I Will Be The Crowned King - v5 Chapter 3 1 family

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With short black hair, a pair of bright brown eyes on thin cheeks, and a slightly pale complexion, with a half-top hat, a black coat and a low-lined pure white scarf, he looks quite a musician. temperament.

Well, if you didn't know a guy named Anson Bach, you'd probably come to the same or a similar conclusion.

At the moment when Lisa exclaimed, the officers of the Storm Legion surrounding Anson also froze in place, staring at the figure that was exactly the same as the commander-in-chief, temporarily lost in thought. state of ability.

Of course, it cannot be said that they are exactly the same. There are still some differences between the two in terms of demeanor, temperament and body; Serious observation is actually not difficult to distinguish, and you can somewhat guess the identity of the other party.

It's just that everyone has never heard the commander-in-chief mention that he has an older brother, and Lisa, who is the "sister", has long been accustomed to by everyone in the Storm Legion, which made them subconsciously produce the "Bach family". Only these two in front of them. Bit, this kind of delusion that if you think about it seriously, you know that it is impossible.

While everyone was still in a daze, Fabien silently pushed back two steps, and by the way pulled Carl's cuff, and dragged the Chief of Staff to the back of the crowd.

As a former guard officer and secret agent of the Wang family, Fabian has seriously investigated Anson Bach from beginning to end. Of course, it is impossible not to know the existence of the Bach family; it is precisely because he knows more than anyone else, Only then did it become clearer what the "little surprise" Beigang prepared was for.

It's impossible for me to interfere with my boss's decision, but at least I can stay out of it and pull a good old chief of staff to avoid stepping into the muddy water carefully prepared by Beigang.

Looking at Brigadier General Tarot Cecil, who was like a spring breeze, and William Cecil with a stunned face, he was either watching the excitement, or being instigated to buy, and greeted the crowd with ulterior motives. The deputy commander of the legion narrowed his eyes slightly. , smelled a hint of crisis in the humid air of Beigang.

No matter what the other party's intentions are, it's best to stay out of the way and try not to get involved at this time...

"Ah~ I caught you!"

The sudden soft shout made Fabian tremble, almost instinctively wanting to run away, but the owner of the voice tightly hugged his right arm: "Don't try to run, I'll come when I'm fully prepared. See you!"

The stiff-faced deputy commander twitched the corners of his mouth immediately, reconfirmed that the attention of the people around him was focused on the front, and then turned to look at the girl who seemed to have caught the prey: "Miss Fu Laura, why are you... why are you here? ?!"

In order to avoid being noticed by the people around him, he also tried his best to lower his voice, and tried his best to turn his body to block the girl behind; but the latter obviously had some kind of misunderstanding, and stared at the "prey" he had been looking forward to for a long time with a slightly drunken expression:

"How could I be... hum! It's not because some people ran away without a word, it was two full years; two years! Fabian, you bastard, do you know how I survived these two years? !"

How do I know what the daughter of your Cecil family is like... Fabien was in a mess, thinking about how to get out, and now he can barely squeeze a smile: "Then what do you want?"

"Stop talking nonsense!" The blushing girl raised her chin and looked up at the deputy commander's eyes intently:

"Give you two choices: first, leave me obediently now; second..."

"Needless to say, I choose the first one!" Fabian said without hesitation: "The premise is that you must keep a low profile, and unless I agree, you can't make any movement, let alone be noticed by others."

"Deal!" The girl nodded vigorously.


Carl, who was faintly aware of the movement, was stunned, turned his head and looked behind him, and then found that Fabian, who had just pulled himself, disappeared in a blink of an eye.

What's even more frightening is that except for myself, it seems that everyone around him has no reaction or even noticed anything unusual. Everyone's attention is still focused on the center of the welcoming scene, and they have not noticed this small "abnormality".

"Dear Anson, it's been a long time since our youngest brother in the Bach family."

Surrounded by the crowd, the man approached with a look of excitement, and he held An Sen's shoulders without saying a word. If the father can know that his youngest son can achieve such an achievement, I don't know how proud he should be!"

"No, it's not that exaggerated." Facing relatives who have a similar appearance to "himself", all An Sen can do is to keep smiling: "I... Dear brother."

"Call me Christian!" The other party immediately raised his face:

"The last time I saw you off... Ah, remember that it seems to be the ninety-fourth year of the saint's calendar. Didn't we all make an agreement? From now on, we will call each other by name."

"Even so, you are still my only brother, and this will never change." Anson suddenly became serious, and his sincere eyes flashed with innocence: "And I will always use you and Bach's blood. Proud to be a descendant."

"Hahaha... I should have said this right, you are already the biggest pride of our family!" Christian laughed heartily:

"The Bach family actually had a general, took many colonies from the empire, and established a new country! Don't talk about father, I am afraid that the previous generations of family masters have never achieved this level of achievement. Your efforts alone, It exceeds the contribution of more than ten generations of our family!"

"No no no... It's not that exaggerated, the independence of the Free Confederacy is the common dedication of the colonial people, and my personal success is just a reflection of the loyalty of thousands of comrades in the Storm Legion for the country..."

Anson hurriedly waved his hand to decline the other's compliment... What a joke, whether the founding of the Free Confederacy and the Storm Legion were meritorious or demeritable, Clovis City hasn't identified himself yet, and showing it off now is for fear that the "criminal" is not enough evidence. Like a mountain!

But in the eyes of the people around, this level of "rejection" seems to be about the same as showing off...

