I’m Really Playing Basketball - Chapter 911 World Cup on Good Friday!

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The Chinese men's basketball team played in the group stage in Japan, and wherever they went, it was really full of boos.

Thanks to Chen Xiao's defeat, the Chinese men's basketball team played six games in Japan and was booed for six games.

However, coming to Seoul, South Korea this time for the knockout rounds, it is two completely different feelings.

If Chen Xiao came here alone, he would definitely be booed.

However, who asked Xiao Xiao Chen to come here with Chen Xiao.

For Xiao Xiaochen, the audience in Korea really likes it.

After all, Xiao Xiaochen's mother is Korean, and the whole world knows it.

When Xiao Xiao Chen was born in 2003, there was a lot of uproar.

Entertainment news across Asia is covering it.

Then 19 years later, the once-quiet baby has now grown into the first prince of the basketball world, the champion of the NCAA, the MOP, and the prince of the NBA, and has become the protagonist in the men's basketball World Cup.

Saying that Xiao Xiaochen has become the protagonist of the Men's Basketball World Cup, this is not because the Korean audience gave himself and Xiao Xiao Chen gold, but, in this year's World Cup MVP rankings, Xiao Xiao Chen has always been ranked first. .

He is the player with the most points and assists in the Chinese team in this World Cup.

If the Chinese team successfully wins the championship, Xiao Xiaochen will definitely be the MVP.

How awesome is this.

Better than the South Korean football star Brother Son.

After all, Xiao Chen is also really handsome. It is controversial who is the second most handsome in men's basketball history between Xiao Chen and Xiao Chen Chen Muxin, but they are both handsome guys, so they definitely didn't run.

He is handsome and powerful, his mother is Korean, and he can speak fluent Korean.

Every year when I have free time, I also go back to Korea to see my mother, my grandparents.

His mother is now the queen of the Korean entertainment industry, and the news is public, so every time Xiao Xiaochen comes back, it is done very big.

Especially after he started to become famous after he was 17 years old.

After all, no matter how much they hate Chen Xiao, the Korean audience feels that Xiao Xiao Chen is innocent.

The favorability of Xiaoxiao Chen is really full.

Smecta on the Korean side didn't treat him as an outsider at all.

Chen Xiao doesn't really care about this. His son grew up in China and received Chinese education. There is no problem with his recognition. .

So, something interesting happened.

When Xiao Xiaochen came to South Korea, it was really full of applause. When the Korean team did not qualify for the first stage of the group stage, the Chinese team with Xiao Xiaochen became the home team of the South Korean team.

As Xiaoxiao Chen's biggest competitor, Doncic, when he came to South Korea, he enjoyed the same boos as Chen Xiao in Japan.

This made Doncic not understand what was going on.

To be fair, Doncic doesn't think he is famous in Korea, nor does he think he has any notoriety in Korea.

As a player who has studied at Chen Xiao Basketball University, he also knows some popular stick terriers in China.

So, after coming here and being booed, Doncic didn't care, and he didn't take it to heart.

It's not surprising that anything is done with a stick.

It's just that Doncic didn't know that he was booed by the Korean audience entirely because he was Xiao Chen's biggest contender for the World Cup MVP this time.

In this World Cup, the best player so far is Doncic, who led Slovenia to the quarter-finals. Almost every six games were 'Kerry', and three 40+ games were killed in six games. There are still two 30+ games in the remaining three games.

This performance is comparable to that of Chen Xiao, who led the team with Yao Ming.

Let's just put it this way, in terms of personal performance, Doncic is definitely the only one so far.

So many people say that as long as Doncic leads the team to the semi-finals, the MVP of this World Cup will not be the second choice.

Of course, in this World Cup, Slovenia's opponent in the quarter-finals is the French team. This opponent is a bit difficult.

Therefore, under the circumstance that Doncic cannot lead the team to the semi-finals, Xiao Chen, who has performed the best except Doncic, and is the leading player of the Chinese team, has the chance to get it. MVP.

Although Zhou Qi doesn't care so much about the honor of World Cup MVP, whether it is Xiao Chen or Gao Bo, it is still very important to fans.

