Invincibility Starts From Sacrificing Ancestors - Chapter 768 Sunset Sect Master! 1 enemy 3 ancestors

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In the Longhu Mountain, the Dharma altar is raised, only to see the Five Patriarchs descending from the dust.

Later generations will practice and recite this name, and I will follow God naturally.

Heaven and earth are vast, and Taoism is the first. In the Longhu Mountain, only the Five Patriarchs are high above, upholding the highest will of this ancient Taoist sect, traversing the years, and being the highest legal system in the world.

On that day, Qiu Zu once appeared in the capital, with supernatural powers, he was the best in the world, time and space were reversed, and he was extremely domineering.

Even though Qin Fulong and Xu Jiuzhong came together, they couldn't hide their edge, but in the end they forced Qin Huang to take action.

Zhou Dao never imagined that at the foot of Enlightenment Mountain, in front of this small fortune-telling booth was actually one of the five ancestors of Longhu Mountain [Lu Zu].

A word counts destiny, and all living beings are in his pocket.

With Zhou Dao's current state, he is still unable to break free from his cage, and is still in that lingering fate.

But at this moment, a rough voice rang out, with three points of madness, seven points of domineering, drunkenness, and the aura of overturning mountains and rivers.

In an instant, even Lu Zu couldn't help but look sideways.

The end of the street became empty, the surrounding figures scattered like ink, and even the Wudao Mountain behind him became invisible.

The world is twisted, and it seems that it can't resist the demeanor of that figure.

Suddenly, an old Taoist priest who looked like a beggar walked barefoot. He was wearing a tattered Taoist robe, with a slovenly appearance and arrogant eyebrows. He had a bag of wine gourd hanging around his waist.

"Wu Taixuan!" Lu Zu raised his brows, and a bit of coldness flashed in his originally calm eyes.

Standing tall like the fifth ancestor, facing the old Taoist priest in front of him, he couldn't help showing a dignified look.

Longhu Mountain is the number one Taoist gate in the world, with vast magical powers and a long heritage.

As the highest will, even the other five major sects are not qualified to make Lu Zu, one of the five ancestors, have such emotions.

But this old Taoist priest in front of him is extraordinary, just one person is better than a sect.

There is no reason for him, but because he is the headmaster of the Sunset Sect in this life.


Zhou Dao's eyes trembled, he couldn't believe it.

He hadn't seen this master for eight years, since the old alcoholic ran away with a debt at the age of fifteen.

Who would have thought that today, he would appear in front of him like this.

"Master!" Zhou Dao's eyes were a little sore.

Although the old drunkard is very unreliable, after all, he was dragged by one hand. In these years of ups and downs, he has been standing in front of him, and I don't know how many life and death disasters have been traversed.

At this moment, when I saw the master, I felt a little grievance in my heart.

"Good disciple, you are very good, you are King Shiyuan, majestic and domineering." The old drunkard grinned, looking at Zhou Dao with a rare softness in his eyes.

Over the years, he has been alone, secretly blocking how many powerful enemies, **** storms, only the taste of loneliness and killing.

Only when I see the two apprentices can I remember that there is still warm affection in this world.

"Wu Taixuan, you finally showed up."

Lu Zu turned around and focused his attention on the old drunkard.

"Tsk tsk, how can I not come and take a look at the excitement." The old drunkard sneered and looked up and down Lu Zu with his eyes.

"What? Are you one of the five old ghosts?"

"Wu Taixuan, you shouldn't come." Lu Zu shook his head, not at all moved by the other party's words.

"The world is so big, this Enlightenment Mountain may be your burial place."

Since ancient times, the Sunset Sect has been a taboo of Taoism, and its former glory is a past that all sects are unwilling to mention.

When the king is in the world, it means that someone bows his head as a minister.

In the past, the fall of this invincible lineage was the feast and carnival of the world's sects.

Taizu said that the prosperity of any dynasty is built on the ruins of the former.

This conclusion also applies to the invincible lineage of the past.

In the long years, the disciples of the Sunset Sect have withered away, and the incense has almost been cut off. How many people are left today?

If even this hard-working headmaster falls here, how can the world still see the afterglow of the setting sun.

"Longhu Mountain, it has dominated the world for so many years, it is worthy of being the first in the Taoist sect..."

The old drunk took off the gourd from his waist and raised his head to drink.

He squinted, looked at Lu Zu, and grinned, revealing a mouthful of yellow teeth.

"I'm reminded of an old saying."

"What?" Lu Zu asked subconsciously.

"There are no tigers in the mountains, monkeys dominate!"

