I’m Really Playing Basketball - Chapter 910 continuous farewells

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After bidding farewell to Milicic, on September 1, 2022, the Chinese team sat in Saitama Stadium and ushered in the first opponent of the second round of the World Cup group stage, the Spanish team. </p>

After the first stage of the group stage, the top two teams in the 16 groups of the 8 groups will continue to be divided into 4 groups in the second stage to catch the fight, and finally select the top two **** in the 8 groups The team entered the quarterfinals, and then eliminated in a single game. </p>

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The Chinese team in the second stage of the group stage opponents are Spain, Greece and Brazil. </p>

Spain is also an old opponent, but because the Gasol brothers and Yin Baka have long since withdrawn from the national team, Spain is now a little bit out of touch. </p>

The Greek team, on the other hand, belongs entirely to Antetokounmpo's team. </p>

In this World Cup, Antetokounmpo scored 40+ in the first game. It can be said that he and Doncic in the group stage were Yu Liang for a while. </p>

In the three games of the group stage in the first stage, in addition to playing the Chinese team, Doncic scored 47 points a game and 40 points in the remaining two games against Serbia and Argentina, and the two games were combined. 87 points. </p>

As far as this scoring data is concerned, in the World Cup, in FIBA, it is absolutely terrifying. </p>

I have to say that Doncic, the son of the 2k game, is a player with 30+ triple-doubles or even 40+ triple-doubles per game in the 2k career mode or the ultimate league. He is a statistic in the NBA. , in FIBA ​​is also data strange. </p>

Of course, although Antetokounmpo's data is not as terrible as Doncic's, the three first-stage group matches, one 40+ and two 30+ games, are still quite eye-catching. </p>

The other opponent in the group stage, Brazil, is a team similar to Argentina's style of play. Now Brazil does not have enough famous NBA stars. The team is the same as Argentina. Most of the players are about 2 meters. Players, players above 2.03 meters, only two, one is 2.07 meters, and the other is 2.1 meters. </p>

In short, in general, the second stage of the group stage may be easier for the Chinese team. </p>

In the second stage, the three-point teams in the Chinese team's group are not weak, but their strength is definitely weaker than Argentina, Serbia and Slovenia in the first stage group. </p>

Even in the first game against Spain, the Spanish team captain Rudy Fernandez was made to cry in the first quarter of the game. </p>

This is not a joke, but it really made Rudy Fernandez cry. </p>

Rudy Fernandez is also an old rival of the Chinese men's basketball team. </p>

The perimeter player who was beside the Gasol brothers at that time was also a player who caused a lot of trouble for the Chinese team. </p>

Rudy Fernandez also became the captain of the Spanish team after the Gasol brothers withdrew from the national team. </p>

To be honest, as such a 38-year-old veteran, he must still be able to stay in the national team. </p>

After all, his era is actually over. He could have left the national team with the glory and the Gasol brothers and Yin Baka. </p>

But in the end, he chose to stay. </p>

Not only did he stay and become captain, but he was on the pitch, that really led by example. </p>

As soon as the game against the Chinese team came up, Spain was in an extremely difficult environment. In such a difficult situation, Rudy Fernandez took the lead, fought for every ball, and continued to perform with his injured body. "Rodman save". </p>

Even the Japanese fans who came to boo Chen Xiao were shocked by his madness in the end. Every time he caught the ball, dribbled, and shot, he burst into applause. </p>

This World Cup, the 38-year-old veteran Fernandez has been battling injuries, his knees, elbows and neck have varying degrees of injury. </p>

But even so, the 38-year-old Spanish legend is still fighting for every possession, throwing his body like a bomb. </p>

In this game against the Chinese team, Rudy Fernandez played for 18 minutes and scored 15 points. He did not play the most time in the team, but scored the most in the entire Spanish team. Pulling the score above 10 points, it was always Fernandez who came forward with his 3-pointer to stop the bleeding for Spain. </p>

Finally, in the second quarter, after playing for eight minutes in a row, he was already exhausted. When he was replaced, he had not yet sat down on the chair. The two consecutive three-pointers by Xiao Xiaochen and Chen Muxin on the court made the original nine points. When the point difference was widened to 15 points, Rudy Fernandez on the sidelines finally couldn't hold back, and sat directly on the sidelines, crying bitterly while covering his face with his hands. </p>

