Immortal Martial Venerable - Chapter 6093 There's a big guy hiding

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After Gu Fei went through the battle on the top of the Demonic Mountain, although his cultivation level failed to break through to the Divine Realm, his combat power was improved by a rank.

With his current combat power, if he encounters the ancient ancestor of Mo Zhan again, he can be smashed into scum with one punch.

Therefore, in the eyes of Gu Fei, the four ancient ancestors of the four different demons are simply not in the mainstream, and these four guys who can abuse them at will, don't want them.

"You still want to fight me to the death?"

Gu Fei is a little helpless, these four guys seem to still have hope, so I let these four guys directly despair.

The four powerful demons attacked Gu Fei with all their might.


The violent magic power instantly enveloped Gu Fei, and the power of destruction was like a raging sea and raging waves, wiping away towards Gu Fei.

The void vibrated, and under the shroud of the powerful demonic power, small space cracks appeared in the void around Gu Fei.

In Gu Fei's eyes, the space cracks around his body disappeared the moment they appeared, and were repaired by the power of heaven and earth.

The power of heaven and earth in the alien world is extremely powerful, and the power of heaven and earth will repair the cracked void.

Therefore, it is a very difficult thing to destroy the space of the alien demon world.

Even if it is the existence of the ancient ancestor of the alien demons, it is difficult to truly destroy the void of the alien demon world, and it is impossible to bring irreparable damage to the alien demon world.

Gu Fei has no scruples at all.

This is not the boundless realm.

He shot, still fist.

These four guys didn't even have the qualifications for him to use non-kendo, and they could be tortured to death with a pair of fists.

Gu Fei punched in the violent magic power, without any influence, only to see him punch, and directly smashed the magic fire of the ancient ancestor of the fire.


With a muffled sound, Gu Fei's fist slammed into the chest of the ancient ancestor of Minghuo.

The sound of bones shattering immediately came from the body of the ancient ancestor of Minghuo, the chest of the ancient ancestor of Minghuo was directly collapsed by Gu Fei's punch, and the front chest was against the back.

Gu Fei's fist on the chest of the ancient ancestor of Minghuo shook slightly.


The blood light appeared, and the ancient ancestor of the fire flew out, and the chest was directly pierced by Gu Fei's punch.

A simple, direct punch, but the power is amazing, just one punch, Gu Fei crippled the ancient ancestor of the fire.

At the same time, Gu Fei turned his body three hundred and sixty degrees, and his right leg was like a divine whip, swept the head of Yinfeng Ancient Ancestor.

With a muffled sound, Yinfeng Ancient Ancestor was directly headshot by Gu Fei's whip leg.

But the headless monster still retreated violently.

The cultivation base has reached the realm of the ancient ancestors of different demons. It is impossible to kill them with ordinary attacks. If you want to kill them, you need to use special means.

Moreover, Gu Fei hasn't played enough, how could he kill these four guys so quickly?

The ancient ancestor of the magic axe and the ancient ancestor of the magic halberd were also easily blasted away by Gu Fei.

In front of Gu Fei, they didn't even have the ability to fight back.

"This guy…"

The four ancient ancestors of different demons were frightened. They made a mistake in judgment and made a fatal mistake.

Just when Gu Fei brutally abused the four ancient ancestors of different demons, in another area of ​​the Eastern Realm, the dragon turtle finally caught up with the innate demon spirits.

Innate demons are very important to him, and he can't pass up this opportunity that can bring him back to his peak state.

This is a swamp with black water everywhere, and there is no sound here except for one sound.

This sound is the sound of purring bubbling.

Here, is a forbidden place in the Eastern Region, the Black Devil Swamp.

This is no treasure.

The tumbling black water has super corrosive power. If the alien demon powerhouse below the ancient ancestor of the alien demon falls into this place, it will be corroded and not even bones will be left.

Even the ancient ancestors of the different demons are reluctant to set foot here.

Because under this black devil swamp, I don't know what kind of dangers are lurking. Even the ancient ancestors of different demons will be in danger of falling if they are not careful.

However, the Alien Demon Ancestor Dragon Turtle doesn't care so much.

The mysterious powerhouse also broke into the Black Demon Swamp at this time.

"It's really haunted!"

The Alien Demon Ancestor Dragon Turtle sneered, and the next moment, with a wave of his right hand, nine figures stood up in the swamp below.

This is the guy formed by the black mud of the swamp, and every figure has a strong magical energy.

The Alien Demon Ancestor Dragon Turtle used his supernatural powers again.

The shadows formed by the condensed nine black water magic pulp immediately rose into the sky and slaughtered towards the mysterious demon powerhouse who was following him.

But the different demon ancestor dragon turtle jumped directly at the congenital demon when the nine demons shot.

"Heaven and Earth!"

Ancestral Dragon Turtle waved his hands, and a magic net appeared immediately above the sky, and the magic net directly shrouded the innate demons who escaped ahead.

Under the magic net, the congenital devil is a small fish that is difficult to escape.

Seeing that the innate demon was about to be taken away by the different demon ancestor dragon turtle, a black shadow rushed out of the swamp below, and instantly slammed into the magic net.

The next moment, the magic net was corroded and a large hole was formed.


Seeing this, the Ancestral Dragon Turtle was furious. The guy in the swamp dared to do bad things to himself, he was just courting death!

Although the Black Demon Swamp in the Eastern Region is terrifying, it is only for other alien powerhouses. In the eyes of the alien demon ancestor dragon turtle, it is a place where you can come and go freely.

Just ask the entire Eastern Border, what other places he can't go to, dare not go?

Of course, such a place really exists, and that is the first forbidden place in the Eastern Region, the Demon Mountain of Diji.

This place, even if he gave the alien demon ancestral dragon turtle a hundred courage, he would not dare to go.

The Empress in White has become the shadow of the Ancestral Dragon Turtle.

At this time, the innate demon spirit had already taken this opportunity to rush out from the big hole in the magic net.

However, just as the innate demon dragon rushed out of the magic net, a large mouth of blood was swallowed directly towards the congenital demon, trying to swallow the congenital demon in one bite.

Seeing that the innate demon was about to be swallowed by the sudden big mouth, a big hand suddenly fell from the sky, grabbed the guy's head and pressed it into the swamp.

The congenital demons escaped once again.

This guy was very cunning and ran away directly.


At this moment, a loud noise came from the depths of the swamp, and the entire Black Devil Swamp shook, and a demonic energy rose into the sky, which instantly blocked the sky of the entire swamp.

The sky and the earth were dark, the devilish energy lingered, and a terrifying shadow appeared in the depths of the swamp.

"So there's a big guy hiding here!"

Alien Demon Ancestor Dragon Turtle is not surprised. If there are no powerful guys lurking in such a place, it is not normal.

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