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"I-I don't understand, brother-in-law, what do you mean by danger... What do you mean?"

In the dark carriage, Anson looked at the "elder brother" Christian who was serious about something, completely ignorant.

He originally planned to ask the other party "what do you know" directly, but after thinking about it, it may not fit the character of "Anson Bach"; although if the memory of the owner of this body is not biased, count himself In the past two or three years, I haven't seen my family for six or seven years, and even if I have any impressions, it should have faded a long time ago.

However, after careful consideration, he still felt that it would be better to pretend to know nothing as much as possible to see the other party's reaction; after all, he did not inherit the complete memory of this body, and no matter how he imitated it, there must be some deviations - who knows "An Sen" and Is there some kind of secret or little habit of verifying each other's identities among his family members?

But he obviously still misjudged the relationship between the two... Without waiting for Anson to say anything further, Christian snorted and waved his hand a little helplessly: "Okay, there are only the two of us here, and the driver outside is also You can't hear the movement in the car, you don't need to be so pretentious."

"I, I didn't." Anson pretended to be panic: "Brother..."

"Brother...ha! After so many years, I heard this name again, more times than I remembered all of your words combined." Christian couldn't help laughing, tilting his head and looking at him in amazement :

"Anson, Anson of the old Bach family... It seems that working hard outside alone is really training people. It makes a guy like you who has been tired of politeness since you were a child, and you can take this kind of red tape as a normal thing!"

"Let's talk about it, it took a lot to learn to be polite. I guess it must be no less than two digits, huh? Hahaha."

"Huh?" This time Anson was really stunned.

Judging from the memory he inherited from this body and the "content" in his diary, the original Anson should have been quite polite and polite to others; always "Dear Professor Mace Hornard" ", "Dear classmates", "My elder brother"... As a result, in the eyes of family members, is he the type who has never been polite and called elders by their first names?

Could it be that this is the so-called "complex duality", informal at home, humble and polite outside, and generous outside?

And in Christian's eyes, his reaction became the best proof of his guess - if he hadn't suffered enough, how could he be surprised by the "ceremony" he had become accustomed to?

"Okay, okay, if you're really used to it, you don't have to change it. After all, it's been six or seven years since I've seen each other, so it's normal to be somewhat unfamiliar." Christian waved his hand, and the smile on his face faded slightly. some:

"However, you should be able to guess the reason why I am here, right?"

"Roughly some guesses." Anson also took the opportunity to restrain his expression and looked at the other party solemnly: "Beijing, or the Cecil family is so big, it is nothing more than trying to win over the forces of the Free Confederation and our Bach family..."

"What Bach family, there's no need to continue being polite, it's you who they want to win over!" Christian interrupted directly:

"The Cecil family has taken a fancy to you, or the Free Confederation forces behind you, ah... and the Storm Legion!"

"Storm Legion?" Anson raised his eyebrows: "The Legion is a standing army that the kingdom is preparing, not my own levies and private soldiers... What's the use of them?"

"It may not be useful right now, but maybe not in the future."

In the dark carriage, Christian's playful expression was meaningful: "You've been in the New World for too long, I don't know, the current situation in the Kingdom of Clovis is very different from what it was two years ago."

"What exactly happened, the country people like our Bach family don't know very well, only that more and more factories have gone bankrupt in the past two years, many young people who went to cities and towns to seek a living, another batch of A group of them returned to the country; but they had long since lost their fields, and they did not want to be farmers, and spent all day hanging out in taverns, either as soldiers or as pickpockets and bandits.”

"Not only that, but this year's tax is also much higher than in previous years.

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, the blacksmith shop at home, the mill, and the grocery store in the town can only be regarded as neither making nor losing money; business in the tavern is good, but there is no business in the hotel and restaurant, and the circus that used to come in the past year did not appear. Even the tuition fees of the mission colleges have also increased some book fees to subsidize the teachers hired in the city. "

The more he talked about it, the more Christian sighed: "If I let it go, my father will definitely say that the king is preparing to fight again, or that a famine is about to happen, so let the family stock up with food; but this year's food prices are surprisingly cheap, and you can't get rid of the miscellaneous things. Expenses and commissions for a farmer, farming is almost out of money!”

"Not only our family, but also many relatives and close friends. Similar situations have occurred at home; the shops are out of business, farming is not making money, young people can't find jobs when they enter the city, and there are people everywhere. There are bandits and robbers, but food and other things are very cheap... Chaos, this world is really in chaos."

Looking at the sighing Christian, the silent Anson already had his own guesses - in the final analysis, it was the waste of Clovis' long-term war and the "false prosperity" created by the just-concluded jihad. 's consequences.

The war with the empire has caused many trade interruptions, but demand will not be reduced because of this, so "head companies" like the Northern Chamber of Commerce who are well-connected on both sides will monopolize the trade network and put those small chambers of commerce. , the small factories were all squeezed out of bankruptcy, but they used various means to avoid paying taxes on the extra profits.

Clovis has been in the war for more than four years, and the financial pressure has already broken through the ceiling. Just knocking the bone and sucking the marrow has long been unable to meet the demand. He has to borrow from the church bank; Tone, to make up for the financial hole, but new problems also followed.

The originally scarce materials and cash have been alleviated by eating the logistics of the jihadist army, but the withered market cannot be prosperous immediately, and the unemployed workers cannot find jobs immediately; on the contrary, a large number of cheap commodities, especially grain, salt and other products. Such necessities were put into the market in large quantities by the kingdom in the form of "relief", which directly hit the bottom of the price, making it unprofitable for both property owners and businessmen, and the wave of unemployment broke out again.

And these are reflected in the eyes of a small country noble like the Bach family, that is, the strange phenomenon that everything is cheap, and at the same time nothing makes money.