As soon as the voice fell, the old drunkard laughed loudly, and the laughter was deafening, like a nine-day thunder robbery, terrifying the world.

Zhou Dao, Wang Xiaoyi's complexion suddenly changed, he just felt that his soul was about to split.

As far as they can see, the huge Enlightenment Mountain, everyone seems to have disappeared, the world is vast, as if returning to the universe, the surrounding stars are brilliant and shining.

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"Wu Taixuan, you really are mad." Lu Zu shouted violently, and a terrifying voice seemed to come from the end of the sky.

In the depths of the starry sky, a huge figure slowly emerged, and the Taoist robe was hunting, like a star cast, with a godlike appearance, like a banished immortal.

"Then... what is that?" Wang Xiaoyi was surprised.

"That's Lu Zu's dharma image."

At this moment, the old drunk appeared in front of Zhou Dao.

"Good disciple, I'm here to open the way for you. If you can comprehend a little, it depends on your own fortune."

Zhou Dao looked moved.

This is a battle that is rare in the world, almost a contest of the peak of Taoism.

Facing such a powerful enemy, he was fighting with life and death. The old alcoholic created such an opportunity for Zhou Dao, hoping that he could comprehend his own path in this battle.


"Don't blink."

A soft voice rang in Zhou Dao's ears, and the next moment, the old drunk stepped out into the depths of the starry sky.


Suddenly, he was like a big sun, blooming with boundless light, illuminating the surrounding sky, and the starlight of the endless universe suddenly lost its luster.

This kind of light, even Lin Xiaoxiao's [Holy Sun Seal] can't make it happen.

"My mother, is this real power?" Wang Xiaoyi's eyes widened, he couldn't believe it.

In that boundless light, the sky seems to melt, and everything returns to nothingness and returns to that light.

The sky is not there, the earth is not there, only the light is eternal, and everything in the world must be filled in.

At this moment, Wang Xiaoyi's breathing became abnormal.

The power that fills everything, but wants to make everything in the world return to nothingness.

There is a relationship between existence and non-existence, you have me, I have you, it is Wuji, it is freedom, it is eternity.

"Heaven and earth are born to me, and all things merge into me..." Wang Xiaoyi murmured softly.

bang bang bang...

Under this boundless light, every ray of light was like a divine sword bursting, and the terrifying power far surpassed Zhou Dao's [Mayfly Sword Art].

Even though the dharma of the sky was damaged, the Taoist robes hunted, and traces appeared, like the trajectory drawn by the stars.

Lu Zu stood in the void, his eyebrows suddenly left, but the blood flowing out was like the core of a star, and the magma was blazing.

"The afterglow of the setting sun is still so dazzling."

Lu Zu whispered, and suddenly, he raised his hand and drew a strange trajectory in the void.

In an instant, countless golden rays of light were entwined in his palm, and each golden ray seemed to contain the fate of a living being, from birth, to growth, to growth, to its peak...until aging and death.

His birth, old age, sickness and death, his love and hate separation, his grievances and hatreds, his opportunities, his doom, his beginning, his end... all in the golden light, deduce a tortuous fate.

"The constant cycle, from nothing to existence, from existence to non-existence, is always making up, but not adding a point, not reducing a point... How infinitely vast..."

Wang Xiaoyi stared at the golden threads, obsessed.

From the moment of birth to existence, until death returns to heaven and earth, this process represents destiny, but after the result, the energy of heaven and earth has not weakened in the slightest.

Countless processes are filled, creating the infinity of heaven and earth.

This is the true meaning of mending the sky.

"If there is a leak in the sky, how can it be repaired!?" Wang Xiaoyi murmured.


As soon as Lu Zu pointed it out, the waves appeared, and countless golden threads were constantly intertwined.

Suddenly, the crack between his eyebrows healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

No, it's not healing, but a gradual return, from existence to non-existence, as if it had never appeared.

"The Mandate of Heaven, grasps the true meaning of destiny and erases the reality that has already happened."

The heavy voice of the old drunk resounded in the starry sky, revealing a fierce killing.

"Can this kind of thing be done?"

Zhou Dao was stunned, this kind of Taoist magical power has exceeded his cognition, unprecedented, and it is not within the magic.

"Wu Taixuan, rivers and rivers set the sun, history is always advancing."

Lu Zu whispered, he stirred the thread of fate again, and suddenly, the starry sky shook.

Nine big stars appeared, changing the previous trajectory, connecting as one, and smashing towards the old drunkard.

The terrifying power has been cultivated into one piece, tearing the light of the sky, and it will annihilate the old body.

"The sun sets in the river, see you again tomorrow."

