Immortal Martial Venerable - Chapter 6166 This is fun

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In the small world opened up by Supreme Pingtian, the entire small world has almost turned into a magic furnace.

The power of this Heaven and Earth Devil Fire Oven is naturally incredible, but Gu Fei is protected by the Ancient Ancestral Battle Armor, so he has no fear of the magic fire of the Devil Fire Oven.

Moreover, not only is Gu Fei not afraid of the magic fire, but he is still running the formula of indestructible origin with all his strength, crazily devouring the power of the magic fire oven.

"how is this possible…"

The Pingtian Yimo Supreme, who was still foolishly pouring vitality into the heaven and earth oven, finally realized that something was wrong, the other party was devouring his vitality.

This guy is a human race.

How could the human race refine their own magic essence.

You must know that there is an essential difference between the physique of the strange demon and the physique of the human race.

The vitality of the strange demon is extremely domineering and full of demonic nature, and the human race dare not swallow the demonic energy of the strange demon at all.

Of course, most of the human races in the strange demon world are demon cultivators, and there are also many human monks who practice other skills. However, even demon cultivators dare not devour the vitality of strange demons.

But now, the human race in front of him not only dared to devour the vitality of the strange demon, but also devoured the vitality of the Supreme Different Demon.

Supreme Pingtian was really frightened.

Because the human race who dared to do this is already cold, you must know that the human race is not a strange demon after all, and the human race in this strange demon world is just a foreign race.

There is only one end for the human race to devour the demonic energy of strange demons, and that is to go mad and die.

And, there are never exceptions.

Over time, it became a taboo among the human race to devour the vitality of different demons.

No one wants to devour the vitality of strange demons knowing that they will die.

Of course, unless that person knew he was going to die and wanted to bury a few powerful strange demons with him before he died, that would be a different matter.

This kind of thing doesn't seem to have happened.

"This guy doesn't want to die with me!"

Thinking of this, Supreme Pingtian couldn't sit still.

You know, after devouring the strange demon energy, the combat power of the human race will soar wildly, and it will burst into an unbelievably powerful combat power.

However, although devouring the magical energy of different demons can increase the combat power, it is also the last madness.

When Gu Fei did this, in the eyes of Supreme Pingtian, he naturally wanted to die with him.

This is not acceptable.

Pingtian Supreme has just broken through to the Supreme Realm, how could he be willing to die with Gu Fei like this?

This guy is also a ruthless character, otherwise he wouldn't have fought so hard against Tatian Zhizun back then.

He directly severed his connection with Xiaotiandi.

The strong man broke his arm and was reluctant to leave this small world. I am afraid that he himself will really be dragged by Gu Fei to die together.

Supreme Pingtian tried his best to get his vitality severely injured, and directly pulled away and left.

"Ha ha…"

Gu Fei laughed, this guy is a character after all, he is so willing.

He was honest and blunt, directly devoured the entire heaven and earth oven into his body, and then used the power of the heaven and earth oven to operate the secret art of ascending to heaven.

All the endless magic fire submerged into Gu Fei's body.

At this moment, his whole body was full of demon fire, and his pupils turned blood red.

Gu Fei seemed to have turned into a terrifying Demon Lord.

Gu Fei and Supreme Pingtian appeared in the sky above Tatian City successively.

When Supreme Pingtian took Gu Fei into his small world, Gu Fei and Supreme Pingtian disappeared in the eyes of countless powerful strange demons.

Now, Gu Fei directly swallowed the Xiaotiandi of Supreme Pingtian into his body, Xiaotiandi disappeared, and Gu Fei and the others reappeared in the void.


Supreme Pingtian stared at Gu Fei in shock.

Just as Supreme Pingtian thought, the combat power of this human race has soared to a level that even he can't tell the depth.

"You're crazy..."

Pingtian Supreme's voice trembled.

He lost his vitality and was no longer Gu Fei's opponent.


Pingtian Supreme rushed directly towards Tatian Supreme.

He is trying to bring trouble to the east.

"what happened?"

Countless strange demon powerhouses in Tiantian City were shocked to see Gu Fei surrounded by demon fire. When did this human race become a demon cultivator?

The power that Gu Fei showed before was not magic power.

Tatian Zhizun was also a little confused when he saw this scene.


Gu Fei made a big move, the void vibrated, and in the next moment, countless magic fireballs fell from the sky, directly bombarding Pingtian Supreme and Tatian Supreme.


While Tatian Supreme was shocked, he blocked his hands upwards, and a magic shield appeared above their heads.

The magic fireball that fell from the sky hit the magic shield, making an extremely shocking noise.

At this time, the ancestor dragon tortoise and the dragon horse have already entered the starry sky.

Two extremely violent magical powers collided continuously in the starry sky, and dark space cracks appeared continuously on the sky.

Under the power of these two magic powers, the countless powerful strange demons in Tatian City were all trembling.

There are only two supreme magic powers, the two supreme demons and Gu Fei, who are not afraid.

These two guys were having a good time above the starry sky, and they directly took the stars and threw them at each other. The stars collided in the air and burst into bright fireworks.

At this time, the strange demon dragon horse still did not see the origin of the strange demon ancestor dragon tortoise.

The more the Yimolongma fought, the more frightened he became.

Because he found that the other party still didn't seem to do his best.

This is scary.

Is this guy who jumped out of nowhere in front of me just kidding me?

Who the **** is he.

Yimo Ryoma was extremely curious.

In the entire strange demon world, there is no such number one strange demon supreme.

No one is more familiar with the Southern Territory than the Strange Demon Dragon Horse, but he has made a living in the Southern Territory by pretending to be the Strange Demon Ancestor Dragon Turtle.


The strange dragon horse immediately showed its original shape, and a huge strange dragon turtle appeared in the starry sky.

Of course, this is definitely not the real prototype of the different magic dragon horse.

"Ha ha…"

The strange demon ancestor dragon turtle was immediately happy when he saw this, he was really speechless about this guy.

This time, Li Gui, the Yimo Longma, met Li Kui.

Now it's fun.

The different magic dragon tortoise transformed by the different magic dragon horse fiercely rushed towards the different magic ancestor dragon tortoise.

The strange demon ancestor dragon tortoise disappeared into the void in an instant.

When he appeared again, he had already appeared on the back of the different dragon turtle.


The strange dragon tortoise stepped on the back of the fake dragon tortoise.

This huge fake different dragon tortoise was directly stepped down from the starry sky by the real strange dragon tortoise.

The real strange dragon tortoise descended from the sky, stepping on the fake different dragon tortoise.

The countless strong strange demons in Tiantian City looked up at this shocking scene, and they were all stunned.


With an earth-shattering loud noise, the strange demon ancestor dragon turtle stepped on the fake and smashed it hard into the mountains outside Tatian City.

A puff of smoke rose into the sky, and the entire mountain collapsed directly, and the dust filled the air, covering all directions.

At this moment, Gu Fei couldn't help but stop, and looked towards the direction where the strange demon ancestor dragon turtle and the others fell.

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