After all, for many fans, the more powerful the stars they support, the more powerful they are.

Especially Korean fans, this kind of mentality is particularly morbid, so there is an incident of booing Doncic.

In short, playing in Japan is a flavor and coming to Korea, and playing in Korea is another flavor.

Moreover, although the Korean audience pays more attention to and supports Xiao Xiaochen, compared with the audience, the girl idols on the Korean side have really gathered after Chen Xiao and the Chinese team came to Korea.

Let's just put it this way, as far as the idol industry is concerned, South Korea will definitely be able to blow up Japan's scum.

Regardless of the number or level of daring, the girl idols on the Korean side are definitely above the Japanese side.

Therefore, after Chen Xiao brought the Chinese team to South Korea this time, he really enjoyed unprecedented enthusiasm.

So much so that when many South Korean media talked about Chen Xiao's popularity in South Korea, they said sourly that from the quarter-finals, Chen Xiao would not play in the World Cup again.

Chen Xiao was able to stand on the sidelines and coach without his legs being weak, which is considered Chen Xiao powerful.

Obviously, these people still lack understanding of Chen Xiao.

On September 6, the quarter-finals between the Chinese team and Australia officially kicked off at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

Australia has always been a powerhouse in the world men's basketball team in recent years. In these years, one of the teams that beat the US team has Australia.

It can be said that in recent years, the entire world men's basketball team, if they want to become a recognized world power team, they have to take the American team's flag.

I have to say that in the past 20 years, the US team has been really miserable in FIBA.

And this year's Australia is indeed a strong army.

The team's leader, led by 34-year-old veteran Patty Mills, Yao Ming's former Miami Heat teammate, is also playing in the World Cup for the last time.

After all, at the age of 38, it is difficult for him to appear in the World Cup as a defender.

However, in the Olympics two years later, he may still be in, so this World Cup is not his farewell match.

Of course, in terms of player status, Mills is a superstar in FIBA, and should be on the same level as Rudy Fernandez, and one level behind Milicic.

Therefore, his farewell level should be similar to that of Fernandez, and it is impossible to make the entire FIBA ​​move.

Speaking of which, FIBA's player level, like Chen Xiao, Yao Ming, Durant, is a Goat-level player in FIBA ​​history, a super-giant player.

TO level.

Players of this level like Milicic and the United Arab Emirates are historical super giants who can compete for the top ten levels in FIBA ​​history.

Milicic is one of the strongest centers in FIBA ​​history, and the UAE, who won the ten crowns and FIBA ​​MVP Grand Slam, is the first power forward in FIBA ​​history.

This is T1 level.

Then there are players such as Big Gasol and Ginobili. They belong to FIBA's well-deserved super giants. Although they don't have so many honors, they bring their teams to the ranks of FIBA's super-strong teams all year round. And in the main game of the World Series, he has defeated the US team many times.

They are FIBA's well-deserved supergiants.

And then below that level, there's a top team like Mills who has beaten American teams, or a top second in a superpower team like Rudy Fernandez.

In short, the NBA has a set of evaluation standards of the NBA, and FIBA ​​has a set of evaluation standards of the FIBA.

For example, many NBA players like Lillard and other superstars can be directly crushed by FIBA ​​superstars such as Mills, and most of these FIBA ​​superstars are actually just ordinary role players in the NBA. That's it.

Therefore, in the preparation meeting before the game against Australia, the Chinese team emphasized that it was not Australia's biggest player, Houston's star guard Simmons, but the 34-year-old veteran Mills.

Simmons, a tall guard who can't shoot and attack at the basket, has very limited lethality to the Chinese team.

Although he is a few grades better than Mills in the NBA.

But in FIBA, Mills is also several levels stronger than him.

This is a very interesting thing.

By the way, Simmons represented Australia for the first time in the World Series this year. In every competition, Simmons has been affected by injuries.

I don't know if it's a real injury or a fake one.

Think half and half.

However, this time he is willing to participate in the World Cup, which should be related to the current prestige of FIBA.