At this time, he is no longer the wind-chasing boy from 20 years ago. </p>

At this time, he is no longer the invincible marksman who fought against the Spanish team in China and destroyed the United States more than ten years ago. </p>

At this time, he was just a 38-year-old veteran with grayish temples. </p>

Once, he lived in the most glorious era in Spain. </p>

And now, he is using his own tears to bid farewell to the time when he was not far away and let him indulge and miss it. </p>

Yes, when Rudy Fernandez burst into tears, he knew that his era with the Spanish was really over. </p>

As the "Aspen" said after the game: "Captain, the eternal captain of the Spanish team, in the 18 minutes of his debut, he threw himself out to grab the ball and became the mainstay of the defensive end, scoring a total of 5 steals, The five three-pointers he hit are more precious than each other, and he used everything he had to preserve the last dignity for Spain, but in the end, it still failed, Spain failed, but our captain is a hero!" </p>

In 18 minutes, 15 points and 5 steals, this data shows what Rudy Fernandez made up in these 18 minutes. </p>

In this regard, Spain coach Scariolo is also full of praise: "He is an incredible athlete, he is not afraid, he looks like 18 years old, he is a great captain, especially in Very difficult time for the team. Against the Chinese team, I hope he can have some reservations, but he has no reservations, he wants to restore the dignity of the team, our original plan was that this game against the Chinese team was not so Intense because it's not that important for the group qualifying, he wants to play the full game, but I only had him on for 18 minutes, yeah, he cried, it's my fault, he's a forever A hero who wants to fight, and this time I only let him play for 18 minutes, he doesn't want to play, he really doesn't want to play, and I also know that he still wants to fight, but now Spain, can't support him to continue fighting. The Chinese team is fighting, we can only choose, we are not worthy of him now."</p>

The words of the Spanish head coach are quite touching. </p>

This Spanish team is not worthy of their great captain Rudy Fernandez. </p>

Speaking of which, it is a real fate. In this year's World Cup, from Milicic to Rudy Fernandez, Chen Xiao feels that this World Cup is simply saying goodbye to his old rivals. </p>

However, this is understandable. After all, it is already 2022, and Chen Xiao is already 40 years old. Even if these old rivals are evergreen, it is indeed time to say goodbye. </p>

Let's just put it this way, starting a few years ago, Chen Xiao has been saying goodbye to his old rivals almost every year since he bid farewell to Kobe Bryant and Garnettgar. </p>

In this FIBA ​​World Cup, Milicic and Fernandez belong to FIBA ​​superstars, and because they are FIBA ​​superstars, FIBA ​​also represents the feelings of home and country, so the farewell of the two is indeed more moving. </p>

After all, the farewell of the boss is not a farewell to the NBA, but only from players to coaches. </p>

For FIBA ​​players, saying goodbye to FIBA ​​is really a goodbye. </p>

Milicic and Fernandez are probably no longer in FIBA. </p>

Therefore, in the game between China and Spain, the Chinese team cried at halftime and did not want to leave Fernandez, and even many Chinese fans were very moved. </p>

No matter which country the player is from, this kind of patriotism that is willing to sacrifice everything for the country can always resonate. </p>

In order to qualify for the Spanish team, the Spanish team only let Fernandez play 18 minutes, but even under such circumstances, Spain faced their second opponent, Brazil, and finally lost. </p>

And this also means that the Spanish authorities have counted or the group has not been able to qualify. </p>

Because Brazil beat Greece in their first group match against Greece. </p>

Brazil and China are both victorious. </p>

From this, we can also see how strong the Chinese team is in the first stage. </p>

Argentina, who did not qualify for the group in the first stage, beat Brazil to win the championship. Although Argentina and Brazil are similar in strength, Argentina's strength is indeed above Brazil. </p>

Brazil was able to beat Spain and Greece in a row in the second group stage. </p>

In fact, it is possible to change to Argentina. </p>

However, Argentina encountered the Chinese team and Slovenia, and ultimately failed to appear in the group. </p>

