Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself - Chapter 1290 - 1290 Wearing Fake Goods Is Embarrassing!

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1290 Wearing Fake Goods Is Embarrassing!

He Wenxian said gently, “That’s right, it’s a unique piece. Moreover, the gems on the necklace are unique. You can’t find anything more perfect than this.”

“Look…” Suddenly, someone pointed not far away and said in surprise, “The necklace that lady is wearing seems to be… the same as Miss He’s necklace?”

Everyone immediately turned around. He Wenxian’s heart trembled as she hurriedly turned around.

Qiao Xi was leaning against the sofa alone. She was wearing a pearl-white dress that revealed her shoulders. It was simple but luxurious. What was even more eye-catching was the necklace around her neck. It flickered with a red light, accentuating her snow-white skin. She looked like a fairy who had descended to the mortal world.

That necklace was almost identical to Miss He’s!

“Why is there another one?”

“The He family wouldn’t lie, right? But that lady is wearing the same necklace. What exactly is going on?”

“Which family is that lady from?”

As the daughter of the He family and the person wearing a piece of jewelry that was worth more than 100 million yuan, He Wenxian was naturally the most eye-catching person here. However, there was a lady in the banquet hall who was wearing the same necklace as her. Since it was a unique piece, one of them must be fake.

The instant He Wenxian saw Qiao Xi, her heart seemed to have been dealt a heavy blow. Could it be that Qiao Xi’s necklace was real?

Impossible! Her father gave her the necklace, which meant that he was sure that the real Scorching Heart would not appear. Moreover, the mysterious person who bought that necklace back then had long left the country. It was impossible for the buyer to be Gu Zheng.

He Wenxian’s expression softened a little as she gradually calmed down.

Everyone stared at Qiao Xi. Actually, she rarely attended high society gatherings. Coincidentally, none of the socialites and young masters present today had seen her before, so when they saw her wearing the ruby necklace, they instantly thought that the necklace she was wearing was fake.

Just as someone was about to ask He Wenxian about this lady’s identity, He Wenxian warmly went forward to greet her. “Xi Xi, when did you come? Why didn’t you look for me?”

Qiao Xi raised her eyes and smiled at He Wenxian without saying anything.

Faced with Qiao Xi’s cold attitude, the smile on He Wenxian’s face was slightly stiff. “What? You came alone?”

The socialite beside her frowned and asked, “Wenxian, who is she?”

“She…” He Wenxian was a little hesitant. If she said that Qiao Xi was Gu Zheng’s wife, everyone present would naturally think highly of her. Hence, she changed the topic and said, “All of you have heard of the Xia family, right? She’s Madam Xia Yunqiu’s adopted daughter.”

Everyone here had never seen Qiao Xi before, but they had all heard of the Xia family’s scandal. Someone had pretended to be Xia Yunlou, and the real Xia Yunlou’s whereabouts were unknown. Now that Qiao Xi was no longer Xia Yunlou’s biological daughter, she could naturally only consider herself Xia Yunqiu’s adopted daughter.

In everyone’s opinion, a woman with such an identity was not qualified to attend high society banquets. Moreover, how could such a woman bid for a necklace worth more than 100 million? Even if she was really rich, how could she have snatched something from the He family?

One was the eldest daughter of the He family, while the other was the adopted daughter of a declining family. Yet, the two of them were wearing the same necklace. It was already very obvious who was telling the truth.

At this moment, someone said sarcastically, “If you can’t afford expensive jewelry, you can choose not to wear it! Otherwise, everyone will laugh at you for wearing a fake! How embarrassing!”

“She probably didn’t know that Miss He would wear Scorching Heart to the banquet. This is too awkward.”

He Wenxian’s eyes were filled with helplessness and heartache. She waved at the people who were talking, then took a few steps forward, bent down, and said softly, “Xi Xi, I think you must have been deceived. There are many fake goods on the market, and ordinary people won’t be able to distinguish them. If you really like this necklace, I’ll lend it to you to wear first. Take off this fake one first.”

With that, He Wenxian immediately wanted to take off her necklace.

Qiao Xi raised her eyes and glanced at her. Why was He Wenxian pretending in front of her?! She clearly knew that she was Gu Zheng’s wife, yet she did not tell them. Instead, she said that she was from the Xia family. Did she think that without Gu Zheng’s identity, she would have no one to rely on?

He Wenxian stared fixedly at Qiao Xi. Even if Qiao Xi said that she was Gu Zheng’s wife, it was too late. After all, everyone already suspected that she was wearing a fake. Since no one had seen the real Scorching Heart, it would depend on who everyone believed.

She took off the necklace and handed it to Qiao Xi with a gentle smile. “Xi Xi, I’ll lend you my necklace first.”

He Wenxian’s kind actions made the other socialites jealous. They also wanted to wear it. After all, it was the dream of all girls. What right did that woman who brought a fake here have to wear it so easily?

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