I’m Really Playing Basketball - Chapter 912 10 All 10 US, 10 World Champions!

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The Seoul Olympic Park on July 10, 2022, was full.

As the two favorite teams to win the World Cup this year, China and the United States successfully joined the finals.

The Chinese team reached the finals all the way, it can be said to be smooth sailing.

After defeating Germany in the semi-finals, they took the lead in reaching the final.

In the other half, in the quarter-finals, the United States defeated Brazil and France defeated Slovenia.

In the semi-finals, the French team faced the US team, and this group matchup was not as easy as the Chinese team and the German team.

France and the United States, this can be regarded as a pair of old enemies.

In the recent World Series, the French team played the US team very well.

It can be said that the French team is the biggest sufferer in the last few World Championships besides the Chinese team.

So much so that Gobert's confidence has been played out, so that he can look down on American players in the NBA, compared to his teammate Mitchell.

And this year's World Cup, the US team and the French team played is still very difficult.

However, the U.S. team led by Cole became the final winner.

In the end, they defeated the French team 101 to 92.

In fact, it is really difficult to say that it is difficult, but it is very relieved to win. You can see by looking at the score. Winning is still very traceable, not luck.

It can only be said that the American team that Kerr brought this year is really quite pragmatic, united and targeted.

The US team does not have a big center who is suitable for FIBA. This has actually become a foregone conclusion.

Except for a few superstars such as Durant, the US team does not have a superstar who can play FIBA. This is also true.

Let's just put it this way, the current US team, the current NBA, can't find a few players who are still super giants when they arrive at FIBA.

In this case, it's another World Cup that doesn't have much appeal to these supergiants.

Kerr simply gave up the way of team formation, and chose a bunch of NBA superstars or All-Stars who were useless in FIBA. It is better to choose some Warriors players with a suitable style of play.

At the very least, let's not talk about whether we can win the championship in the end. This year, the US team has advanced all the way to the finals, which is regarded as a relatively easy one in recent competitions.

Along the way, the same as the Chinese team, all wins. ,

Therefore, for the US team, which has now lowered its requirements, Kerr chose a bunch of his Warriors disciples under pressure this year. It is a success, and it is very successful.

So much so that before the World Cup finals kicked off, the United States gave Kerr a bunch of praise.

It's not just the US side.

Before the finals kicked off, even the CCTV commentary on the scene praised Kerr.

As Xiao Su said: "In the past few major competitions, the US team has never been without Durant, even the semifinals are unstable, and the quarter-finals have been eliminated from time to time, but this year's World Cup, the US team once again played a dominant role. , is the entire World Cup. Except for the most dominant team of the Chinese team, for the current US team, winning the championship is not their only goal. Re-establishing the dominance of the US team is their real pursuit. On the stage of FIBA, to re-establish their status as a super-strong team, they need to become the two poles of FIBA ​​with the Chinese team."

Yes, the integrity and prestige that the US team has lost over the years needs to be slowly recovered. This is not urgent.

Twenty years ago, as long as the United States won the World Series, it was big news. If the United States really won the championship, the head coach and stars would encounter great criticism.

Now, American fans and pundit media have been very relaxed about the American team.

A win like Cole's undefeated finals is even worth celebrating.

It has to be said that this is something that I don't know what to say.

It can only be said that in the past 22 years, the U.S. team has been too miserable in the World Series.

At this time, on the court, the U.S. team, which had a total victory, still had little confidence in whether it could beat the Chinese team.

In this game, the U.S. team started with center Nongmei, power forward Marvin Bagley, small forward Claire, shooting guard Jaylen Brown, and point guard Alexander.

This is Team USA's regular starting lineup for this World Cup.

In this lineup of the US team, everyone can shoot, the space is very large, and the confrontation is also good.

Of course, the shortcomings of this lineup are also obvious, that is, the height of the inside line is not enough, and the hardness is also lacking.

And that's why the U.S. team was so pessimistic before the game.

On the Chinese side, the starting center is Gao Bo, the power forward is Zhou Qi, the small forward is Chen Xiao, the shooting guard is Xiao Xiao Chen, and the point guard is the eldest nephew.

In this game, Chen Xiao did not sit on the sidelines to watch the game first, but appeared on the court from the very beginning.