On September 3, the Chinese team won the group match against Greece very easily. </p>

Although Antetokounmpo's strength is very strong, the overall strength of Greece is indeed not that strong. </p>

This is not the same as Slovenia. </p>

Although Slovenia also relies entirely on Doncic, there are players of the level of Dragic in the team to help. </p>

But Giannis Antetokounmpo is in Greece, and honestly, the players who can help him aren't that strong. </p>

Let's talk about the game between China and Greece. </p>

In the first half, relying on Antetokounmpo's crazy impact, he did not hesitate to compete with physical strength. In the first half, Greece and the Chinese team played a bit inseparable. </p>

Just like the Chinese team led by Yao Ming in the historical time and space, every time they meet the US team, relying on Yao Ming and the team's unity, they can always play inextricably with the dream team in the first quarter. </p>

But soon, when the physical strength of the Chinese players came down, the points difference quickly widened. </p>

Such a situation also happened in the game between Greece and China. </p>

The Greece brought by Antetokounmpo could only compete with the Chinese team for half-time. In the third quarter, the Chinese team, which had a normal rotation and was still full of energy, directly beat Greece 30-10 in the third quarter. </p>

The originally intractable score difference, after three quarters, instantly opened more than 20 points, and the game instantly reached garbage time. </p>

The first game was lost to Brazil, and if this game is lost again, it will be out. </p>

Of course, Antetokounmpo and Greece were not reconciled. </p>

Therefore, after the game entered the fourth quarter, Antetokounmpo, who had suffered a season in the NBA, had a very strong desire to be a winner this time. Even if Chen Xiao did not play, he still wanted to beat him. Chen Xiao. </p>

So in the fourth quarter, Antetokounmpo played more and more brutally. </p>

With five minutes left in the fourth quarter, Antetokounmpo finally impulsively fouled Chinese player Chen Muxin because of such a brutal style of play. He was called for a physical foul and was ejected from the game. </p>

Antetokounmpo's style of play sometimes really can't hold his hands and feet, and it's hard to know if he's on purpose or not. </p>

But obviously, for FIBA ​​referees, catching violations is much stricter than NBA referees. </p>

The FIBA ​​referee defends normally, blows loosely, and the game is intense, but he is also strict with violations of the body, and is not allowed to hurt others. </p>

At this point, NBA referees still need to learn. </p>

In the end, Greece completely lost hope because of Antetokounmpo's sending off. </p>

In the end, the Chinese team defeated the Greek team 110-90 in this game. </p>

The Chinese team, which has won both games, advanced to the quarter-finals together with Spain. </p>

Of course, the two teams still have a game that decides the first place in the group to be played. </p>

Just obviously, for Brazil, this group match with the Chinese team is definitely to win. </p>

Because if this game is lost, then their opponent in the quarter-finals is likely to be the US team. </p>

So, this is still very interesting for Brazil. </p>

In the group match with the Chinese team, we won and escaped, and we may be able to create the team's record. </p>

And if you lose, you're completely gone. </p>

This World Cup, the United States team's performance is really good. </p>

So far, the US team, like the Chinese team, has yet to lose. </p>

Therefore, facing Brazil in the second group stage, the Chinese team is also ready to fight hard. </p>

Teams like Brazil and Argentina are really hard to play. </p>

However, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com because of the experience of playing against Argentina, this game against Brazil, the Chinese team played more handy. </p>

In the end, under the leadership of Xiao Xiaochen and Zhou Qigaobo, the Chinese team defeated the Brazilian team 92-83. </p>

Xiao Xiaochen, Zhou Qi and Gao Bo, all three of them got 20+ in this game. </p>

It's still Xiaoxiaochen's style of play by tearing a hole on the outside and releasing Gao Bo and Zhou Qiquan.</p>

Argentina couldn't stand it, and Brazil couldn't stand it either. </p>

In the end, the Chinese team also advanced to the quarter-finals with a winless record in the second stage of the group stage. </p>

In the end, eight teams from China, Australia, France, Germany, the United States, Brazil, Slovenia and Puerto Rico entered the quarterfinals. </p>

The quarter-finals between China and Australia will be held in Seoul, South Korea on September 6. </p>

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