I Was Trapped on the Same Day For 100,000 Years - Chapter 2154 The Red Robe and the Lonely Cloud

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Chapter 2155 Hongpao General and Lonely Changyun

As a result, before leaving for this trip, he actually found a breakthrough method from the ancient books of the human race. As long as he rescued Gufu this time and returned, he can start to study this matter.

After breaking through to the quasi-emperor realm, 80% of the quasi-emperors in the Lingyao Emperor Domain will no longer be his opponents, and he will also change from passive to active attack.

But first, he still had to solve the current matter. Lin Yue came back to his senses, glanced over the scene in front of him, and roughly figured out where they were.

This should be a commercial area. Many splendid shops are located here. The density of the crowd is also very high. It is not easy for the four of them to walk on this street.

"Since you already know that Lonely Fu is in the inner city, there is no need to waste time here."

Lin Yue said lightly, and then turned his eyes to the wall that was deeper.

"Should we distract those black-clothed guards this time, and then go over the wall?"

Ape Cheng asked aloud.

"Do not."

Lin Yue looked at the wall in the distance, and there was a look of thought in his eyes.

"I need to confirm one thing first."

According to his visual observation, the wall between the intermediate and high-level urban areas is not wide, which means that there is not much space in the high-level urban areas, let alone the innermost urban area.

This shows that there are not many people in the entire multi-eyed clan who have the talent of the six-eye bloodline, and even fewer have the talent of the eight-eye bloodline.

If this is the case, as long as they figure out the location of the holy tower, they may launch a direct attack on Huanglong and go to the holy tower to rescue Lonely Fu through two consecutive walls.

It doesn't matter if there are some troubles during the period, as long as the Supreme Elder will come out alone before he reacts, and then the other party will not be afraid of them even if they shoot Lin Yue.

So, under the leadership of Lin Yue, everyone passed through the middle-level city and came to the deeper wall.

But the scene presented here made several people frown.

There was no black-clothed guard near the wall, as if it was a place that didn't need to be guarded at all.

But this is the place leading to the high-end city, how can the guards be so lax?

Just when everyone was puzzled, Lin Yue suddenly had a look on his face, and he could vaguely hear the sound of weapons interlacing from the other side of the wall...

"what's going on?"

When Lin Yue told the news to everyone, they were also confused.

Could it be that the multi-eyed people have already started a civil war?

But there is not even the slightest sign of this, and the mid-level urban area still has a peaceful atmosphere.

In any case, since there was no one to guard near the wall, they didn't need to wait any longer.

After everyone climbed over the wall and saw the scene in the high-end urban area, they immediately understood what the sound of weapons interlacing was heard by Lin Yue before.

I saw practitioners wearing red robes, one after another, under the walls of the inner city, thousands of feet away, slashing the instruments in their hands...

"How is this going……?"

Seeing this scene, everyone's heart became even more puzzled.

Who are these people in red robes?

What are they doing?

At this time, Moduo said suddenly, "I don't know what they are doing, but I know their identities."


Hearing this, Lin Yue and the others looked over.

"These practitioners in red robes are the red robe generals of the multi-eyed clan. Each of them has the strength of the Immortal Venerable Realm, and each of them is a big killer on the battlefield."

Speaking of which, there was a hint of fear in Modo's eyes.

When he was still in the multi-armed clan, he once saw these red robes take action in a conflict with the multi-eyed clan. At that time, the opponent cut off the hundreds of soldiers he led with one blow, and he was the only one who relied on the half-step Immortal Venerable. The realm and the powerful body escaped the catastrophe, but he was also seriously injured and cultivated a lot.

"Red robe general?"

Lin Yue said thoughtfully.

Hearing this name, it is similar to Heiyiwei. It seems that they should be the same and belong to the solitary president.

Just don't know what their current position is?

After all, they already knew from the mouths of the previous black-clothed guards that the entire black-clothed guard was under the control of the Supreme Elder.

So have these red-robed generals already obeyed the elders too?

According to Lin Yue's observation, there are still a considerable number of clansmen with six-eye blood in the high-level urban area, but the streets are empty, and judging from their breath, they are all hiding in their homes.

"It is necessary to find out the details of these red-robed generals..." Lin Yue murmured.

However, he did not intend to contact these red-robed generals directly. If the other party has really invested in the elders of Taishang, didn't they take the initiative to send themselves to the door?

Just as he was about to take Yuan Cheng and the others to sneak into the house of a multi-armed clan, Lin Yue suddenly noticed a spot of light flying not far away.

"This is……?"

Just when Lin Yue was puzzled, the spot of light had already flown not far in front of him, allowing them to see clearly what the spot of light looked like.

It turned out to be something similar to a chess piece, which was seen as a point of light because of the reflection.

The chess piece was suspended in mid-air, and a sound of vicissitudes came out.

"Everyone, I have already noticed your arrival and have been waiting here for a long time."

Lin Yue said seriously, "Who are you?"

"My name is Gu Changyun, I am the president of the entire multi-armed clan, and also the father of Lonely Fu."

Hearing this voice, Lin Yue's eyes narrowed.

"It turned out to be the solitary president..."

Since the chess pieces containing Gu Changyun's thoughts appeared here, does it mean that those red robes will still be under his control?

But this couldn't explain why the black-clothed guards outside were out of his control.

Seemingly aware of what Lin Yue was thinking, a voice came from the chess piece again.

"My little friend guessed right. These red-robed generals are still under my command. As for the other issues, it's too complicated to explain. Please follow me to the location of the main body and come with you one by one."

After looking at everyone, Lin Yue nodded.

Since their arrival has been discovered by this guy who calls himself Lone Changyun, it is meaningless to continue as before.

As for whether there will be traps or the like where they are led, Lin Yue and the others are not inexperienced youngsters, so they can naturally tell the difference.

"it is good."

"Then please, come with me."

Everyone followed the chess pieces all the way to the wall not far away, and stopped when they were about to reach the inner city.

Those red robes will feel the approach of several people's breath, and they looked at it with some vigilance at first, but when they noticed the flag leading the front, their expressions returned to their natural state, and they continued to urge the magic weapon to attack the wall.

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