This is actually very easy to understand. The US team is different from other teams. Although it seems that the Chinese team has a great advantage, the thickness of the US team is still higher than that of the Chinese team.

Over the years, the Chinese team has also cultivated high-quality young players like Xiao Xiao Chen, Gao Bo and Chen Muxin.

However, except for Gao Bo and Xiao Xiao Chen, most of these players are like Chen Muxin, they are all players below the A level, and Chen Muxin's B+ is already the strongest among these players.

"Invincible begins with the sacrifice of ancestors"

Let's just say, even in China with a large population, it is not easy to be a real super genius.

After all, the yellow race is actually far less likely to be physically talented than the American team.

The reason why Chen Xiao and Yao Ming chose such talents is to avoid looking for sports talents. Both Chen Xiao and Yao Ming know that it is better to choose a category when looking for talents like James and Durant in China. In the past, the Chinese team chose high or Choose fast, and now the Chinese team chooses long hands and feet, in fact, this is the way of thinking.

It is not easy for a real super genius to appear, but the lower limit of such selection is guaranteed.

Therefore, all the 12 players of the Chinese team this time are all players above the B level, not even B-.

This is incredible in the history of the Chinese team.

Moreover, among the players who were not selected for the Chinese team, there are many B-level, or even B+-level players.

Of the 12 players, 10 were B+ and 2 were B.

Has this thickness ever appeared in the history of the Chinese team?

It never appeared.

This is a grand scene. Both Yao Ming and Chen Xiao believe that even if the Chinese team will not be a super giant in the future, with a bunch of B-level players, the Chinese team can become a regular visitor to the semi-finals of the World Series.

In the future, the Chinese team will definitely become the team with the strongest lineup besides the American team.

Well, I still have to say that except for the US team.

The U.S. team is really not that easy to surpass, and the results are good, but the thickness of this lineup is really not easy to surpass.

Therefore, Chen Xiao actually had a very clear idea. He couldn't let the American team go crazy. If he really wanted to let the American team go crazy, even if Chen Xiao wanted to suppress it, he couldn't hold it back.

That's why Team USA is different from other teams.

No matter how crazy other teams play, that is to say, there is an upper limit, and Chen Xiao can suppress it when he goes up.

And Team USA is crazy, there is no cap.

So, I saw Chen Xiao who appeared on the court from the beginning.

Those players on the US team's court, the pressure is really big.

The players of this American team are all Warriors players, and Chen Xiao is the boss and teacher who brought them out.

For Chen Xiao's strength, no one in the whole world knows better than the players of the Warriors.

Let’s just say that in this year’s finals, if it weren’t for Chen Xiao, the Warriors would not have beaten the Bucks to win the championship.

It can be said that Chen Xiao alone has the strength to blast this American team at a single point.

Especially in FIBA, on this stage where speed and explosiveness are not so important, Chen Xiao's combat effectiveness is really multiplied.

Gao Bo, Zhou Qi, Chen Xiao, Xiao Xiao Chen…

Looking at the four of the Chinese team, Kerr was shaking his head on the sidelines.

Now that the game is lost, it really can't be blamed on the US players for not working hard.

That really can't be beat.

The two teams jumped the ball, and Zhou Qi successfully defeated the thick eyebrows for the Chinese team to win the first attacking opportunity of the game.

And the first attack of the Chinese team, Xiao Xiao Chen hit his father's hand.

In fact, Chen Xiao wasn't ready to attack yet. He originally just wanted to contain Xiao Chen's singles against Alexander.

But Xiao Xiao Chen waved his hand and asked Chen Xiao, who was outside the three-point line, to go inside and sit Kelai, and then hit Chen Xiao with the basketball in his hand.

I have to say that Xiao Xiao Chen's move is completely black.

He clearly knew that Chen Xiao was in the shadow of the US team formed by the Warriors, and he had to tear this psychological shadow to the bright side.

In the finals, Curry's thick eyebrows performed extremely well. In the face of one-on-one single defense Chen Xiao, the expression on his face was unusually solemn.

On the training ground, he and Chen Xiao also often have one-on-one encounters.

However, basically, it has not been blocked.

So, seeing Chen Xiao sitting on the Kelai twice in a row, he staggered and lost his defensive position, and Marvin Bagley, who was next to him, hurried over to attack him.

