I’m Really a Villain - v2 Chapter 1965 The process of cutting the sky, the old ghost shop

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It seems to have experienced the feeling of invincibility in the world.

The queen looked very calm.

What is freedom!

To be free from the shackles of this Heavenly Dao, and to practice the Dao freely.

If you don't cut the sky.

After the monk realized the Dao in the Three Corpse Realm, it was already the limit.

It's been impossible to move.

At this time, you either end up dying in loneliness. Although it is said that the Three Corpse Realm can live for a long time, it cannot be immortal after all.

Or break the restrictions of the heaven and go to see what else is beyond that day.

"Freedom, fight for freedom," Bai Di raised his head high and laughed.

"This way, you don't need to shoot.

We will solve the sky and the sky, including those lackeys of the heavenly way, they will not stand in front of you.

You only need to be single-minded to solve the Heavenly Dao," Bai Di said seriously.

"That's what we all expect.

Here, only you are qualified to fight against Heavenly Dao. "

Although it is said that the White Emperor is known as the first person under the Empress.

It is the most powerful existence other than the Empress.

But he still couldn't compare with the Empress, nor was he qualified to fight in Heavenly Dao.

Bai Di understands that when he reaches his level, he will become more aware of the unpredictable power of heaven.

Although he shouted to cut the sky every day, the white emperor knew that the power of the heavenly way was not something they could understand.

The meaning of their existence is to clear the obstacles for the empress on the way to the heavens, and finally **** the empress to the way of heaven smoothly.

In the most peak state, he can fight against the Heavenly Dao.

So did he, and so did the other followers of Fa Tian.

"I'll trouble you all this way," the Empress raised her head, and the worries in her eyes were finally dispelled.

In her calm eyes, the coercion of Shuai I burst out.

At this moment, the sky suddenly flashed and thundered, as if in fear and anger.

Xu Zimo sensed all this from above.

He could only watch passively.

This must have happened in ancient times, a certain period of time.

It is estimated that the cutting took place not long ago.

Xu Zimo wanted to continue watching, and it was the best scene to see the cut sky.

However, the void in front of him began to distort, and the scene of the evolution of the White Emperor Monument was gradually dissipating.

He knew that the time for the simulation of the White Emperor Monument had come, which was very helpless.

"Order troops and call for generals, first open the gate of heaven and break the sky, and destroy those lackeys.

Go to the realm of Dao, break the Dao wall, and finally fight. "

This was the last sentence Xu Zimo heard before the space distortion disappeared.

Immediately afterwards, consciousness seemed to be swallowed by space and began to return.

In Hongmeng, Xu Zimo's consciousness gradually became clear.

Returning to his body, he suddenly stood up.

Looking around again, this is the city of invincibility in a hundred battles. In front of the White Emperor Monument, the distorted void is sealed again.

The monk Mingli walked slowly.

"Can the donor see what he wants to see?"

Xu Zimo frowned slightly and asked, "Can you open the White Emperor Monument once?"

The monk Mingli shook his head and explained: "The space of this monument is extremely unstable and may collapse at any time.

It takes a long time to recover after every use.

If it is used forcibly, the tablet will be small. If the consciousness stays in the ancient times and cannot return to the physical body, it will be troublesome. "

Hearing this, Xu Zimo also understood and didn't force it any further.

"Tell you Jianzhan Protector, thank him for this time, I'm about to leave," Xu Zimo said.

This White Emperor Monument is extremely important, and there is a time limit for its use. The other party can use it for himself. Although it is based on his own strength, it is also a favor.

"The Dharma protector said that if the donor is interested, you can visit my Western Dragon Cult at any time," Monk Mingli nodded.

Western Dragon Cult Xu Zimo was not interested, so he asked, "I'm going to a place of chaos, do you know the fastest shortcut?"

"Land of Chaos?"

Monk Mingli was taken aback.

Something seems to have come to mind.

Who will go to the chaotic place, some people who can't get along in reality and want to avoid the enemy.

Choose a place of chaos.

Because there, just like its name, is very chaotic.

There is no order, there is no mercy, it is the real law of the jungle.

Xu Zimo killed so many people from the nine dominant forces before, so he probably wanted to take refuge.

The Land of Chaos is indeed a good place to be.

Because of the power of Dongdao City, he was also afraid of the chaotic place for a long time.

"The place of chaos has no connection with the outside world, and it is impossible to take the portal."

Just listen to the monk Mingli.

"And our host city is far away from the land of chaos.

If you fly alone, it will take at least seven days. "

"However, in the city without a hundred battles, there is a shuttle called the shuttle of time.

If you take it, you can arrive in three days. "

Monk Mingli didn't lie about this, after all, Xu Zimo killed people from other forces.

It has nothing to do with their Western Dragon Sect.

If you have a good relationship now, maybe it will be useful in the future.

"Time Shuttle," Xu Zimo said lightly.

"The owner of Time Shuttle is in the alley in the south of the city. It's an old ghost shop. You'll know when you go there," Monk Mingli pointed the way.

"Thank you," Xu Zimo left the White Emperor Monument.

Although the harvest this time is not substantial, it is not small.

At least he knew the process of cutting down the sky. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

To cut the sky needs to open the gate of heaven, and one of them must first pass through the heavens of the sky and the blue sky.

Speaking of the sky and the sky, the folk interpretation is that the sky represents justice, something like the master of the sky.

Such a compliment.

And Cangtian is usually cursed, like Cangtian has no eyes, the most famous sentence is that Cangtian is dead, Huangtian should stand.

After the two days of Cang and Qing, there is still Daobi.

According to the meaning of the White Emperor, the Tao of Heaven should be within the Tao wall.

As for the Holy Court, it is estimated that they will meet them at that time.

Even if the Holy Court didn't want to come, they couldn't decide their own destiny.

Because under the Dao of Heaven, the fate of all beings is determined by the Dao of Heaven, especially the lackeys of the Holy Court.

As Xu Zimo thought about it, he walked towards the old ghost shop.


old ghost shop,

This is a very dilapidated shop located deep in the alley.

If ordinary people do not understand, it is impossible to come here.

Because it's too remote and shabby.

Even the plaque was crumbling at the moment.

The surface of the store is rusty, and the light is very dim when you go inside.

In the shop, the old man from the Underworld Academy stood in it with several students.

In front of the counter of the store, an old man sat there, leaning his arm on the counter, drowsy.

On the other hand, the old man from the Tianxia Academy was named Kaizi.

His teacher is Master Kong.

Song Changan and several others were sitting in the shop, and Kaizi seemed impatient.

Looking at the old ghost at the counter, he asked, "How is my proposal?"

"The inheritance of the Empress, I don't believe that you are not interested.

And there is also the inheritance of Slaughter Emperor, that kid is full of secrets. "

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