I Randomly Have a New Career Every Week - v2 Chapter 2865 : lock the target

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"And then." Ning Che asked.

"We can simulate the situation at that time." Lin Yi said:

"Brother Chen works in the study. He didn't move after hearing someone knock on the door, because he knew that his sister-in-law would open the door, but after that, he didn't hear any sound, and he felt strange in his heart. And during this time, it was enough for the person who sneaked in to stand at the door and wait for him to come out."

After a pause, Lin Yi continued:

"You also know Brother Chen's level. You don't need other experts to come over. Even the two of us can subdue him without any effort."

"In this way, his daughter is left in the house."

After speaking, Lin Yi waved to Ning Che, "Come with me to his daughter's room."

The two walked over together. The second bedroom was not too big, less than 20 square meters.

After setting up a double bed and a desk, there is no more room left.

"There is still homework on the desk, especially the English word, only two letters of WR are written. It should be suddenly interrupted while writing homework."

"If his daughter was in the same state as Brother Chen, she wouldn't be able to write a single word," Ning Che said.

"That's the problem. Anyway, Brother Chen is also a bit level, and his reaction ability is much faster than ordinary people. He won't be subdued silently like his sister-in-law. The daughter heard it, put down the pen, ran out of the bedroom, and was subdued by a piece."

While speaking, Lin Yi opened the small wardrobe in the second bedroom.

"The children's clothes are all there. If they leave on their own initiative, they have to take some frequently worn clothes."

"I took a look just now, and the situation in the master bedroom is the same. All the clothes are still there, and soybeans, jujubes and wolfberries are soaked in the kitchen sink. They should be used for making soy milk the next morning, so they ran The possibility of the road is extremely low, it should be secretly being watched."

Lin Yi's analysis surprised Li Zheng and Zhang Xiao.

No one thought that he could analyze these things, and it was very reasonable.

And from the clues he analyzed, it can be seen that the victim should have been taken away.

"If you say so, things will be settled."

"Don't worry, this is just the first step, and then go to other places to see."

After speaking, Lin Yi took Ning Che to the study.

Lin Yi took out Chen Shengli's computer, removed the cover of the case, and checked inside for a while.

"Have you found anything unusual?"

"The hard drive is gone."

"This is the crux of the problem. What the other party wants is Brother Chen's research materials. When he takes people away, he also takes away the hard drive."

"You seem to have done this kind of thing before."

Lin Yi smiled and shrugged, "This kind of thing is globally unified, but they shouldn't find anything in Brother Chen's hard drive, but I can't guarantee whether they can find a small movie."

Ning Che laughed, and getting such a result made her a lot easier.

"Judging from the clues I found, it should be able to be qualitative. I called Boss Liu and asked them to put their hearts in their stomachs."

Lin Yi nodded, and then came to Li Zheng.

"Well, hello, I'm Lin Yi."

When speaking, Lin Yi stretched out his hand, and Li Zheng responded in the same way.

"I want to ask, have you checked the surveillance cameras nearby?"

"It should come out, we can see it when we go back to the bureau."

"You are professional in this regard. I want to check some things. I hope you can help."

"Okay, say it."

"Retrieve the surveillance video near his home and the children's school, all within the past month, and then find the vehicles and people that appear repeatedly. These people are very likely to be suspects."

"Okay, we will carry out investigation and evidence collection as soon as possible, and strive to complete it in the shortest possible time."

"Thanks for your hard work."

After thanking him, Ning Che's phone call was finished, and the two left Chen Shengli's house together.

"Master, do you think the things he analyzed are credible?"

"Why not?" Li Zheng said:

"The analysis of clothes and soy milk coincides with my thoughts, but I think the set of things he simulated is a little too naive."

"I also think it's a bit fake. Although it looks seamless, it's very difficult to operate in practice."

"Yes, as long as there is an error in one link, it will bring about a chain reaction." Li Zheng said:

"And everyone is an adult. Even if the well-trained special forces come, it is difficult to subdue three people in a few seconds without killing people."

"This looks like an academic analysis. All the ideas are beautiful, but in reality they won't work." Zhang Xiao said:

"So I think there is no need to waste time on this matter. After all, it is very tiring to count a month of monitoring."

"It has to be done."

"Why, this will waste a lot of time."

Li Zheng patted Zhang Xiao's shoulder, "It's called the world."

On the other side, Lin Yi and Ning Che had already returned to the car.

"What's the next plan?" Ning Che asked.

"No." Lin Yi shrugged, "I'm a little hungry, find a place to eat."

"Recently, I found a good barbecue restaurant. I'll take you to try it."


Under Ning Che's command, UU read www. uukanshu.com Lin Yi drove to the barbecue restaurant she mentioned.

The environment is very good, and I must have spent a lot of money on decoration.

For people of Lin Yi's level, the dining environment is not important, as long as it is delicious.

The two sat down, Ning Che ordered something, and the two also chatted about Chen Shengli.

Ning Che ordered something, asked for another bottle of good wine, and took the initiative to pour a glass for Lin Yi.

"I called Boss Liu just now, and he gave us a death order, asking us to deploy all available resources to investigate this matter. We must find the suspect in the shortest possible time."

"Do your best." Lin Yi sighed.

Ning Che glanced at him and said:

"What, don't you have confidence?"

"People who can do this kind of thing are definitely not ordinary, but they are not so easy to check."

"Do you already have a target of doubt in your heart?"

"There are not many people in the world who can do such a thing." Lin Yi said seriously:

"Except for the Gongyuan Association, it's Mamen."

"It's possible as you said, but it's not absolute."

Ning Che took a piece of meat, put it in his mouth and said:

"Don't forget, there are still many powerful organizations in the world. Although they are not as good as poker, their overall strength is very strong, and they are capable of doing such things."

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