Interstellar Tattered Queen - Chapter 2679 defeat

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  Chapter 2679 Defeated

   Surprises are often accompanied by crises.

  Snake Shadow certainly knows this.


  It never expected that the enemy's silk thread was trying to paralyze its spirit as early as the moment it was restrained.

   This paralyzing power is very ingenious and very slight. When Ji You's boss, second, third, and sixth became countless spiritual threads, he immediately arranged a formation map on them.

   Then, a doctor Luo-specific anesthetic was ingeniously injected into the formation diagram.

  It is colorless and odorless, and it works best especially when a person's mental state is very concentrated.

  Dr. Luo is not a generous person, or in other words, the entire faculty and staff of Lanyuexing are stingy and stingy people. In order to obtain this anesthetic from Dr. Luo, Ji You had to agree to Dr. Luo to be a guinea pig in the laboratory and test the drug himself.

   Desperate to live and die several times, Dr. Luo got the best formula, so he let Jiyou go.

   Later, Ji You found out that this was specially developed by Dr. Luo for Ji You's spiritual power characteristics, and only Ji You's special spiritual power can inject anesthetics into the enemy's spiritual world without anyone noticing.

  This is what Dr. Luo left behind for Ji You and the others.

   I didn't expect to use it here.

  The snake shadow is hidden in a mass of darkness, only a snake-like spiritual line is faintly revealed, making it impossible for people to see its reality. It is also impossible to predict its true strength.


  Ji You and his friends know each other is very strong.

   Not powerful in the general sense.

   Head-to-head, without some skills and tactics, even if Ji You and the others join forces, they will not be this person's opponent.

  Now, Ji You is doing everything she can to hold back the opponent, so why wait for someone to attack to really kill it.


  When a sound of breaking through the air came, Snake Shadow suddenly realized that it was not good. It was arrogant on the surface, but it was an extremely cautious person. It didn't think of confronting it at the first time, but retreated first.


  Its steps froze in mid-air, and while a large net had already firmly trapped it, the sound of piercing through the sky was also pierced seven inches above its spiritual line.


  Its own strong defense power blocked the attack immediately.

  But it didn't expect that the enemy's goal was not its spiritual line, but its defensive layer.

   What the enemy really wants to break is its defensive layer from beginning to end.





   One after another violent attacks, it blocked one after another. However, for some reason, the spiritual world that could have continuously provided it with energy suddenly froze, and the energy suddenly stopped flowing.

  With no backup, its incomparably powerful defense layer was completely broken.

  Why Bi, Chu Jiaojiao and the others, how could they give it a chance to recover?

  Six people swarmed up and used their maximum attack power one after another.

  Chu Jiaojiao took the lead, and the long sword pierced straight into its head.

  Yue Qiguang's attack happened to be stuck on the wound made by Chu Jiaojiao, stabbing~

  The wound further expanded.

  Sheng Qingyan continued to make up the knife. His mending knife doesn't talk about martial arts, countless sharp blades are drawn out of their sheaths, and they are all pierced in. Not to mention the quality, just the quantity can cause a fatal blow to an unprotected enemy.


  The enemy's strength was unexpected, and this kind of attack still didn't kill him in one blow.

  However, the mental attack launched by Shen Changqing was released earlier than everyone else. After Chu Jiaojiao's attack was implemented, it also landed on the opponent's mental barrier immediately.

  Why bother to follow.

  His mental power is majestic and sharp, and when he hits the opponent's spiritual barrier, he creates countless cracks.

  Liu Fufeng was the last stick, and he stood at the end, using his violent mental power of destroying every time he touches it, on the cracks one by one.


  Snake Shadow's spiritual barrier, which was so strong that it was almost comparable to the barrier of the plane, really broke.


   At this moment, the entire confined space completely burst under the firefight between the enemy and us.


  Snake Shadow was beaten all over his body, and his spiritual world was completely broken.

  It knows it's bad this time!

   A little carelessness is really life-threatening. This is called hunting geese all day long and being pecked by geese. In the past, the source star people who were used as materials by their group actually have the ability to kill it.

  It was so shocked that it was dumbfounded on the spot.

However, the violent impact caused by the rupture of the confined space awakened its trance, and still gave it a gap to escape. Without even thinking about it, it cruelly gave up everything, only kept its own spiritual core, and immediately ran away .


  A mental core shining with silver light, like a cannonball, swished into the newly formed plane of pitch-black death, and it was about to melt into the pitch black—

   "Where are you running!" Yue Qiguang roared, and chased after him. After finally beating this cunning and powerful enemy to death, how could Yue Qiguang be willing to beat the dog in the water when the enemy was weakest?

   "Stop!" He Bi stopped immediately.

  Yue Qiguang stopped the car, a little unwilling: "Senior, if you don't chase at this time, what if it runs away?"

  Why bother to shake his head: "It can't run away."

  Yue Qiguang was taken aback.

  At this time, Chu Jiaojiao, Shen Changqing and the others also joined.

Shen Changqing took the initiative to explain: "This new plane formed by the Tianshi plane and another plane has very strong barriers. At least for hundreds of years, it has been in an absolutely closed environment. The outside world wants to open it. Difficult, very difficult."

   "However, it is very difficult for the people inside to leave, very difficult."

"In other words, this place has been absolutely closed. All the resources and energy here have also been melted in this great fusion, and this place has become a truly impoverished place. Even if it is to be restored, it will take at least tens of billions of years. to recover."


   "It can't escape."

  Yue Qiguang: "???"

"Spiritual life forms like it are fundamentally different from us. This form of life form must be sustained by a steady stream of spiritual energy. In other words, even if we do nothing, It will eventually die due to exhaustion of energy." Shen Changqing said with a smile: "This is the real plan of Ji You. Cut off its connection with the black ship, and then introduce it into this newly formed plane. Hold it! Trapped it to death!"

  Yue Qiguang was dumbfounded.

  Although the enemy couldn't run away, he felt very happy, but he always felt weird. Then, his brain that seemed to be out of order for a long time finally had a flash of light, and Yue Qiguang clapped his hands suddenly: "Oh! That's not right!"

   "Trapped it, but also trapped us!"

   "We can't get out either!"

  Yue Qiguang saw the look that everyone hadn't expected, and was shocked: "What are you doing now?"

   It's updated, good night everyone.



  (end of this chapter)

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