Then, Chen Xiao made a pass from the back of his head and easily passed it to the basket. Zhou Qi, facing the thick eyebrows of the defense, threw the basketball into the sky, and Gao Bo made an easy alley.

The Chinese team's attack is really easy.

You don't even need to cooperate with each other in the pick-and-roll. Just such a single-play deterrent pass directly tore the US team's defense.

And when it was the US team's turn to attack, their attack wasn't so easy.

The U.S. team has a lot of room in this lineup.

But the Chinese team simply will not give them this space.

Because of the U.S. team's lineup, their athleticism with the ball is actually not that strong.

Alexander, Jaylen Brown, Crane, Marvin Bagley, Thick Eyebrows

It seems that everyone can hold the ball, but, everyone's offensive ability with the ball is not that strong.

Therefore, the first defense of the Chinese team was not zone defense, but direct man-to-man.

The eldest nephew stared at Alexander.

Little Chen man-to-man stares at Jaylen Brown.

Chen Xiao stared at Kelai.

Zhou Qi and Gao Bo are each staring at one insider.

In the face of such a defensive method, the US team certainly did not want to fight, but sought to cooperate with the pick-and-roll from the beginning.

But after the pick-and-roll between Alexander and the thick eyebrows, in the face of Gao Bo who was replaced in front of him, Alexander did not have such strong singles self-confidence.

Can only transfer the ball to the hands of thick eyebrows.

It is much easier to hit the eldest nephew with thick eyebrows.

And this is also the difference between this American team and the previous American teams. This American team is really willing to cooperate and play pick-and-rolls.

Those American teams in the past rarely screened their teammates for pick-and-rolls. Let’s just say that those so-called superstars in the NBA, in the NBA, are all role players and teammates screen for themselves, but they rarely screen for teammates.

It can only be said that everyone is from the Warriors, and they are all players brought out by Kerr. In this regard, they are born with an advantage.

Therefore, although the offense of the US team was not so easy this time, the Chinese team's single player's single defense ability is very strong, stronger than most of the teams they encountered in this World Cup, but the first attack, the US team still relies on With thick eyebrows in the middle distance, he hit the first two points of the game.

The eldest nephew's defense against the thick eyebrows is close to him, sticking to him, like a candy, the eldest nephew's close-fitting defense is indeed a must.

Even in the NBA, the eldest nephew's personal defense is very skillful.

However, Nongmei's shot this time is indeed very stable.

It's just that for the US team, although the attack was scored this time, there are still hidden dangers. Their first attack was so difficult, while the Chinese team's first attack was so easy. This It is a very big problem in itself.

Just like the Chinese team that Yao Ming brought to play against the US team in history, the US team played easily every time they attacked, and the Chinese team had to rack their brains every time they attacked, although the two teams always played hard in the first quarter. , but slowly the Chinese team will collapse.

And the same is true for the Chinese team and the American team in this game.

In the first quarter, the two teams fought back and forth.

Slowly in the second quarter, the US team began to lag behind.

In the second half, the lag continued until the fourth quarter, and the US team couldn't keep up with the rhythm of the Chinese team.

In this game, Chen Xiao played the whole court.

This is very murderous.

This bull's knife is really not a small test, but a big kill.

In the end, under the leadership of Chen Xiao, who scored 26 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists, the Chinese team beat the US team 111-101.

In the end, in the cheers of the fans in the audience, the Chinese team became the champion of this World Cup, and Xiao Chen became the MVP of this World Cup.

And Chen Xiao, after the United Arab Emirates, became the second player to complete the World Series with perfection and 10 championships.

2004, 2008, 2012, 2020 Olympic Games.

World Cup/World Championship in 2006, 2010, 2014, 2022.

2004, 2008 Diamond Cup.

After winning the World Cup this time, Chen Xiao also completed the achievement of ten world championships.

Therefore, UU reading www.uukanshu. com When the game ended, the live TV broadcast aimed the camera at the United Arab in the audience next to it.

And the UAE is also like ordinary fans, applauding for Chen Xiao and for the Chinese team.

And this championship is also the twelfth world championship in the history of the Chinese team.


Why is it important?

Because the diamond cup is gone after all.

Therefore, the ten-time world champion of the Chinese team has some that.

And after winning the World Cup this time, five World Cups, five Olympic Games, just ten World Championships!

Therefore, this championship is perfect for the Chinese men's basketball team!

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