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Chapter 2156 Everything is going well!

After everyone followed the chess pieces to a room, they finally saw Gu Changyun himself.

It was a stern-looking middle-aged man, dressed in black, sitting behind a wooden table with a square chessboard on it.

Gu Changyun stretched out his hand and clamped the chess piece suspended in the air, put it back on the chessboard, and then raised his head to reveal a face that was not angry and arrogant.

"Welcome to everyone, I am Lone Changyun, and the situation of the multi-eyed clan now makes everyone laugh."

Gu Changyun said with some embarrassment.

"Well...but how did you know we were coming?"

Ape Cheng asked with some doubts.

Those black-clothed guards have obviously been erased by them, and they have taken mimetic potions and disguised them before entering the city, so they shouldn't be recognized!

Hearing Yuancheng's question, Gu Changyun replied with kindness, "You guys remember the man you ran into when you first entered the city?"


Lin Yue's eyes narrowed, and he naturally remembered the person Gu Changyun mentioned.

"He is my subordinate who was placed in the outer city. He recognized you immediately after seeing you, so he notified me of the news."

Gu Changyun explained.

"It turned out to be him...!"

Hearing this answer, Ape Cheng opened his eyes in surprise and continued to ask.

"Then why do you know us?"

Gu Changyun smiled faintly, "Although you have taken the mimetic potion, this thing cannot completely cover your breath. In my eyes, you are fundamentally different from other clansmen, and you can see it at a glance."

"And one more thing, I don't know all of you, I only know the two of you."

Gu Changyun's eyes wandered between Lin Yue and Yuan Cheng.


Hearing this sentence, Lin Yue frowned slightly.

He confirmed that he had never met Gu Changyun, and even before he came to the Multi-Eyed Clan, he did not know that Gu Fu had such a father, and Gu Fu had never mentioned this in the funeral road before.

"Gufu mentioned to me that the two of you accompanied him in the funeral road and helped him a lot. I would like to thank the two of you for the dog."

Gu Changyun got up and clasped the two of them together.

"It doesn't have to be like this, you are a lonely father, how can we let you do this."

Ape Cheng quickly returned the salute and said a little embarrassedly.

Gu Changyun smiled lightly, and then said.

"When I learned of your arrival, I knew that the dog was saved this time, so while the old guy was pouring power into the tower, he summoned the red robe to save the high-level city from his claws. "

"That's why you didn't see those black-clothed guards in the mid-level and high-level urban areas. They surrendered directly to me when they saw this battle, but I temporarily imprisoned them."

Hearing these words, everyone suddenly realized, why did they not see the existence of the black-clothed guards in such a large intermediate city.

Lin Yue raised his brows frivolously when he heard the words, and asked, "How is the situation of Gufu now?"

"Hey..." Gu Changyun sighed softly and said sadly, "The dog was imprisoned in the Holy Tower by that old guy, and it is impossible for me to rescue him by myself, and the old guy's The strength is much stronger than me, if there is no red robe to help these brothers together to help me, I am not his opponent at all."

Lin Yue heard the words and looked at Gu Changyun carefully, and found that he had reached the realm of the pinnacle of Immortal Venerable, and he was only one step away from the quasi-emperor level.

However, the gap between the quasi emperor and the immortals is like a gulf, which is difficult for ordinary people to cross. Even if there are many immortals to help each other, it will not help. Is it possible that the elder is a guy with a good appearance?

Thinking of this, Lin Yue's mind moved, and he asked again, "I heard that the Supreme Elder has reached the realm of quasi-emperor, even if the four of us work together, it is impossible for him to be his opponent."

Obviously, the matter of the multi-armed clan has not yet spread here, Gu Changyun said with a heavy expression without doubting him.

"Well, that's true."

"But the task of dealing with that old guy is handed over to me, and I can hold him back, as long as you can bring the loneliness out!"

Having said that, a strange luster appeared in Gu Changyun's eyes.

And Lin Yue nodded thoughtfully, and then said, "We and Gufu were also friends originally, and since that's the case, we naturally won't turn back on this matter."

"Okay, then the commander will thank you for the dog first!"

Gu Changyun smiled excitedly, but quickly suppressed it, pretending to be calm.

"Tomorrow I will team up with the red robe to fight against that old guy, and then it will depend on your performance."

"it is good."

Next, two maids appeared from the door and took Lin Yue and the others to a guest room to rest.

As soon as he entered the room, Saru Cheng said with a smile.

"Haha, I didn't expect that Lone Fu's father would be able to draw a tie with the Supreme Elder, so it seems that our task is not difficult."

In the room, everyone's expressions were different.

Hearing Yuan Cheng's hearty laughter, Qing Bingying frowned and said softly, "Is it all going so well, I feel a little strange..."

Modo on the side also nodded when he heard the words, agreeing with her very much.

"Is it okay?"

Yuan Cheng asked a little strangely, then looked at Lin Yue, but found that his expression was very calm.

"Brother Lin, what do you think?"

Lin Yue nodded slightly, and a gleam of light flashed in his dark eyes, "There's nothing wrong with everything going well, and we will act according to the arrangement of the solitary president tomorrow."

"Look, I'll just say it!"

Ape Cheng said with a smile.

Qing Bingying and Modo looked at each other and saw the thoughtful look in each other's eyes.

In the room that Lin Yue and the others had just left, Gu Changyun looked at the picture of Lin Yue and the others talking at the moment, his expression was full of joy, and his face did not have the cold look on his face.

"Good! As long as these two guys don't get suspicious, the plan won't be affected."

Gu Changyun said with a grin.

He knew that the four of them were headed by the guy named Lin Yue, and as long as he didn't have any doubts, everything was nothing to worry about.

Gu Changyun couldn't help trembling with excitement when he thought of the blood power that he would soon acquire.

"It's coming! It's coming! Hahaha...!"

At the same time, in a golden ancient tower in the inner city.

Gu Fuzheng collapsed to the ground in pain, his whole body was full of countless scars, the deepest one could even see his internal organs directly through the wound.

"Huh...why is this?"

He was breathing heavily, but every time he breathed, the wounds on his body were involved, causing his brows to wrinkle.

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