A hoarse voice echoed in the depths of the starry sky.

Zhou Dao's eyes widened, but he saw the boundless light shrinking and condensing into a ball.

In an instant, the condensed light seemed to have some kind of fission inside, the surrounding light disappeared, the space was distorted, and there was no way to escape.

Immediately afterwards, the terrifying figure turned into endless darkness, enveloped the Great Desolate Universe, and engulfed the nine big stars.

"This..." Zhou Dao was speechless.

This destructive power is like an ancient **** fighting.

Even in his realm, he felt a deep powerlessness and fear at this moment.

"Is this the master's realm? The world is overbearing, who else is his opponent?"

Zhou Dao's heart shook, and possible names appeared in his mind.

Emperor Qin?

Black Emperor?


The endless darkness is like a hole, crisscrossing the stars, swallowing everything, and pressing down on Lu Zufa.

At this moment, the old drunkard is like a world, eternal and immortal, harvesting all material existence in the universe.

"As expected of the descendant of that line, the headmaster, he is indeed domineering."

At this moment, the sound of killing suddenly sounded.

The starry sky seemed to stand still, and the flowing starlight solidified, and the darkness that broke through the void seemed to have lost its flowing vitality.

At the same time, a long river is rolling in, very mysterious. Wherever it passes, the stars are born and die, some are dying, and some are just born.

Time, like a plaything, has lost its original direction.

"This is…"

Zhou Dao's complexion changed suddenly, and an old figure appeared in the depths of the starry sky, and his breath was very familiar.

"Qiu Zu!?"

Zhou Dao looked at the man in disbelief.

Unlike the children who appeared in the capital, Qiu Zu in front of him was in the form of an old man, but the aura of both came from the same source.

"Two old ghosts!?"

Endless darkness surging, the mighty river of time, it is difficult to stop his pace.

"Wu Taixuan, you deserve such honor." Qiu Zu said lightly.

In today's world, how many people can work the two great ancestors and kill them together?

Only one ear.

As soon as the voice fell, the long river of time wrinkled and waves, and the turbulent waves were like a beast reviving, giving out a roar that did not exist in the world.


The waves were undulating and mighty, rushing towards the endless darkness.

Suddenly, the darkness faded, and the old figure also appeared.

His beard and hair began to fall out, and his body shrank, like a withered flower, his life withered and was about to come to an end.

"Master!" Zhou Dao frowned.

Qiu Zu's Daoist method was so strange that it took away Wu Taixuan's last time.

Such Taoism has already invaded the realm of heaven, and Tao is close to unity.

"Empty Japanese Seal!"

Suddenly, the old voice sounded again.

The shrunken body was tall and straight, like a giant that split the sky and the earth, and the terrifying aura was soaring into the sky.

Everything becomes nothingness.

"That's... the Ten Great Seals!?" Zhou Dao's eyes shone with unprecedented splendor.

That is the power belonging to Wu Taixuan.

The empty sun seals, the great sun shines, and in the boundless light, everything is turned into nothingness, there is no universe, how can there be eternal time.

"It's just..."

At this moment, Wang Xiaoyi was already stunned.

Incarnate celestial bodies and interpret natural changes.

The art of destiny, control the reality and illusion.

The way of time controls the birth and death of all things.

All of these have long surpassed the Taoism he knew.

"Sunset Sect's supernatural powers!" Lu Zu shouted violently, with a strong sense of fear in his sensible law.

This vein was once invincible in the world.

The ten great seals are its foundation.

At this moment, the old alcoholic finally stopped letting go.

"This is the way!"

The old drunkard grinned, raised the gourd in his hand, raised his head and drank, and then stepped out.

Kong Riyin is running at full strength, and wherever it passes, the Mysterious Sky, the golden thread of destiny, annihilates silently.

The mighty river of time has also entered the invisible realm.

At this moment, the old drunkard stretched out his big hand, like the sky net, and grabbed the two great ancestors.

"This vein is truly invincible in the, a sigh fell slowly, like the sorrow of the ages, infecting the world.


The next moment, the starry sky actually cracked open, and a sharp sword energy slowly gathered.

Zhou Dao's eyes widened, and he saw that in the outer world, countless outer worlds burst into pieces, turned into billowing essence, and merged into the sword light.

Powerful as a world-breaking realm, under this sword, it is also like ants cannon fodder.

"Sword of Heaven and Earth!"

"Wang Zu!

! "

Zhou Dao's heart wrinkled, he never dreamed that another Dao ancestor came.

In order to surround and kill Wu Taixuan, three of the five ancestors of Longhu Mountain actually came.

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