Of course, this kind of "false prosperity" is unsustainable... As the influence of the jihad gradually subsides, the cash flow and massive supplies that follow will return to their original places, and then the prices of most of the Clovis skyrocket, and the king's debt is high. , the increasing taxes continued to squeeze the remaining factories and chambers of commerce into bankruptcy, and then to avoid riots, the army was recruited aggressively, and the military spending was further increased due to the recruitment.

This spiral of collapse will continue until the Kingdom of Clovis loses the war and is forced to declare bankruptcy and reorganization; but strictly speaking, Clovis's finances are actually in the hands of Luther Franz, who The level of the archbishop should not become such an unmanageable situation...

"This is not the most dangerous, the real crisis is that after this, more and more rumors come from Clovis City; the adults in the upper classes of the kingdom seem to have been quarreling with each other because of the current situation, and even want to It's a big fight!"

Christian's expression became more and more serious: "I even heard that there are many generals in the Ministry of War who are secretly planning to dissolve the House of Representatives, and then kill those powerful ministers in the cabinet, and let His Majesty govern in person!"

"This...how is this possible?" Anson almost laughed out loud, but he still maintained an air of surprise: "Whether it is the army or the navy, they...we are not the Guards before, and the military expenses and allowances are all approved by the House of Representatives. How can it be overturned?"

"But all the generals swear their allegiance to His Majesty and the royal family of Austeria forever, right?" Christian's expression didn't seem like a joke at all:

"You must know more about things in the army than me, who has never been on the battlefield, but Clovis's current situation is very chaotic, but it is an indisputable fact!"

"Otherwise, why would Beigang and the Cecil family go all the way to the countryside of the Central Bank of China to invite me, the head of the small noble family, here? Hmph... Better yet, they are flattering you, the Storm Legion. Commander-in-Chief."

"At worst, they're trying to tie you up

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On their chariots, stand with them, or the entire Bach family will be their hostages! "

Christian snorted coldly: "Whether it is bribing or threatening, most of the time these two are actually the same thing; if you don't tell the truth and cooperate obediently, everyone can be happy on the surface; if you refuse or go against the grain, then It is the enemy that needs to be targeted, and the previous favors are all things that can be grasped now!”

The words fell, and An Sen's face showed a flash of surprise.

If the person who said this was Archbishop Luther, or even Karl, he would probably be accustomed to it, but an ordinary little country aristocrat who does not necessarily travel a few times in two or three years...

"Brother... Christian, what do you think I should do?"

"I, I have nothing to say, just tell you to be more vigilant." Christian was stunned for a moment, and couldn't help laughing: "You have been to Hantu again for the past two years, and you are in the New World and Colony again. , the Empire and even the Holy See’s crusades must have more experience in dealing with this kind of thing than I do.”

"No, you're wrong... It's precisely because I spend most of my time dealing with various wars that the experience in dealing with this kind of thing is relatively expensive."

Perhaps due to the influence of the other party, Anson's expression gradually became more serious: "How to get along with the giants, deal with potential allies without using force, and maintain the independence of one's own side, so as not to be completely Binding, there is no one more experienced than the head of the Bach family, Christian Bach!"

"You kid... Just listening to you say this, you must be very experienced in dealing with these things!" Christian shook his head dumbfoundedly:

"Okay, since you want to hear it so much, I might as well give some advice; let's talk about it first, it's just a suggestion, don't put the blame on me as a brother if something goes wrong!"

"Of course not, I promise in the name of the Ring of Order!"

"Ring of Order... Sigh, doesn't that mean there is no guarantee?" Christian rolled his eyes: "If I were yours, the best choice would be to not choose and wait for the Cecil family to come to you. "

"The current situation is still unclear, and it is even less clear what attitude Clovis City has towards you. If you accept the kindness of Beigang, it is very likely that people who still want to stand on your side will think that this is the case. Acts of disloyalty to the kingdom; a general who has returned from leading an army and a city that has repeatedly fought for independence and has evil intentions is simply an obvious crime!"

"Of course, don't be too afraid, because Beigang is definitely waiting for the attitude of Clovis City... These people, don't look at them being enthusiastic about you now, when it's time to cheat you, they will definitely not show mercy. ”

"As for what you are going to do now..." Christian held his chin and thought for a moment: "If I want to say, it is to stabilize your subordinates and the Free Confederate mission, and you must not let them Bought by Beigang.”

"In the past, the officers in the legion were your retainers, your fief knights, and the Free Confederacy was your allies who were close enough to deter powerful enemies. No matter which of the two, you must never be in an alliance. The existence that has been pryed away by potential allies; at the same time, you should also try to pry away the enemy's retainers and allies, increase your capital, and strengthen your power!"

Christian said sternly: "I recommend that it is best to start with the younger generation of the Cecil family. The young officer who came back with you should be a very good potential target."

"As for your own people... you'd better gather them as soon as possible, UU reading www.uukanshu.com sincerely and openly tell the situation, if anyone has been bought, or is planning to leave in the first place, then it's easy to say It's good to be scattered, so as not to affect the unity; at the same time, you must also give enough interests - I am talking about the interests of real money and silver, so that they can see that there is definitely a future for them to continue to follow you!"

"And the Free Confederation should be tighter... I mean to let them understand that only by following you will not let the Confederacy suffer, and only you are absolutely on their side, other forces in the Clovis Kingdom, You're just trying to use them, you're not like them."

"Of course, some of what I've said are summed up by myself on weekdays, and some are the habits of my father and grandfather's generation to deal with relatives and friends." Christie

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Ann suddenly laughed:

"It's an old-fashioned story, you can listen to it, it can be considered a reference."

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