I’m Really a Villain - v2 Chapter 1964 I want the gods to praise my name, I want freedom

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"Generally speaking, the older the time period, the greater the consumption of resources.

And the stability of time and space is not easy. "

The monk Mingli explained.

"Under normal circumstances, we do not guarantee the stability of the White Emperor Monument, and no one can guarantee it.

So the donor still has to make a plan. "

"Then I'll go to the White Emperor's time," Xu Zimo said.

"The time and space of this White Emperor Monument can be integrated into it, or can I only be a bystander."

Xu Zimo must ask clearly about this.

The monk Mingli smiled and said quickly, "You can only be a bystander.

If it can be integrated into it, it is to travel back in time and space to the past, which we cannot do.

It is easy to look at the time and space of the past, but it is almost impossible to go back to the past. "

From a certain point of view, what the monk Mingli said was correct.

almost impossible.

But Xu Zimo really experienced it.

Because he just traveled through time and space once and went back to the past.

This is also a rebirth.

I'm afraid only Chaos Orbs can do it.

It's just helpless, he has only been reborn once, and currently he doesn't have the ability to continue to be reborn.

Xu Zimo estimates that his development and control of the Chaos Orb has not been completely completed.

Xu Zimo wanted to enter the White Emperor Monument, naturally he wanted to see the period of the Empress.

Wanted to see if there were any clues available.

After all, at that time, the Empress was the closest person to Fatian.


The White Emperor Monument does not need to be opened.

Because the White Emperor Monument was originally open, but the surrounding void was now sealed.

The monk Mingli took a few steps back, and after confirming the safety, he released the seal of the void.

At the same time, the space seems to be alive, constantly roaring with filial piety.

The spatial turbulence devoured all the spiritual stone materials brought by Xu Zimo.

As the void became more violent, everything in front of him was torn apart.

The space does not know how many times it has been torn apart.

The White Emperor Monument in front of him suddenly shone brightly, and an aurora fell on Xu Zimo's body.

Immediately afterwards, he was brought into the Twisting Void.


The figure began to shuttle continuously.

It's not a shuttle between space and space, it's more like traveling in time.

It's like an alarm clock that starts to turn counter-clockwise.

The time line was moved to the ancient times in an instant.

It was an era dominated by the Empress who had just ended the Demon's Prospect.

Xu Zimo found that he couldn't speak, couldn't walk, and only had two eyes to use.

The void in front of him gradually recovered, and he passively watched everything.


It is a city that is invincible in a hundred battles.

It's just the kind of ancient city that is invincible after a hundred battles.

The Empress unified the nine domains and became the only ruler of this world.

Even the Holy Court was trembling in it.

Xu Zimo opened his eyes and saw a woman.

He wanted to try hard to see clearly, but unfortunately, the woman's figure was hazy, as if there was a layer of veil, and it was extremely mysterious.

Xu Zimo knew that this woman was the Empress.

Even if he came through time and space, he couldn't see each other clearly.

In the Avenue of Time and Space, I am afraid that the Empress has already been erased.

Next to the Empress, he saw the White Emperor.

Although this White Emperor is a man, his skin is as white as snow, his hair and eyebrows seem to be white all over his body.

I don't know if I have a soft spot for white.

The White Emperor was imposing, he walked towards the Empress, and the two stood before Siguo Cliff.

I just listened to Emperor Bai and said, "The seven major legions are all ready.

In three days, we can cut the sky and go. "

"Can the gate of heaven be opened?" the Empress asked.

Her voice is not gentle, but clear and powerful, and every word determines the fate of this world.

"Changtian and Qingtian opened at the same time, and the guy from Tiandao also gave us a path.

Fate and destiny, let us choose. "

Bai Di said sarcastically.

"We've come this far, how can we back down."

"Tiandao doesn't want to fight, it's not his turn anymore."

"What is destiny, what is destiny?" the Empress asked.

Bai Di smiled.

Said: "Some people are born to believe that fate is already doomed, no matter how hard you try, you can't change it.

This is your destiny.

And some people think that fate is in my own hands, and I should have the final say.

No one has the right to deprive him.

This is destiny and destiny.

It is also the contradiction between us and the Tao of Heaven. "

"This statement is incomprehensible," the Empress shook her head.

"For us, cultivating immortals is a transcendence, free from bondage.

But not everyone can get to this point.

For others, fate is not impossible. "

Bai Di smiled, looked at the Empress, and said, "Why did you suddenly feel emotional before the battle.

This is not a good omen. "

"I'm just thinking about whether it's right or wrong to bring you to this point," the Empress replied.

"My path is already predestined.

And some people shouldn't be like this. If they hadn't followed me, they might have gone the other way. "

"The path is chosen by oneself, this is personal creation, it has nothing to do with you," Bai Di smiled.

"Fatian first enters the gate of heaven, and after breaking the blue sky and the sky, you can face the core of the world directly.

At that time, either die or cross the **** of the world. "

"Go, let me be quiet and quiet by myself during the time before I cut the sky," the Empress waved her hand.

She suppressed it and stood still on the edge of the Siguo cliff.

I can't see my face, and I can't understand what I'm thinking.

It stands to reason that at this time, she should be unparalleled in the world, and she is dedicated to destroying the sky.

But for some reason, the Empress was not happy.

Bai Di seemed to see something, and said: "Only you usually think that you have done something wrong before you come to think about the cliff.

Are you still worrying about that epoch weapon? "

The queen nodded slightly.

"Although I understand that it is the last resort, but logically speaking, I do not want to use it."

"This is the wish of all of us, and if we really get to that point, we will have no regrets.

I want to forge a sword, take the heart of heaven, pour out the blood of all the strong in the world, and slaughter the Dao. "

"This epoch weapon is our last trump card, you must not have any more concerns."

The queen remained silent.

What is a strong man?

Many people think that the strong are above the world, they are aloof and invincible.

When the sage was angry, everything was like a cud.

Killing at will, is already free and happy.

But this kind of powerhouse is nothing but a nouveau riche mentality.

The real powerhouse, like the empress, often has the world in mind.

Being strong does not mean that you can do anything wrong and ignore life.

Often truly great people see their abilities as a means of benefiting the common people. This is a great person.

"I want the heavens to sing my name, and all living beings respect me, and my practice has reached the limit.

It's better to do a great job than to die alone," Bai Di said with a smile.

"I just want freedom!"

The queen said calmly.

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