, I will make you the happiest woman in the world."

   "Look at Sisi, isn't that Lin Yi?"

   Liu Sisi looked towards the door when he heard the voice of his girlfriend.

   realized that the person standing at the entrance of the hotel was really Lin Yi!

   "Lin Yi, what are you doing here!"

   Liu Sisi, who had just returned the birdie, changed his face instantly.

   had already told him that after the two of them had finished playing, they were still chasing after him. It was really lingering!

   "This is not your home, can't I come?" Lin Yi said.

   "Didn't I call you all, did you ask you not to come, why come here!" Liu Sisi questioned:

   "The two of us are over. I hope you don't come to pester me. Even if you kneel down and beg me, it is impossible between us. You die!"

   At this time, Yun Jie and his friend came over, put Liu Sisi in their arms, and said jokingly:

   "You should be Lin Yi, Sisi told me about you, but from now on, Sisi is my person, I hope you won't bother her again."

   "Brother Jie, don't talk nonsense with this loser, it's a waste of time." A friend of Yunjie said.

   "That's true, it's really not worth talking nonsense with him." Yunjie smiled and looked at Liu Sisi and said:

   "Sisi, it's your ex-boyfriend anyway, you can handle this yourself, and I will have friends here later, I don't like him getting in the way."

   "Okay, I will drive him away!"

   Liu Sisi looked at Lin Yi and said earnestly:

"I know you are unwilling, so I didn't even go to class. I came here deliberately and wanted me to give you an explanation. Then I will tell you clearly. There is true love between Yunjie and I. Whatever you say, it is impossible to shake the feelings between us, you still have to die of this heart, hurry up and leave!"

   "Why are you leaving?" Lin Yi said, "Who said I came here to see you?"

"Ha ha……"

   Liu Sisi puts both hands on the green chest, UU reading www. uukanshu.com sneered:

"You didn't come to me, did you come here to eat? Keep your eyes open and watch carefully. This is the Peninsula Hotel. It is a place where wealthy people can come. Once Xiali's sales are broken, you want to come here to spend. What a joke!"

   "Sisi is right." Her girlfriend answered:

   "Lin Yi, although you are handsome, in other respects, you are incomparable with Yunjie. Not only do you have more money than you, but you have more connections and connections. You should give up and stop struggling."

   "That's right, when people come here to eat, the manager gives a 5% discount to face, do you have the ability?" another female girlfriend said.

   "95% off?" Lin Yi smiled, "Let me see, who has such a big right?"

   At this moment, there were rapid footsteps, and a dozen men and women in black suits trot over from a short distance.

   "Hehe, don't you want to see who has such great power? Now people are here!" Yun Jie said:

   "The man who took the lead was Wang Tianlong, the manager of The Peninsula Hotel. My dad knew him and he gave me a discount."

   "Brother Jie, let's just ignore him. Manager Wang is here. Let's go and say hello first." Liu Sisi said.

   "It's okay, after all, they are all characters with faces and faces."

   Yunjie sorted out the clothes on her body and walked towards Wang Tianlong.

   But just about to say hello, Wang Tianlong pushed him away.

   "Get out of the way!"

   Yunjie and Liu Sisi were taken aback. When they met just now, they were very polite. Why are they so arrogant now?

   Across Yunjie and Liu Sisi, Wang Tianlong and others, stood in front of Lin Yi and bent his waist to 90 degrees.

   "Mr. Lin, you are here!"


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