I Randomly Have a New Career Every Week - v2 Chapter 2871 : a person worthy of respect

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The latest website: After stopping, the two thought to distance themselves.

At this moment, time seemed to stagnate, leaving only Lin Yi's beast-like breathing.

At this time, Lin Yi's state was also a little embarrassing.

The clothes on his body were all torn, blood was seeping from the corners of his mouth, and his hands were bruised.

The man in black did not move or speak.

But Lin Yi knew that, with his character, since he stopped first, he proved that he won.

But there is also an element of luck.

If you don't get D-level power, it is impossible to defeat the man in black.

But with the ability of the man in black, when we meet again next time, it is uncertain who wins and who loses.

Lifting up his clothes and wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, Lin Yi said:

"Lead the way ahead, I promise with honor that you can get out of here alive."

The state of the man in black seemed to be a little out of breath.

But soon, he got into the car.

The others were also watching Lin Yi's eyes and acting, waiting for him to give instructions on the next step.

"Get in the car."

After saying hello, Lin Yi got into the car, but Ning Che drove him to the co-pilot, and she drove the car.

"How's the situation? It doesn't feel like a problem."

"Fuck, you said it's not a big problem?" Lin Yi grinned while lying in the co-pilot.

"It's so bad, I almost got killed."

Taking off his shirt, Ning Che found that Lin Yi was covered in bruises.

To be able to beat him Lin Yi like this is enough to show how vicious the other party is.

Ning Che stretched out his hand and found half a bottle of the remaining ointment in the armrest.

"Prescribed by an old Chinese medicine doctor, it is useful to treat bruises and injuries, so apply it first."

Lin Yi took the ointment and rubbed a lot on his body.

"You've been beaten like this, I guess he's not much better, maybe he's worse than you, otherwise he won't admit defeat."

"That guy is a pervert. You can't think of him with normal people's thinking." Lin Yi said:

"I won against him this time, and the one who loses next time may be me."

"But the question is, can he improve as fast as you?"

"Yes, he is stronger and more perverted than you think." Lin Yi said.

"How many times have you fought?"

"I can't remember this." Lin Yi said:

"It's been a few years since the first fight, and he was not his opponent at the beginning. Fortunately, the final level has come, and there will be winners and losers."

"I wonder why he wears a mask." Ning Che said:

"People from Mammon don't seem to have a habit of doing this."

"I heard Song Jinmin say it before." Lin Yi said:

"In the organization of Mammon, there is a devil's plan to train a hundred people like him. Maybe all of these hundred people wear masks."

"I rely on!"

Ning Che said excitedly:

"If there were a hundred perverted people like him, the whole world would be theirs."

"Don't be so nervous, others shouldn't be as good as him." Lin Yi said:

"His code name is zero, and he is the strongest in this wave."

"This is acceptable." Ning Che said:

"What do you think of him?"

"A very nice person who deserves respect."

"You can tell by letting him drive in front of him alone."


Lin Yi sighed.

"It's a pity that it's not from our Zhongwei Brigade, and he was born in the wrong place."

"If Boss Liu hears this, he will definitely kick you."

"Ha ha…"

After driving for about 30 minutes, the car drove outside the sixth ring road.

Compared with the city center, the traffic flow here is not large, and there is even a trace of silence.

Lin Yi raised his head, glanced outside, and found that it was a small three-story western-style building.

There are a lot of camphor trees planted around, and you can smell the fragrance of Dandan.

In the parking lot outside, there are still a lot of luxury cars, the cheapest ones are in the millions, and even in the tens of millions.

"His car is parked here, it should be here."

"Go ahead and find a place to stop where no one is there. We have too many cars, so it's dazzling to park here."


Ning Che drove the car and parked it in a distant alley.

The Zhongwei Brigade, Li Zheng and others also followed him and came here.

The man in black is very smart and didn't stay here.

After the car was parked, everyone got out of the car one after another, but the man in black was still sitting in the car.

Lin Yi came to the man in black, leaned beside his car window, and glanced at the small western-style building not far away.

"Are people in there?"

The black man nodded in response.

"I originally wanted to find someone to take you out, but thinking about it carefully, with your ability, no one should be able to stop you, so just go by yourself, no one will stop you on the road."

The man in black restarted the car and responded to Lin Yi with practical actions.

"Don't worry."

Lin Yi touched his pocket and threw the rest of the ointment he used in the man in black's car.

"Take it and use it, the effect is very good."

Looking at the ointment that fell to the co-pilot, the man in black was stunned for a while, and then drove away.

Watching the man in black leave, Lin Yi didn't look at everyone until the taillights disappeared.

"Brother Li, help to find out what that small western-style building is used for, and then call someone to set up a post within one kilometer nearby, and close the road when necessary, and then mobilize nearby surveillance, starting from the day Chen Shengli disappeared, see if there are any No suspicious people came in."

"The road closure..." Li Zheng paused for a while, "It seems a bit difficult to handle and needs to apply."

"No, mention Lu Beichen's name to your leader, and he will know what to do about it."

Lu Beichen!

Although Lu Beichen is the head of the Zhongwei Brigade, he is not very mysterious and occasionally appears in the news.

So Li Zheng and Zhang Xiao also know who he is!

How could such a big person be moved out at once!

How stupid you must be!

"I'm going to notify now." Li Zheng said:

"Is there anything else I need to do?"

"That's all for now."

After finishing speaking, Lin Yi looked at the people in the Central Guard Brigade and said:

"Siying, take Chaoyue, go to the neighborhood to see if there are other exits, and check carefully."


In response, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com Yu Siying took Zhang Chaoyue and quietly left, lurking near Xiaoyanglou.

After the task was arranged, Lin Yi and others entered a state of silence.

It is necessary to know what this small western-style building is used for before further action can be taken.

But Lin Yi can be sure that this small western-style building should be the other party's hiding place.

Mammon's intelligence capabilities cannot be underestimated.

About twenty minutes later, Li Zheng's phone rang, and after less than a minute of communication, he hung up.

"It has been checked. This small western-style building is a wine club. Most of the guests it usually receives are foreigners, but there are also many high-end domestic customers."

“The wine club…”

Lin Yi grunted in his heart, and the sneaking plan was slowly taking shape.

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