Invincible Leveling King - Chapter 4945 We have a great chance

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The battle was a rather fierce and ominous force.

It made them feel a lot of pressure.

Lin Fei is the same.

I also really realized that this ominous force is more flexible and more domineering than before.

The guy in the coffin didn't wake up.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Although they have not woken up yet, they have also experienced a certain amount of pressure.

This ominous force is not controlled by anyone.

If they really fight, they have no chance of winning.

Maybe there will be a big loss!

Even Feiyun was the most anxious person inside.

Layer by layer means will crack this ominous force.

This ominous force is indeed more domineering than imagined.

It's really not that easy to crack.

Fortunately, the current progress is still quite good, at least not making people feel any rush.

Overall it's ok!

Even Feiyun breathed a sigh of relief.

A voice came to everyone.

"Everyone don't have to worry. As long as this guy doesn't wake up, then we will give him a chance. That's no problem at all. As long as we can withstand this ominous force, our advantage will be bigger and bigger."

Lian Feiyun still made chicken blood and chicken soup for everyone.

Let everyone bring up this mind.

Lin Fei could also feel that everyone's fighting spirit had recovered a lot.

Of course, this consumption is naturally a lot.

Lin Fei didn't really care about this in his heart.

He just had a great interest in this corpse.

Even so, he can actually control this ominous power.

This guy should have been the most terrifying kind when he was alive!

I don't know when a guy like this can break it. It's impossible to say that it will take a day or two.

If that's the case, it's really time consuming!

Lin Fei didn't have much loss, even if it was ten days and ten nights or half a month, it didn't make any difference.

For them, the words are different, and people like them can feel the difference.


The coffin that was not moving actually made a small movement.

This movement caused a great change in everyone's complexion.

You look at me and I look at you.

Even Feiyun became anxious.

"Don't panic, this guy is a little bit moving, but even if there is movement, so many of us have already suppressed most of his strength, and it is no problem to suppress him. As long as we work together, there will naturally be no problem."

Lian Feiyun still has to cheer everyone up at a critical time.

Otherwise, just such a corpse can make them feel unprecedented despair.

Lin Fei snorted in his heart.

He is quite good at drawing cakes.

It was obvious that the corpse had recovered a little.


The corpse pushed open the coffin and rushed out like this.

After rushing out, it was suppressed by the treasure.

The bowl-shaped treasure did indeed suppress the corpse to a certain extent.

This corpse is not so simple, and repeatedly slaps the top of this treasure.

Although this treasure is quite good, over time, it will naturally have an impact.

Everyone felt the unprecedented pressure.


This treasure was slapped flying.

This guy comes out.

All the ominous power fell within his body.

His blood-red eyes opened in an instant.

After opening it, everyone felt the breath of ancient vicissitudes.

"Another group of people to die."

The hoarse voice was chilling.

Everyone felt the pressure.

With ominous forces mobilized.

This ominous force is like flowing water.

In an instant, it exploded with super power.

Just this.

Let everyone's strength at hand have been resisted.

It's not like it can be bombarded continuously on this coffin like before.

Even Feiyun felt the pressure, but still underestimated the power of this corpse.

Such a method is enough to cause a certain collapse of their union.

"Destroyer Awl!"

Lian Feiyun once again released a treasure.

In an instant, the awl-like thing passed through layers of ominous power and nailed it to the opponent's body.

The corpse also burst into a terrifying aura.

The unknown power became extremely violent.

Even Feiyun's voice floated out.

"I have already pinned him on the Divine Awl. Let's take advantage of this time to blow up his body together. As long as his body is opened, then naturally everyone will be able to win."

"The Female President's Almighty King"

It seems that Lian Feiyun released such a treasure, which seemed to consume a lot.

Speaking also seemed quite powerless, and his face became pale a lot.

This is indeed an opportunity for everyone.

One by one, the treasures burst out in an instant.

No one dared to stop.

The means have also become more domineering, and Lin Fei can also see it.

This treasure seems to be aimed at such a corpse.

A good Lian Feiyun.

It didn't work at first.

At this time, it is obvious that a certain amount of thought was used, and it is estimated that such a treasure will not be used in the final time.

It's a pity that this corpse is too powerful, he can't do it without treasures, and he doesn't know how to die by then.

The strength on Lin Fei's hand also increased a lot.

He could also feel that this corpse was indeed quite different, no wonder it was locked in this coffin.

Although this corpse has no means of attack, this ominous force has become much stronger in his hands.

If so, it will be different.

Lin Fei's strength was very inconspicuous, but falling on this corpse made him feel different.

A loud bang.

It spread all the way.

The corpse also looked quite hideous.

Everyone is obviously relieved, their attack methods are still useful.

Lian Feiyun was even more excited.

The things that I finally borrowed are still somewhat useful.

At least they can suppress this corpse, otherwise it would be very difficult for them to gain an advantage now.

Lin Fei mingled in it like this, and the forces kept hitting him, only to see some cracks slowly appearing on the corpse.

Lin Fei thought how long he could hold on, only to realize that he thought a little too much.

It only lasted for a while, not as much as I imagined.

There is still a good chance of winning if you start.

The power of the corpse is getting weaker and weaker, even the ominous power.

The scope of coverage is also constantly shrinking.

It can be seen that the corpse is not as fierce as before.

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