Immortal Martial Venerable - Chapter 6157 one step at a time

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The ancient ancestor Pingtian is definitely the strongest among the ancient ancestors of strange demons.

You know, back then he was the one who could wrestle with the current Tatian Yimo Supreme.

At that time, there were not many ancestors who could become the opponent of the ancient ancestor of the strange demon, and the ancient ancestor of Pingtian was the one who had the most hope of defeating the supreme ancestor of the strange demon and becoming the supreme existence of the strange demon.

However, in the end, Tatian Yimo Supreme won and became a new generation of Yimo Supreme in the southern border of the Yimo Realm.

And the ancient ancestor Pingtian disappeared from the sight of all the strange demons, and no one knew where he was.

No one would have thought that the ancient ancestor Pingtian was hiding in Tatian City.

If the news of Ancient Ancestor Pingtian's appearance in Tatian City spreads, it will definitely cause a sensation.

After all, the battle between Pingtian Ancient Ancestor and Tatian Supreme, who had not yet become Supreme, was too sensational.

However, at this time, Ancient Ancestor Pingtian encountered an opponent who seemed to be even more formidable than the Heaven-Treading Strange Demon Supreme.

In fact, what the ancient ancestor of Ta Tian Yi Mo didn't know was that Gu Fei was much stronger than the Ta Tian Yi Mo Supreme back then.

However, Ancient Ancestor Pingtian has not spent all these years in vain.

This guy is really persevering, and has been suppressing his cultivation base at the peak of the ancient ancestors. After practicing until now, he is much stronger than the average ancient ancestors of different peaks.

He is going to cultivate the realm of the ancient ancestors to the extreme.

Such an existence is really terrifying.

However, today, he seemed to have offended an existence that he could not offend.


The sound of the sword shook the sky, and the bright sword light soared into the sky, piercing through the void, annihilating the huge demon palm that descended from the sky, and then collided with the magic light shield above the City Lord's Mansion.

The guardian array of the entire City Lord's Mansion shook.

At this moment, the countless strong strange demons in Tiantian City were all shocked. Even through a layer of magic mask, the strong strange demons in the whole city still sensed a cold sword energy that made their hearts palpitate. come out.

The whole city was silent, and all the powerful strange demons were stunned.

There was actually a swordsman strong in the city lord's mansion, and this sword energy was not stimulated by the power of magic.

In the world of strange demons, there is not the existence of strange demons, there is only one, and that is the human race.

This is the power of the human race.

In other words, the strong man who broke into the city lord's mansion is the strong man among the human race.

"how is this possible…"

The strong strange demons in the city couldn't believe it.

In the southern border, there has never been such a powerful human race powerhouse.

Because in the southern border, the human race was most oppressed by strange demons.

Therefore, in the southern border, it is impossible for the human race to cultivate to the level where they can compete with the ancestors of strange demons.


At this moment, above the city lord's mansion, the sword light transformed by Gu Fei exploded directly, and countless sword lights descended from the sky towards the strong strange demons in the square below.

Every sword light is blooming bright light.

The strong strange demons in the square were shocked to the extreme, and the strong strange demons below the ancient ancestors fled directly.

However, the speed of the sword light transformed by Gu Fei was extremely fast.

The sword light fell like raindrops in an instant, piercing through one strong strange demon after another.


A huge magic shield appeared in the void.

Countless sword glows falling from the sky directly landed on the magic shield.

The sword light pierced through the void, but was blocked by the magic shield.

I saw that under the magic shield, the person supporting the magic shield was the ancestor of Pingtian.

Among all the ancient ancestors of different demons present, only the ancient ancestor Pingtian had the highest cultivation base and the strongest ancestor.

If he doesn't make a move, who can stop Gu Fei's sword light?


High above the sky, Gu Fei's figure appeared.

He was also a little surprised to see this scene.

The guy who sneaked up on him was only at the cultivation level of the ancient ancestors, but this guy made himself feel dangerous.

I have the strength to wrestle wrists with ordinary strange demon supremes, but I can't beat an ancient strange demon ancestor?

Gu Fei even doubted his own strength.

You know, if he uses his hole cards, even if he meets an ordinary strange demon supreme, he will still have the power to fight.

But now, the combat power displayed by the ancestor of the strange demon in front of him made him look at it differently.

At this moment, under the impact of countless sword lights, the magic light of the magic shield dimmed, as if it might be pierced by the sword lights at any time.


Seeing this scene, the ancestors of strange demons around them didn't know what to do.

"Aren't you here to help?"

Pingtian Strange Demon Supreme desperately supported the magic shield, and roared at the surrounding strange demon ancestors.


The other ancient ancestors of strange demons rushed over in a hurry, and then stretched out their hands to press the ancient ancestors of different demons in Pingtian.

They passed on their magic essence to Pingtian Ancient Ancestor.

The ancient ancestor Pingtian gathered the power of the ancient ancestors of different demons to activate the magic shield.


The huge magic shield was shaking violently, and the dimmed magic shield became brilliant again.

"It's starting to get interesting!"

Seeing this, Gu Fei raised the corners of his mouth, and the next moment, he fell from the sky.


Gu Fei stepped on the magic shield.

The huge magic shield sank violently.

Ancient Ancestor Pingtian, who was supporting the magic shield, almost couldn't straighten up.

The ancestors of the strange demons who joined hands with him were also affected.


Gu Fei took another step.

The magic shield sank violently again.

Ancient Ancestor Pingtian only felt the qi and blood in his body tumbling, and almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

The strength of this human race far exceeded his expectations.

"Give me all your strength!"

Ancient Ancestor Pingtian roared furiously. The next moment, an extremely powerful devouring power emerged from his body, frantically devouring the magic essence of other ancient ancestors of different demons.


"Pingtian, what are you doing..."

The twelve ancient ancestors were all dumbfounded, their magic essence was quickly swallowed by the ancient ancestor Pingtian, almost frightening them out of their wits.

They wanted to take back the palms that were pressed on Ancient Ancestor Pingtian's body, but they were horrified to find that their palms were firmly sucked by a strong suction force, and they couldn't take them back.

"Stop it..."

The ancestors of the Twelve Strange Demons didn't want to be sucked dry by the ancestors of Pingtian.

"If you don't fulfill me, you will not be able to live today."

Pingtian Ancient Ancestor said in a deep voice.

"I will complete your size."

The second child among the twelve ancient ancestors roared angrily.

What's the point of living if one's cultivation is sucked dry by the ancient ancestor Pingtian?

You know, the ancient ancestor of the strange demon who has been sucked dry is just a waste.

At this moment, the combat power of Ancient Ancestor Pingtian was soaring, and the magic shield burst out with powerful force, blocking Gu Fei's power.

"Good guy..."

Gu Fei couldn't help admiring the ancient ancestor of Pingtian, this guy could actually stop his stepping on the sky.

You must know that those two feet that Gu Fei stepped down just now were not done casually.

That is his trump card, stepping on the sky.

Step into the sky with one step and never destroy Wu Zun.

With Gu Fei's step, it was as if the whole world was pressing down on the ancient ancestor Pingtian.

Pingtian Ancient Ancestor actually held on.

This was beyond Gu Fei's expectation.

That being the case, let's have fun!

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