Invincibility Starts From Sacrificing Ancestors - Chapter 769 Refining Qiu Zu first

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Supernatural powers change thoughts, heaven and earth are swords.

With a sudden thought, the Mang Mang Universe will turn into that incomparable sword edge.

The No. 1 Dragon Tiger Mountain in the world, who can have this kind of spirit, is only the No. 1 expert in kendo.

"Wang Zu!"

Zhou Dao was inexplicably shocked. He once heard Qi Zhu mention that among the five ancestors of Longhu Mountain, [Wang Zu] was the first kendo master.

Even when Li Zangfeng was young, he entered Longhu Mountain and asked him for a sword.

"Wu Taixuan, I don't believe you have the power to turn the sky."

Wang Zu whispered, his figure disappeared, and his terrifying will was all transformed into that thrilling sword.

The vast and infinite starry sky is trembling, and thousands of starlights can't suppress the unparalleled edge.

Heaven and earth magic sword, only killing is the way.


The sword fell, traversing the brilliance of [Kongriyin], renewing its edge in nothingness, and slashing to the end of the old drunkard.

"Master!" Zhou Dao's heart sank to the bottom in an instant.

Compared to the style of this sword, his [Mayfly Sword Art] is as ridiculous as a child pretending to be a family.

"Sunset! Sunset!"

Lu Zu sighed lightly, not knowing what it meant, as soon as he shot, countless golden rays of light intertwined, like a big net falling, cutting off all the old drunkard's retreat.


At the same time, Qiu Zu never stood on the sidelines, his mind was light, and the mighty river of time was surging, imprisoning the place where the old drunkard stood.

That void, timeless, permanently stopped at the moment of his demise, and there was no room for manoeuvre.

When the sun sets on the river, this vein has long since been buried in the dusty history. Even if the afterglow still falls, it will eventually be dragged into the boundless darkness.

"Qiankun Yiqi!"

At this moment, the old voice rang out in the boundless starry sky.


Suddenly, a huge vortex suddenly appeared in the void where the old drunkard was, and everything around was pouring into it.

That weird vortex is like a furnace, swallowing everything and making a deafening sound.

The sword of heaven and earth, the thread of fate, the torrent of time... all were sucked into that strange vortex without exception.

"This is…"

"Master..." Zhou Dao's eyes lit up, he couldn't believe it.

In the vast starry sky, the old figure slowly walked out. The place where he stood was completely empty. Everything around him was melted into the wine gourd. Qi.

"You...Wu Taixuan..."

In the void, Wang Zu finally showed his true body.

It was a middle-aged man, dressed in commoner clothes, with a long sword on his back, staring at the old alcoholic with horrified eyes, and an unprecedented solemnity appeared on his originally calm face.

"You're about to take that step." Qiu Zu widened his eyes and roared in shock.

"After experiencing thousands of disasters and calamities, how can you not see the true face of the Tao?" The old drunkard grinned.

"This is my way."

As soon as he finished speaking, the old drunkard raised the gourd in his hand, raised his head and drank, his throat squirmed, but the sound of Gudong Gudong was like swords and soldiers intertwined, and the cold light flickered.


Suddenly, the old drunkard moved, he stepped out and appeared in front of Wang Zu.

The sky trembled, and the outer worlds burst into pieces, rolling with energy, and turned into countless sword lights blasting all over the body, as if a waterfall was rushing, flying straight down, and shooting towards the old drunkard.


The old drunkard's body swayed, and thousands of sword lights condensed into one, turning into a clean air, flying into the gourd in his hand.

Immediately afterwards, the old big hand slammed in and pierced Wang Zu's chest.

Scarlet blood invaded the sky, and in the depths of the starry sky, there was a loud "rumbling" sound, like the anger of the gods, and the restlessness of the gods.


"Fuck, this...this..." Wang Xiaoyi's eyes widened, so shocked that he was speechless.


Wang Zu's body suddenly cracked, and eighty-one sword marks were derived, which reassembled in the depths of the starry sky and gave birth to a new body.

"Indestructible sword body!? It seems that you have also meddled in Yuanzu's power."

As soon as the words fell, Qiu Zu appeared strangely behind the old drunkard.

His hands were sealed, and a strange crown emerged, covering the old drunkard's head.

The moment the crown appeared, the surrounding time also froze.


At the moment when the crown fell, the old drunkard's body turned into a stream of pure air and suddenly dissipated.

"The crown of lost time... That is the past time of all sentient beings, plus my body, it will be reincarnated forever... Do you think I don't know?"

The old voice resounded between heaven and earth.

Qiu Zu's complexion changed suddenly, and a big hand came from a broken time and strangled his neck.

