I Randomly Have a New Career Every Week - v2 Chapter 2872 : important clues

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The latest website: "Who is the owner of this house?"

"The legal person is a person named Mahar, who should be the owner of a store." Li Zhengnan said.

"Check the identity of this person, and if you find someone who is related to this place, check it out carefully."

"it is good."

After arranging the specific things, Lin Yi looked at Ning Che and said:

"Ask people in your circle if they know about this place."

Ning Che took out his mobile phone and sent a few messages in his group, sending out all the messages he wanted to inquire about.

"Do you suspect that this place is not clean?"

"It's not just about uncleanliness." Lin Yi said:

"The base of the Central Guard Brigade is here, and then there is such a place, I always think it may be their intelligence stronghold."

Hearing this, the people in the Zhongwei Brigade felt a little nervous.

Even Li Zheng and Zhang Xiao noticed something was wrong.

The impact of this incident may be greater than you imagined.

Soon, there was news from Ning Che. After glancing at the news, he said:

"Some of my friends have been here before, and the grades are okay, but they are not top-notch. Compared with some wine clubs in Zhonghai, they are still far behind."

"If you look at it this way, it's a little suspicious."

Lin Yi pointed to the location of the door and said:

"The cars parked at the door are not cheap. The big bosses who drive these cars are very mouth-watering. Your friends feel ordinary. In their eyes, they can only be regarded as garbage."

"When you said that, it reminded me." Ning Che said:

"But there is another possibility. This is not just a wine club. There may be unclean transactions in it, which attracts these people."

"It doesn't matter what the situation is, it's not clean here anyway."

Just as the two were talking, Yu Siying and Zhang Chaoyue trotted back.

"Boss, there are a total of three doors. The front door can pass normally and is still open for business, but the back door is locked, and people can occasionally be seen moving. There is also a security door on the side, which has been locked and has not been opened for a long time. ."

Lin Yi rolled his eyes and said:

"One and three groups, you assign your own personnel and guard all the exits. After I enter, no one can be released. If anyone is disobedient, they will all be shot and dealt with."



Li Zheng and Zhang Xiao were a little creepy.

Only then did I know that the people in these mysterious departments had more power than themselves.

Compared with these people, I can't even count as a chorus.

bell bell —

At this moment, Li Zheng's cell phone rang.

Pick up the phone immediately and hang up after a few minutes.

"I found out that four hours after Chen Shengli disappeared, there was a commercial vehicle that transported three suitcases here. If nothing else, they should have been hidden in the suitcases."

After receiving such news, Lin Yi's face was particularly ugly.

"Are there any suspicious people coming in or going out these days?"

"They analyzed the monitoring, and the people who came in and out should all be customers here, and no suspicious people were found."

"Brother Li's guess should be close to ten." Ning Che said: ...

"After they caught Brother Chen, they found a place to transfer, and then sent people here, which is reasonable in terms of time."

After a pause, Ning Che continued:

"So your analysis makes a lot of sense. Maybe this is really their stronghold, which is used to secretly observe the actions of the Central Guard Brigade and inquire about related news and tasks."

"It's useless to say this now, get ready to act."

Lin Yi looked at Li Zheng and said:

"Brother Li, the people who are guarding the periphery will be handed over to you. Follow my instructions, and then close the road as soon as possible. You can't miss any intersection."

"Don't worry, I have experience with this kind of thing."

"it is good."

After arranging the follow-up, Lin Yi and Ning Che looked around, then walked towards the wine club.

Although it is past eleven o'clock in the evening, for this city that never sleeps, the beautiful nightlife has just begun.

And Ning Che also quickly entered the state, took Lin Yi's arm, and walked towards the clubhouse.

"Sir, good evening."

Seeing the two come in, the waitress in cheongsam stretched out her hand and welcomed them in.

The decoration inside is very simple and full of decoration with a lot of western elements.

After coming here, people have a feeling of being in the Middle Ages.

"Sir, is this the first time ma'am?" the waitress asked.

"I've been in Zhong Hai before. This is your first time here. Do you have any good wines? Recommend me."

Compared to Lin Yi, Ning Che had a better understanding of this aspect and was more familiar with it.

"We've had a lot of new wines coming here recently, including eight-year-old Burgundy and ten-year-old Chateau Latour, all of which taste good."

"Neither of these two flavors suit me very well. Is there any old Petrus?"

Hearing this, the waitress's eyes on Ning Che changed obviously.

If you weren't an expert in this area, you wouldn't be able to make such a request.

"The last bottle of Persto in the store was reserved yesterday, and there is still a bottle of three years, which is not considered old."

"Just reluctantly come to this bottle, and a portion of Inbilia ham, a portion of sweet shrimp, a portion of cherries and mangoes."

"Okay." The waitress said with a smile:

"Are you two going to eat in the hall or in the box?"

"The box, it's too noisy outside."

"plz follow me."

The waitress took the two to the third floor and brought them into a quaint box.

The decoration inside is full of medieval aristocratic style, which is also suitable for wine tasting.

"You seem familiar with this."

"What are you familiar with? I asked in the group." Ning Che said:

"I don't usually drink red wine. They told me that if I said that, I wouldn't be tricked."

"Don't talk about it, how do you feel about this place, and have you found anything suspicious?"

"Not yet." Ning Che said:

"These dogs are not ordinary people, and they shouldn't easily reveal their flaws. We have limited time, and we can't keep dawdling here. We must find out the clues quickly."

"If you can't be soft, you have to be hard." Lin Yi said:

"Let me see how hard these people's bones are."

Soon, the waitress brought the red wine and other snacks that Ning Che ordered.

Opening the cork, the waitress poured a third of the red wine into the decanter.

"Sir and ma'am, everything is ready, and it will be ready in a few minutes."

"it is good."

The lady waiter backed out, but Ning Che didn't move.

After about a few minutes, Ning Che rang the bell next to him, and the waitress just now walked in immediately.

"Hello ma'am, do you need any help?"

"Try it yourself, are you sure this is Petus?"

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