Interstellar Tattered Queen - Chapter 2672 crisis

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   Chapter 2672 Crisis

   The accident happened too suddenly. Even if everyone had a premonition that it was going to be bad, they still couldn't resist, and they were all sucked into the energy tsunami at once.


   The energy blocking barrier carefully created by Ji You, Shen Changqing, Sheng Qingyan and others was also torn apart by this energy tsunami, with almost no resistance.


   After breaking through the obstacles, the energy tsunami that erupted from Qing, Green, and Shi's body quickly raged wildly in the Qing clan's territory, and in an instant, everything in the Qing clan was completely destroyed.

   followed by—

  After the entire Qing tribe's territory was no longer covered, this manic tsunami of energy quickly began to impact the barrier above the Qing tribe's territory.

This space barrier has allowed the territory of the Qing clan to avoid the powerful tearing force generated by the fusion of the two planes. However... at this moment, under this huge and violent energy tsunami, the sky above the territory of the Qing clan The space barrier began to disintegrate little by little...





The entire Heavenly Stone Plane seemed to hear the sound of this shattering, and unfortunately, the integration of the Heavenly Stone Plane and the extraterritorial space was further accelerated. It was quickly integrated into it.

   In the blink of an eye, the territory of the Qing clan ceased to exist, and above its former site, there was only a black hole, like a black hole.

   That violent energy tsunami also disappeared at this moment.

   The behemoth standing above the starry sky—the black ship, still hangs high above the entire Heavenly Stone Plane.


  The territory of the Heavenly Stone Plane has disappeared one out of ten, and large swaths of creatures have also been destroyed.

   It was pitch black and dead everywhere.

   All of this happened in a short period of time, at a certain position that was extremely far away from the black ship. Steven took all this into his eyes. In his already frightened eyes, there was only fear left...


   Fortunately, I didn't give up my choice to stay and help Long Aotian and others, otherwise, with the strength of my adult body, I would also disappear with the energy that destroys the sky and destroys the earth.

  Steven dared not look again.

At the same time, Steven's eyes didn't dare to put his eyes on the black ship. The dark and huge shadow of the cultivation base looked like a huge mouth of a beast at this time, and he would choose someone to devour at any time. .

  Steven shivered suddenly.

   This place should not last long.

   Hurry up and find a way to leave.

  Steve seized his speed and digged at the selected plane barrier...


at the same time-

   Above the black ship, the red, white, brown, gray... all coalition forces formed by the natives of the Tianshi plane were all shocked at this time.

   A feeling of imminent disaster, inexplicably climbed from the bottom of my heart.

   Everyone looked at each other.

   was timid, unable to hold his breath, and asked: "Why... what's wrong?"

   Someone immediately followed and asked: "'s scary."

Over the entire black ship, Jiyou formed one after another small formations. Then, these small formations were connected in series with the surrounding formations, and then formed a huge formation with each other. .

   All of them have felt an unparalleled sense of security since they became part of the formation. Even the power of plane fusion cannot shake them.

   Even if the black ships broke out many times, they were protected by a powerful formation, and no one was injured or killed.

Therefore, everyone has already engraved the guard formation into their bones. This is a creature, and it is also the only creature of the natives of these Heavenly Stone Planes. Everyone knows this. Therefore, even these colorful feuds from generation to generation The tribes of , at this moment did not have internal strife.


   When this fear that rose from the bottom of his heart lingered on the top of his heart, the formation that was as stable as a copper wall suddenly began to be messy.

"what happened?"


   "All, stabilize me!" It was Hong Da Shi of the Red Clan who spoke out. As the leader of the Red Clan at this time, he did his part to stand up and stabilize the turmoil within his own tribe.

   The leaders of the black tribe, the leaders of the white tribe, the leaders of the gray tribe... also spoke out to stabilize the turmoil within their own tribe.

   They are not stupid. They know that they must stabilize the scene. No matter what the situation is now, no matter what happens later, it is possible to save their lives by defending the formation and not chaotic.

   After a short period of chaos, the entire large formation soon returned to calm.

   Temporary calm.

   A temporary dialogue channel was quietly formed between several tribal leaders. Hong Da Shi said with a solemn face, "That terrifying feeling appeared when the aura of Your Excellency Long Aotian disappeared."


   Ordinary warriors don't know this, because ordinary people's perception range is very small and their acuity is not enough, but these tribal leaders know what happened just now.

  Lord Long Aotian's powerful aura suddenly disappeared, so that the formation that had been as steady as Mount Tai also appeared a little chaotic.

   To make matters worse, with the disappearance of Long Aotian's breath, a powerful force suddenly brewed inside the black ship, and this force radiated from the inside out, just a little bit, it was already creepy...

   Next, what will happen if Your Excellency Long Aotian and his entourage do not show up?

  Hong·Da·Shi didn’t dare to think about it, nor did other tribal leaders.

The fusion of the Tianshi plane and another plane is obviously coming to an end, and the newly integrated plane must be restored to an environment suitable for their survival. The chaos generated will not disappear in a short period of time, it will take ten thousand years, even ten million years, hundreds of millions of years to digest...

   Therefore, they must not enter this new plane now.

   So, stay here? Stay on top of the black ships? Or do you want to occupy this huge black ship as designed by a few Origin Star people, and use this as a stronghold to thrive? The imagination is good, but without the help of a few Origin Star Lords, they can't even beat the juveniles in the black ship, let alone occupy this ship.

   Dead game.

   They are already in a dead end.

   After a short period of calm, the entire Tianshi plane coalition force, under extreme unease, began to agitate again.

   "The place where Lord Long Aotian and the others went has been completely integrated, Lord Long Aotian and the others were also involved, they..."

   "Are you still alive?"

  Someone really couldn't hold back, suppressed their emotions, but still didn't hold back and cried.

   "Shut up! Your Excellency Long Aotian and others are absolutely fine." Hong Da Shi's heart suffocated slightly, and he reprimanded the other party with a sullen face.

   I'm sorry everyone, I stole many days of laziness willfully, and I didn't explain it to you, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...

   I have been quarantined for a while now, and I will soon resume my normal life. I hope everyone goes well.

In addition, I am very embarrassed to explain to you the main reason for my interruption during this period. In fact, it is not the epidemic, nor the isolation. The main reason is that I just got pregnant with my second child. I have been weak in the past two years, which has caused the reaction during pregnancy to become very serious. , I vomited everything I eat, especially the lumbar spine problem. It hurts every day and I can't sleep. It hurts when I lie down, sit, and stand. Just adjust your thinking.

   During this period of time, I will try my best to keep it updated, please rest assured, I will try my best to adjust it. No more willful silence.

   Well, I love you all.



   (end of this chapter)

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