I Randomly Have a New Career Every Week - v2 Chapter 2870 : An eye-opening battle

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Latest website: As always, the black man didn't speak, but he could feel a murderous aura that seemed to emanate from him.

"Sister Ning, who is this person?" Yu Siying leaned over and asked in a low voice.

"It's from Mamen, the old opponent of your team leader. I heard that the two of them have played against each other many times, but they have never been able to decide the winner."

"There is no winner?"

"I was surprised too, I didn't expect him to be so young."

In the eyes of Ning Che and a group of people, Lin Yi's skills were invincible at the same level.

If there are people who can be on par with Lin Yi, then they must be A-level or late-B-level masters, and they must be older people.

Unexpectedly, this person seems to be the same age as him.


at this time!

A muffled sound came!

I saw the man in black rushed in front of Lin Yi and punched him in the chest with an unpretentious punch!

But Lin Yi had already prepared for it in advance, folded his hands together, and forcibly blocked the punch.

But even so, he was knocked back several steps.

This scene made Ning Che and a group of people stunned.

Looking at the eyes of the man in black is like looking at a monster.

Because there are not many people who can defeat Lin Yi with one move!

In the battle sequence of the Zhongwei Brigade, no one could do this except Jiang Zhengnan and Lu Yu.

After being hit, Lin Yi also launched a counterattack.

Stepping on the ground with your feet, the huge force made the friction sound between the two, as harsh as a sudden brake!

Rushing in front of the man in black, Lin Yi leaped into the air.

He curled his knees and rushed towards the man in black.

Lin Yi's speed was faster than the man in black, and the latter also took a few steps back, removing most of Lin Yi's power.

In the first round, the two fought back and forth.

No one took advantage of it!

After each other's temptation ended, the two attacked at the same time.

But still you come and go, and no one is left behind.

Seeing the two men's fist-to-meat attacks, the people in the Central Guard Brigade held their breaths.

Especially a group of seven people.

They followed Lin Yi the longest.

In their impressions, no matter what the task, no matter who they meet, their team leader is calm and has not even been nervous.

And now, they can even see the veins on their fists.

That kind of resolute eyes, fierce murderous, like a tiger under the mountain!

On the other side, Li Zheng and Zhang Xiao were equally shocked.

At first, they all thought that Lin Yi and Ning Che were both from the academy, otherwise they would not be able to get to that position if they were young and gentle.

Now I find that things are not what I imagined.

And it's not just him, the people standing beside him seem to have strong identities and backgrounds.

"Brother Li, where do these people come from? With such skills, even a soldier king or something can't compare to it."

Zhang Xiao has been with Li Zheng for many years and knows his skills very well.

When facing the man in black, his master didn't even block a single move.

And the man in front of him was able to fight back and forth with him.

Such people are really not comparable to ordinary people.

Li Zheng covered his chest, his face was very pale, and he obviously hadn't recovered.

"It should be from the mysterious department. We underestimate others, and they are right. If Lin Yi doesn't come, I'm afraid no one can stop him."

Mystery Sector!

Hearing these four words, Zhang Xiao couldn't help but shudder.

There was even such a tinge of blood boiling.

Everyone's heart trembled when they saw it, and they didn't dare to breathe!

Call through!

Just when everyone was extremely nervous, they unexpectedly saw that Lin Yi was caught!

He was kicked in the chest by the man in black, and the whole person flew out and hit the car next to him!

The entire hood is dented!

"Brother Lin!"

Xiao Bing and Luo Qi exclaimed, but they were grabbed by Ning Che.

"You can't participate in this level of battle." Ning Che said:

"And with Lin Yi's character, it is impossible for you to participate."

"But Brother Lin said, if we start together, he will definitely not be able to escape."

"He just said that if he really defeated this person with the help of others, it would become a stain on his life." Ning Che said:

"Don't look at his usual giggling, but in his bones, he is a very proud and conceited person. To him, this man in black is an enemy worthy of his admiration. Even if he loses, he will not be discouraged, but If we go to help, the nature will be completely changed."

"I know Sister Ning."

On the other hand, after being attacked, Lin Yi got up quickly, dodging the attack that followed closely by the man in black.

The people in the Central Defence Brigade were okay, and this kind of situation was normal for them.

But Li Zheng, Zhang Xiao and the others were extremely shocked in their hearts!

With such a serious injury, he was able to stand up as if nothing was wrong.

How perverted is this man's fighting ability?

If this were me, I would be kicked to death!

And he was fine!

Zhang Xiao was secretly shocked.

Not to mention other things, just based on the scene just now, he is worthy of the words 'special department'.

On the other side, the attacks of the men in black came one after another, and such a number of ways was also expected by Lin Yi. He rolled over and escaped perfectly.

The man in black's attack failed and his knee hit the hood.

It was also at this time that Lin Yi launched a counterattack.

The left foot stood still, the right foot was the axis, and kicked the man in black firmly on the back!

Everything happened between lightning and flint, Lin Yi's powerful strength, even the man in black couldn't bear it, and his body fell to the ground.

Pursue the victory!

Lin Yi didn't give the man in black any chance to breathe, and the attack like a crazy rainstorm fell towards him!

In such a passive situation, the men in black can only defend with hind legs and look for opportunities again.

And in the eyes of others.

This mysterious man in black is also outrageously strong.

Lin Yi's fist, not everyone can hold it.

Even if a black bear came, he could kill it with one punch, but he was able to defend it.

And this also made Ning Che, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com have a great interest in Mamen's training system.

If it was someone else, after Lin Yi seized the opportunity, he could announce the end.

But now, the opponent is the man in black, and the situation is completely different.

Lin Yi's expression was still tense and serious, and even his breathing was precisely calculated.

He knows who his opponent is, and even if there is the slightest slack, he may be counter-killed.

In passive defense, the men in black also showed great combat effectiveness.

In constant flashing and moving, and looking for opportunities.

But the two had fought many times, and Lin Yi knew the number of his attacks very well, so he didn't give him any chance.

Just like that, after fighting hundreds of moves in a row, the man in black stopped.

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