Interstellar Tattered Queen - Chapter 2673 alive

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  Chapter 2673 came alive

  Red · Big · Stone angrily reprimanded the person who said the frustrated words, however, its own heart was filled with fear, and that fear was pervasive, almost swallowing it.

  It was terribly frightened.

  It can't control itself and wants to give up its own life...


  When this idea was about to emerge, the face of His Excellency Long Aotian suddenly appeared in his mind, and in an instant, his head was filled with clarity.

  Red·Da·Shi was taken aback.

  It lowered its head and happened to see a seemingly invisible line beside itself. This line...

   is the line that outlines the formation diagram!

  Red·Da·Shi looked down this line and found not only himself, but also the people of the same clan next to it, the people of the black clan, the purple clan, and the brown clan...

  Including the five elders who were the first to guard above the black ship, Hong Yao Shi and others, all the survivors of the Tianshi plane have a line that is faintly visible and seemingly absent. There is no difference in the size, size, specification of this line, and the source cannot be found. However, Hong Da Shi, who is the head of the clan and has served as the general of the Red Race for many years, knows that this is the line of the formation diagram. !

   This is the line of the real formation diagram—the soul line!

   That's right.

   It's the soul line!

The surprise of Hong·Da·Shi was beyond words. The moment it looked up, it caught the same sight of several other tribal leaders. The existing dozen or so tribal leaders looked at each other, and they all understood from each other's eyes. Everyone's thoughts.

   "It's a soul thread, a real soul thread."

   "So this is the formation map."

   "Then we..."

   "It really became a Horcrux."

   "True Horcruxes."

   There is a secret that is not well known, but known only to a very small number of people. The Horcruxes manufactured on the Skystone plane, those manufactured with the help of soul pools, and even mass-produced Horcruxes, are not real Horcruxes at all, they are just rough and rotten counterfeit products.

   is a scam.

  It is almost ineffective in improving mental power.

  If you want to really improve your spiritual power and strengthen your own spiritual world, you can only enter the center of the soul pool, and use the pure soul power extracted from the soul pool to improve.


  The person in each tribe who can really absorb and use this energy in the soul pool is one in a billion. This is the reason why the leaders of the tribe must be selected layer by layer. If an unqualified person becomes the leader of the tribe, if this energy is used, something serious will happen. At the least, it will be fatal, and at the worst, the family will be exterminated.

  From here, one can know how overreaching the second elder of the Red Race was when he stole the energy of the entire tribe's soul pool, and what kind of illusion was it that made him think he could do it?

  Hong·Da·Shi was ordered to take over the position of the leader of the Red Race when he was in danger, but he never dared to move the energy of the soul pool, and it was precisely for this reason.

  The dozen or so tribal leaders present looked at each other, the fear that almost swallowed them was disappearing little by little, and hope was being built little by little.

   "It is rumored that when a person's soul power is used as the thread and the body is used as the substance, the Horcrux created can withstand the attack of the explosion level of the plane space..."

  Red·Da·Shi's mouth, the moment the word came out, and the next moment, all the tribal leaders said in unison: "We can't die!"

   "We will survive!"

  Hong·Da·Shi said loudly: "Everyone pay attention—maintain your current position, don't move, and hold your own formation."




   A tsunami-like response is the best answer.

  In an instant, the formation that was about to collapse became as stable as Mount Tai again.

  The powerful power emanating from the inside of the black ship, when it fell, became as soft and light as a feather under the huge Horcruxes composed of various races in the Tianshi plane, without any attack power left.

   Everyone was shocked!


  Hong·Da·Shi said loudly: "Hold on, we can wait until Your Excellency Long Aotian returns."

  His Excellency Long Aotian...

   is the maker of this great Horcrux.

At this time, no one dares to question His Excellency Long Aotian's ability anymore, and no one is worried about His Excellency Long Aotian's safety anymore. In the simple thinking of all the natives of the Tianshi plane, it is possible to become such a powerful soul. A person who is an instrument maker must be powerful beyond imagination, and it is absolutely impossible for something to happen.

  Look, the horcruxes she made casually are still as solid as a rock. How could something happen to the creator?


  But the crisis was not resolved immediately. On the contrary, at the same moment, when a terrifying energy erupted inside the black ship, the fusion of the Skyrock Plane and the extraterritorial space also reached the last moment...

Two destructive energies erupted at the same time, so the survivors of the Skystone Plane in the formation had to resist the two terrifying energies, although the Horcrux made of soul silk and human body as the medium could hold it back. The attack of plane space explosion, but what if it is an explosion in 10 plane spaces at the same time?


   No one dared to give an answer.

  Right now, the fusion of planes and the explosion inside the black ship is equivalent to the explosion of at least 10 or more planes. In such a situation, is there... still a way out?

   Before Hong·Da·Shi figured this out, the next second, a terrifying energy upheaval exploded instantly, and the formation map constructed by the human bodies of the survivors of the Skystone plane began to crumble.





   There are warriors who can't stand it, fall down, and then one, one, and another...

  Countless warriors fell down, and the formation map that was carved by His Excellency Long Aotian himself, has been shaking since just now but has never been cracked, and finally a crack appeared——

   "Heaven is going to kill us..." Seeing this, Hong Da Shi felt a bit of bitterness in his mouth.


  Over the territory of the Qing nationality, there was silence.

Or, strictly speaking, this is no longer the territory of the Qing people, because the moment the two planes merge, the territory of the Qing people no longer exists, and the newly formed space is pitch black, and within tens of thousands of nautical miles, there is nothing No.

  However, in this land of silence and emptiness, suddenly there was a small hole that broke open from the inside bit by bit, and a group of black shadows came out of the hole.

   This group of black shadows was extremely careful, forming a group, not daring to make any movement, nor to leak the slightest breath of living things. The black shadows stayed for a long time before making sure that there was no danger around them.

  Then, the black shadow camera took a step forward.


   Take another step.


   Then take a step forward.


   "My god, I'm scared to death."

   "Finally alive."

   "It's almost gone." Sombra's voice was filled with rejoicing, really rejoicing, wishing he could howl with joy and joy at this moment, but Sombra didn't dare to get complacent, and continued to carefully observe his surroundings.

  A long while.

   "Sure enough, my judgment is not wrong. The only way out is in the original Qing clan territory."

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  (end of this chapter)

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