Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself - Chapter 1291 - 1291 My Sister Is Beautiful And Kind

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1291 My Sister Is Beautiful And Kind

“Xi Xi is my friend,” He Wenxian explained to everyone, then looked at Qiao Xi gently. “Xi Xi, I’m donating this necklace later. Before I donate it, you can wear this necklace. It’s okay.”

He Wenxian’s words made everyone even more sure that this woman was wearing a fake. The only necklace in the world appeared on two women at the same time. One of them must be wearing a fake. The eldest daughter of the He family had a noble status and was the organizer of the charity banquet. She even wanted to donate this necklace. Of course, the necklace she was wearing could not be fake. There were so many pieces of expensive jewelry, so why did she have to wear a fake to ruin her reputation?

The socialites and noblewomen thought that they had noble statuses and looked down on people who wore fake goods the most. Moreover, Qiao Xi was exposed on such an important occasion. She would be treated as a joke by everyone in high society.

Moreover, He Wenxian said that this woman was her friend, but this woman ignored her. She knew that the two of them were wearing the same necklace, but she had no intention of taking it off. Perhaps she had long known that He Wenxian wanted to wear Scorching Heart to the banquet, so she deliberately wore a fake to cause trouble.

A trace of bright light flashed through He Wenxian’s eyes. If Qiao Xi had not worn this necklace today, she wouldn’t have bothered to bicker with her. After all, in front of everyone, she had to maintain her gentle and understanding image at all times. However, she was wearing Scorching Heart now and was about to donate it. If others realized that her necklace was fake, she would definitely be mocked.

She absolutely would not allow such a thing to happen, so she could only blame Qiao Xi for being unlucky. She could have worn any jewelry, but she just had to wear the same one as her.

He Wenxian curled her lips and said softly, “Xi Xi, don’t be shy. I’ll bring you to the lounge now. Wear my necklace…”

Qiao Xi paid no attention to her. She just glanced lazily and casually at her as if she didn’t take He Wenxian seriously at all.

Mocking laughter came from around her, but she pretended not to hear it. After a moment of silence, she chuckled. “Miss He, how can you be sure that I’m wearing a fake?”

He Wenxian’s expression froze, and her tone carried a trace of bewitchment. “Xi Xi, there are so many people in the banquet hall. Why don’t we talk in the lounge?”

As soon as she finished speaking, He Wenxian stretched out her hand to pull Qiao Xi back, but she was flung away by Qiao Xi. Qiao Xi’s gaze shifted and swept past a figure in front of her.

He Wenxian’s expression was a little ugly as she pursed her lips tightly. The people beside her could not stand it anymore and hurriedly stood up to defend the injustice. “You really don’t know what’s good for you! You’re clearly wearing a fake, so Wenxian wanted to save you some dignity and decided to lend you her necklace. It’s fine if you don’t thank her, but you still dare to be so arrogant?”

“This is the He family’s charity banquet. Who do you think you are to dare to throw a tantrum at the eldest daughter of the He family? This necklace is unique. One of the two identical necklaces must be fake. Miss He is the daughter of the He family. How could she wear a fake to attend her own charity banquet?”

“That’s right! Miss He even wants to donate the necklace! It’s absolutely impossible for her to wear a fake!”

Qiao Xi lazily leaned against the sofa and did not care about everyone’s accusations in the slightest. Her gaze had already drifted ahead. He Wenyin was sitting and chatting with a few rich young ladies. They had also heard the commotion here.

He Wenyin looked over and stood up abruptly. “My sister is beautiful and kind-hearted. She clearly knows that that woman is wearing a fake, but she didn’t expose her and still offered to lend her the necklace.

“My sister is the eldest daughter of the He family. She’s so rich and noble. How could she be wearing a fake? My sister is definitely wearing the real one!”

The young ladies beside her were instantly stunned. One of the socialites who was close to He Wenyin asked with a subtle expression, “Yin Yin, who taught you these words?”

He Wenyin retorted in a panic, “No! It’s all my own thoughts!”

Actually, these young ladies all knew that He Wenyin was innocent and ignorant. He Wenxian must have taught her to say these words. Although she was telling the truth, no one expected a gentle and kind woman like He Wenxian to use her innocent sister. She got He Wenyin to say in public that she was beautiful and kind-hearted, while she stood behind He Wenyin and pretended to be humble. She wanted to maintain a noble image in front of everyone.

He Wenxian was not as gentle as she looked on the surface. In fact, she was actually very scheming.

He Wenyin saw the doubt in the ladies’ eyes and lowered her eyes to smile.

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