"Sure enough, you are still as humble as always, and you are never willing to accept praise from others." Christian was quite emotional, turning his head to look at Taro Cecil, who was on the side:

"An Sen has been like this since he was a child. No matter how good he has done, he is unwilling to accept praise. He would rather give credit to others than take it for himself!"

"And this is the quality that an excellent leader should have." The Commodore who understood it immediately agreed, chuckling and nodding slightly: "Never take credit for arrogance, understand others, respect subordinates, treat soldiers kindly, and treat partners with integrity... The noble character of the Bach family and the strict personal requirements of Brigadier General Anson have jointly created an outstanding commander for Clovis!"

"Yes, that's what happened!"

"Family inheritance and personal persistence and hard work are indispensable!"

"That's right, this is exactly the characteristic of Clovis - it has the traditions of the empire, but also respects the progress of the individual. It is a system that combines the advantages of two different systems, and it is a truly perfect system!"

...the crowd around them followed suit, and even came to the conclusion that "the Clovis people are better than others", "the Clovis people have the most perfect system, neither conservative nor radical", God knows how they are summed up.

After all, if you don't count the Free Confederation, Clovis is the "youngest" country in the entire ordered world. Don't look at the fact that Hantu has just been unified a few years ago. The family belongs to the ancestors and has made a comeback. The Francois family only has clear historical records. The part is more than twice as long as the Clovis royal family of Osteria.

Of course, if you want to count the "Ancient Clovis"...that is, the small state that was destroyed by the Austeria family hundreds of years ago, or the ethnic group known as the "Clover" who lived in this land Years, that is indeed thousands of years; but now the mainstream of the orderly world is still divided by family boundaries, and the country is the private property of one family. , is also classified in the non-mainstream category.

But obviously when a group of people wants to compliment others or boast, it doesn't matter whether it is the mainstream or not; anyway, what they want is to prove that Clovis is excellent. Not only is the person excellent, but the system is also perfect. Light of progress.

And Ansen also vaguely felt an attitude of Beigang from the "compliments" of the surrounding people, that is, a sense of security - not trying to use himself to please himself, but using the way to please himself to gain a certain sense of security .

This kind of feeling is as if a decadent ancient family map has been changed. I remembered that a family member who was wandering outside might be able to save them from the fire and water, so I quickly got him back and praised his strength while praising him. Emphasize that this is the family's credit.

Well, if this is the case, it is not difficult to understand why Beigang will specially invite the patriarch of the Bach family; but the question turns back to Clovis - what happened to make them so urgent Patiently win over yourself, Schrödinger's loyal minister?

Appealing to the Free Confederacy can still be seen as a stake, and it is somewhat puzzling to be eager to win over oneself.

"This one must be Lisa, am I right?"

Just when Anson was still speculating about the other party's intentions, Christian suddenly squatted down and approached the girl hiding behind Anson: "I've heard a lot of stories about you, Lisa, you are really a genius. Brave girl, the Bach family admires your courage!"

It seems that because of her appearance, the girl pursed her lips tightly and did not dare to speak, but nodded bitterly.

Anson, who had come to his senses, felt something different from Christian's words... He did not affirm or deny Lisa's identity as his "sister", as if he was as enthusiastic as a child from a distant relative. Say hello.

As the head of the Bach family, he must know whether there is such a "little sister" in the family, so he can only explain that he deliberately adopted this attitude - after all, he has never seen Lisa before, and of course he is not sure about his attitude. Will choose a more conservative attitude, but will not be suspected by the people around.

If he could still suspect that this "elder brother" was just a "little surprise" prepared by the Cecil family, then An Sen can basically be sure that the other party is definitely prepared, and he may even have learned about him through various channels. , and even the intelligence of the entire Storm Legion.

You must know that in order to hide Lisa's existence from the outside world, Lisa's name is almost never mentioned in the legion's battle reports, and she has never appeared in the legion's military merit book-her credits are all converted into weapons and ammunition, beautiful clothes, cakes and more. There are various styles of canned food.

To be able to say that he admires Lisa's "courage" and is equivalent to the other person suggesting to him that he knows a lot about himself - especially the past two years.

"Reunited after many years. As a brother, I should have been with you more, but now I have too many things to talk about with Anson." He looked at the scared girl, his eyes full of pampering. : "So can you lend your brother Anson to Christian for an afternoon, really, I promise that it will be paid back to you in the evening, sister Lisa?"

"Lisa, Lisa...Lisa..."

The girl stammered a few words, and quickly looked up at Anson. After getting the latter's affirmative answer, she nodded immediately: "Okay, Lisa promised you!"

"Thank you so much, Lisa is such a generous and good girl." Christian smiled, then looked at Taro Cecil who was beside him: "I'm sorry, I may have to borrow your guest. It's been a while, please forgive me."

"Understood, UU reading www.uukanshu.com completely understands." Commodore also had an understanding expression, nodded and looked at An Sen: "Then Commodore An Sen, we will see you at the banquet tonight."

"Okay." An Sen just nodded slightly: "I'm looking forward to it too."

After that, he handed Lisa over to the little clerk behind him, bid farewell to Beckland and Brigadier General Tarot Cecil, and left with Christian.

As for a certain chief of staff and the officers of the Storm Legion... there is no need for that, and this is not the first time.

Under the eager gazes of the crowd, the two brothers who were inseparable crossed the long aisle, boarded the carriage that came to pick them up, and headed to the residence specially prepared for them in Beigang.

An Sen, who was sitting in the carriage, was also going to greet him with a few more polite words to avoid being discovered by the other party. He saw that Christian, who had suddenly changed his face, pulled the thick black curtains, got close to him, desperately. Lowered his voice and said:

"Be careful, you are very dangerous now!"

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