This [Lost Crown] is the supreme magic weapon he refined.

It is rumored that in ancient times, Yuanzu once sat on the top of Daoshan Mountain for thousands of years, watching the various forms of red dust and all living beings.

The years they spent and the trajectory they experienced were imprinted in Yuan Zu's eyes.

Later, the greatest existence between the heavens and the earth left Daoshan, but where he stood, a strange root and seedling was formed, condensing what he had seen for thousands of years.

Over the years, this strange seedling fell into the hands of Longhushan.

Qiu Zu used the way of time to refine it into a crown. Once it is put on, it will fall into the thousands of years and experience everything that all living beings have experienced. It will never be detached.

"Sunset and Yuanzu are immortal, you are fighting for this, you are simply courting death."

Wu Taixuan was cold, and the sky Riyin suddenly activated, and countless runes wrapped around his fingers towards Qiu Zu.

"you dare!"

Lu Zu and Wang Zu suddenly changed color, their divine might was soaring to the sky, they erupted violently, and they all came to kill them.

The golden thread is entangled like a skynet, three thousand ten feet, and it will obliterate all Taoism.

The sword of heaven and earth condensed again, wrapped in the power of destruction, and slashed at the body of the old drunkard.


The old drunkard stood still, letting the power of the two great ancestors bombard his body.

His fleshly body trembled, as if shaking like a pillar of the sky, swaying the earth's wind, water and fire, annihilating the void.

"Qiankun Yiqi!"

Suddenly, Kong Riyin launched abruptly, and once again derived the terrifying Taoist method.

Qiu Zu let out a startled roar, and he actually perished in the hands of the old drunk, turning into a squirming air current.

"Ahhh...Wu Taixuan, how dare you refine me..."

The squirming air flow made an angry roar in the void, and the long river of time suddenly boiled, as if it had lost its direction, and the waves were turbulent, like the flood of the Jedi, rushing and disappearing in all directions.

"This...this...he transformed Qiu Zu?"

Wang Xiaoyi's eyes widened, too shocked to speak.

At this moment, Zhou Dao was also shocked. He didn't expect the old drunkard to be so strong, to resist the supernatural powers of the two great ancestors, and still want to kill Qiu Zu.


That [Crown of Lost Time] seemed to stir up the bottom line of the old drunkard.

Anything involving Yuanzu is taboo for the setting sun.


The air mass transformed by Qiu Zu seems to still maintain the original will, and it emits a roar like a fierce beast.

"As expected of Qiu Zu."

The old drunkard's face turned pale in an instant, he grinned, took a big hand, grabbed the air flow, and tucked the gourd directly into his waist.


The next moment, the old alcoholic stepped out directly and flew into the depths of the void.

"Wu Taixuan, you can't leave..."

Wang Zu was frightened and angered, and he rode an infinite sword light, dragging his long tail like a big star, and followed him.


At the same time, Lu Zu also turned into countless golden threads and scattered in all directions.

"Damn it, it's too bad, is this **** human!"


Wang Xiaoyi exclaimed.

Zhou Dao couldn't help shouting when he looked at the figure of the old drunk.

However, at almost the same moment, the familiar scene in front of them pulled them back to reality.

At the foot of Enlightenment Mountain, it was still the same square market. On the street, passers-by stopped and looked at them with strange eyes.

"It's really **** sick, what is it that is so cold and howling."

"Scared me, these two people have bubbles in their heads? Standing there for a long time without moving, I don't know what to be excited about."

"Where did the lunatic run out? How did he get sick at Wudao Mountain?"

Next to them, many onlookers pointed and looked at Zhou Dao and Wang Xiaoyi suspiciously.

"What's going on?" Wang Xiaoyi asked suddenly.

"Go quickly."

Zhou Dao lowered his head, feeling a little embarrassed, and hurriedly pulled Wang Xiaoyi, got past the onlookers, and left in a hurry.

"It wasn't a dream just now."

Wang Xiaoyi grunted.

"Of course not." Zhou Dao said solemnly.

The battle just now was rare in the world. Whether it was the third ancestor of Longhu Mountain or the old drunkard, their realm was beyond the cognition of ordinary monks.

A thought was born in the void, and the war began in Cangming.

It seems like a dream, but it is the reality that really happened.

That inconceivable Daoist magic power has long been like a brand, left in the souls of Zhou Dao and Wang Xiaoyi, and it is indelible.

"Your master is so powerful that he directly abolished a Taoist ancestor in Longhu Mountain and refined it."

When Wang Xiaoyi heard the battle just now, he couldn't help but shuddered.

"That old thing is very weird."