In the past, NBA stars didn't look down on FIBA's World Cup or World Championships, they didn't look down on FIBA ​​games, they were only interested in Olympic games. Now, from 2000 to the present, the US team has not won the World Series for 22 years. champion.

Even the title of the Dream Team has been taken away by the Chinese team.

Twenty-two years is a very short period of time. For basketball, it is only one-sixth of the time since basketball was born.

Basketball was born 130 years ago, 22 years is really nothing.

But from another point of view, 22 years is a very long time. The men's basketball team entered the Olympic Games in 1936. From this year, basketball really began to be regarded as a relatively formal sport.

In this way, basketball became a standard sport in a little more than 80 years, and 22 years, that is a quarter of the time.

For a quarter of the time in the basketball world, there is no more American voice, only the voice of FIBA ​​tyrants hanging on the United States.

This is quite shocking for players from American basketball, such as Simmons.

Just like the leading center of the French team and the leading player of the Jazz team, Gobert despised American players, now, the entire basketball world is really different on offense and defense.

Perhaps, the US team will lose another ten years, and I am afraid that the US team will really play the main force in the World Cup. This is not a joke.

Therefore, on the world stage in the future, I am afraid that everyone will be able to see more and more American NBA stars fighting.

For example, with Canada in the second stage of the group stage did not qualify for Wiggins.

Wiggins also participated in this World Cup, but unfortunately his performance was average, and he was not able to lead Canada to the knockout stage.

In this game against Australia, the Chinese team is still very afraid of Australia's small defenders, Patty Mills and Dellavedova, both are very capable players.

The Chinese team's lineup as a whole is very large.

Just like the small guards that Jordan carried with the Bulls who were afraid of flying squirrels.

The Chinese team is actually more afraid of those small guards who can shoot and drill.

In fact, in this game, Australia did create a lot of trouble for the Chinese team in the small defender.

In this game, Mills and Dellavedova scored 50 points together, leading the Australian and Chinese teams to entangle the time for three full quarters.

It wasn't until the second half of the fourth quarter that Australia couldn't hold on.

In the end, Australia lost 90 to 98 in the quarter-finals.

And this game is also the most difficult game for the Chinese team in this World Cup.

Tougher than the Argentina game.

The Australian men's basketball team is also black, strong, and very **** defense. At the same time, the offense is so distinctive that it is harder to play than Argentina, which is actually understandable.

By the way, in this game Australia was the starting small forward for Simmons, who replaced Ingles as the starter, but the starter's performance was not good. The audience scored 2 of 8 and scored 6 points.

This performance is not even a qualified role player.

Well, an NBA All-Star level player, in FIBA, is not as good as a role player, this is really another living example.

If it weren't for Simmons, maybe the Chinese team would have had a harder time.

Is it possible to force Chen Xiao to play?

This is not very good to say.

In short, few teams that can beat the United States are simple teams.

What's more, compared with Argentina, which is not connected to the green and yellow, UU reading www. uukanshu. com Australia is still at its peak.

After beating Australia, China's semi-final opponent is Puerto Rico and the winner of Germany.

In the end, the German team in the semi-finals of the European Championships defeated Puerto Rico and reached the semi-finals.

The German team performed well in the European Championship. The German team, led by NBA role players such as Schroeder, Wagner Jr. and Daniel Theis, performed like a dark horse in the European Championship.

And in this World Cup, their luck is also very good. The strong teams were all brought to the Chinese team by Japan, South Korea and the Philippines. For example, Spain beat them in the semi-finals of the European Championship, and even the ones who were trapped did not even enter the knockout stage.

In this World Cup, although Germany did not encounter strong teams along the way, it was not until the Chinese team that they defeated strong teams of the same level, one level or two levels higher.

In the end, the Chinese team also easily defeated the German team 106 to 93.

This semi-final can even be said to be the easiest game for the Chinese team to play in this World Cup.

You said that Japan and South Korea are not pits, black or not?

There is no game that is easier to play.

It is no wonder that Spain, Argentina and other powerful teams who have been hacked have sprayed Japan and South Korea after being eliminated.

There is simply no limit!

This World Cup is said to be a good day for the strong teams, but in fact there is no problem.

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