I Randomly Have a New Career Every Week - v2 Chapter 2814 : This is not an easy place

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Following Jiang Zhengnan's gaze, a group of people looked over.

Found ahead, there is a four or five meters high rock hill.

The largest stone, compared with the one in the tunnel, is not much worse.

The speed of everyone slowed down again, and it was not until ten minutes later that they came to the entrance of the ruins.

When I got here, I found that at the entrance of the cave, there was a black giant snake.

The body is at least twenty meters long, with white fangs at the corners of his mouth, and he spits out snake letters from time to time.

"It's okay..." Zhang Chaoyue complained.

"Everyone, step back, if such a big thing is not killed, none of us will want to go in."

With that said, Lin Yi stretched out his hand, "Lend me your dagger for use."

A group of people handed in their tactical knives.

Lin Yi first took his scalpel, threw it at the black snake, and stabbed it in the head accurately!

In an instant, the black snake opened its **** mouth and threw its body on the ground. The surrounding bushes were crushed into a large area.

But the tenacious life did not make it lose its combat effectiveness immediately, and after finding Lin Yi, it rushed towards them!

Lin Yi didn't panic at all, took the other daggers, and threw them at the black snake again!

According to the snake's method of hitting seven inches, every subsequent knife hit the same spot with great precision.

After some operations, the black snake's mobility was greatly affected, and finally lay on the ground, completely dead.

"It's a pity." Lin Yi said:

"Such a big snake, if it can be transported back, at least twenty snakeskin bags can be made." Zhang Chaoyue said with a laugh.

"This is a poisonous snake. If you take it back to make a bag, there will be toxin residues, so let's have a snack." Lin Yi said.

"Ha ha…"

Everyone laughed, then adjusted again and walked into the entrance of the ruins.

When I came in, it was pitch black inside.

Everyone turned on the searchlights above their heads, and they suddenly felt a sense of enlightenment.

This place is bigger than imagined, and the walls made of boulders are particularly smooth.

The interior of the passage is very spacious, and the distance between the two sides is seven or eight meters.

Until now, Lin Yi still feels that this is not something that can be made by human technology.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi suddenly stopped, as if thinking of something, and took a deep look outside.

"Brother Lin, did you find something?" Luo Qi said, standing beside Lin Yi.

"No, I just think these things are very interesting."

"Oh oh."

The others didn't ask anything, and continued to walk inside.

Because the Yanlong Squad has been here once before, after arriving here, it is considered to be familiar with the road.

As the journey progressed, murals appeared on the walls.

Upon closer inspection, it seems to be the scene of the memorial ceremony, which was recorded by the aborigines here in this way.

Long ago, Lin Yi had this feeling.

If the technology of Tilia Island is really at its peak, why do you still use this method to record the things you want to keep?

In Lin Yi's view, this place is like a combination of advanced and backward.

Two different cultures collided here, resulting in an indelible sense of disobedience.

As the distance deepened, a huge open space appeared in front, almost the size of a basketball court.

There are scattered boulders, things like rags, and irregularly shaped wooden boards, all scattered in various places.

After coming here, the first impression I get is that it is rundown.

For Lin Yi, it was like opening up a dusty past.

"This is the so-called relic." Jiang Zhengnan said, "Are you a little disappointed?"

"I thought there would be places like secret passages hidden here, but looking at it now, it feels a bit crude." Xiao Bing said.

"The ancient books you grabbed before you were found here, and it's the only thing found so far." Jiang Zhengnan said:

"So we guessed that there may have been other things here a long time ago, but for some reason, they were eventually destroyed, and only this tome remained."

Everyone nodded and agreed with Jiang Zhengnan's statement.

"Everyone, take a good look. If you don't find anything you can use, you will give up here in the future." Jiang Zhengnan said:

"I guess there must be other places like this on the island. We can't waste our time here."


Everyone took action, but Lin Yi didn't speak from the beginning to the end.

He has already begun to explore.

Standing on the edge of the boulder wall, looking at the five- or six-meter-high wall, Lin Yi had an illusion, as if the wheels of history were rolling past him.

Soon, Lin Yi focused his attention on the mural on the wall.

The things engraved here are completely different from those in the passage.

It's not people who appear on the murals, but strange creatures one after another.

If you think about it carefully, there is even a feeling of subverting the three views, which is creepy.

But soon, Lin Yi realized something was wrong.

The things carved on the wall seem to be very similar to the statues in the bronze tomb!

Seeing this, Lin Yi's heartbeat couldn't help speeding up, he quickened his pace, and went to look elsewhere.

In the end, it was found that there were almost four or five strange creatures engraved on it, similar to those in the bronze tomb.

"Have you seen the photos of the bronze tomb? Did you find that the paintings on the walls are somewhat similar to those there?"

Hearing Lin Yi's words, a group of people came to their senses. They stood by the wall and looked at it carefully for a while.

"I have an impression of this spider, which is similar to the one in the bronze tomb." Zhang Chaoyue said:

"Could it be Zhang Daoling, who came here before?"

"It's possible, but not necessarily. Maybe other places, there are similar murals on UU reading www.uukanshu.com."

Everyone nodded, agreeing with Lin Yi's point of view.

At this moment, Jiang Zhengnan came over and stood beside Lin Yi.

"how do you feel."

"This place is not easy."

"Not easy?"

Jiang Zhengnan was interested, and he wanted to hear it.

"Actually, I'm not sure. It just doesn't feel right. Let me see." Lin Yi said, "Don't give up here for now."

"Okay, listen to you."

Jiang Zhengnan brought Lin Yi here just to hear his opinion.

Now, when he said such words, it proves that his conjecture was correct!

As for what to do next, it depends on how he arranges it.

Afterwards, Lin Yi turned his gaze to the things in the hall and began to investigate carefully.

Squatting next to the rag, when he touched it lightly with his hand, it turned into ashes, without any research value.

And the same goes for those rotten sticks, with no information available.

But soon, Lin Yi's eyes were attracted by something else.

An iron rod!

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