On the same day, after Qiu Zu appeared in the capital, Zhou Dao asked Qi Zhu for advice.

He said that among the five ancestors of Longhu Mountain, Qiu Zu was the most difficult to deal with. He was proficient in the way of time and practiced three Dharmakayas, one for the past, one for the present, and one for the future.

This kind of magical power is actually a reference to the Three Ages Law of the Imperial Palace.

However, what Qiu Zu created was to simplify the complex, one body and three bodies, intertwined with each other.

"In the capital, Emperor Qin destroyed the past of this old thing." Zhou Dao thought of the Taoist boy and almost killed him and Wang Xiaoyi.

"Master just refined it so that it should be his future body."

Zhou Dao's eyes were slightly condensed, and a cold light flashed.

"If I'm not wrong, the old thing should have the strongest current body."

"This old thing is really hard to kill." Wang Xiaoyi gritted his teeth.

"Five Dao Ancestors, who is Yi Yi?" Zhou Dao said solemnly: "But this old man has lost two Dharma bodies in a row, his vitality is greatly damaged, and I am afraid that he will become the weakest one."

"Your lineage is really unusual. You are in the realm of destiny, and you can actually attract a Taoist ancestor to appear." Wang Xiaoyi couldn't help but said.

The appearance of Lu Zu obviously came from Zhou Dao.

"He didn't come at me." Zhou Dao frowned.

The Dao Ancestor of Longhu Mountain is so high above, how noble, how could he not notice the following as far as his eyes can see.

"He was for the battle on the ninth day of September. He greeted me just by the way."

"Your senior brother and Wang Tong?" Wang Xiaoyi showed a strange look.

According to this, the battle between the two little guys should not be possible for the ancestors of labor.

"I only know that this battle is of great importance, and it is not as simple as it seems." Zhou Dao condensed.

When he left the capital, Mo Huaixian told him that the battle had far-reaching consequences.

"No matter what, your master is here, and with him in the lineup, this battle can be considered a suspense." Wang Xiaoyi couldn't help but said.

"Your master is really good, one person is against the three ancestors, and he has refined one..."

Having said that, Wang Xiaoyi paused slightly and looked at Zhou Dao.

"You said that with his strength, is there any rival in the world?"

Zhou Dao raised his brows, pondered for a while, and several names flashed in his mind.

"There should be."

He knew that the old alcoholic was very powerful, and even with his current state, he couldn't see the full picture of his power.

But Zhou Dao is sure that the old drunk has not yet reached the realm of invincibility.

For three thousand years, the only person who dared to say that the world was invincible was Qin Taizu.

"Find a place to digest it first." Zhou Dao suggested.

In the battle just now, he has gained a lot, which is better than ten years of penance, so he naturally needs to digest the gains.

After a while, they walked into Enlightenment Mountain, found a cliff, and sat in meditation.

Qiu Zu's way of time is mysterious and unpredictable, involving the great secret of the universe, and interfering with the ancient and modern lifespan, which is a taboo field.

Lu Zu's way of destiny is similar to the luck theory explained by Qizhu.

As for Wang Zu's Heaven and Earth Magic Sword, it opened an unprecedented door for Zhou Dao. His mayfly sword art seems to have room for improvement. Combining the vision of [Original Sword] and [Zifu Huajian] may not be impossible to create A new swordsmanship.

Most importantly, Zhou Dao's fighting style is refreshing.

It turns out that the ten seals of the Sunset Sect can be used in that way.

The old drunkard created "Qiankun Yiqi" on the basis of "Sky Riyin".

"Perhaps, I underestimated the Curse Sun Seal." Zhou Dao murmured.

Ever since he entered Tianwaitian and discovered the magic of the [Curse Sun Seal], he felt that there was still a lot of room for development of this magic seal.

Just now, after seeing the old drunkard's fighting style, Zhou Dao thought that maybe he could also create an unprecedented magical power based on the [Curse Sun Seal].

"Master, you really gave me a great gift." Zhou Dao murmured.

This battle had a great impact on him, and it almost pointed out the way in the future, allowing Zhou Dao to truly glimpse the highest realm.

"One day I will surpass them."

Zhou Daochang let out a long breath, got up and walked towards Wang Xiaoyi.

Under the dead tree, Wang Xiaoyi slowly opened his eyes and looked at Zhou Dao uncertainly.

"What's wrong?"

Zhou Dao couldn't help asking when he saw that his expression was wrong.

Wang Xiaoyi hesitated for a while, and finally threw out a sentence.

"I seem to have broken through!"


"Breakthrough?" Zhou Dao was taken aback for a moment, showing a strange look.

Once Wang Xiaoyi breaks through, wouldn't it be... Dao Realm!



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