League of Legends Millennium Warlord - Chapter 549 Dying to fight back

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"It has been more than 400 years since his ancestor, the mist god, led him away from the dangerous Western Continent. He thought that it had been accepted by the foreign countries in the Eastern Continent, but Noxus went mad and insisted on perishing. He understood that Demacia, whose lips and teeth were cold, watched the fire from the other side. Donglu's preparations leave a way out,

Surrender? When the enemy wants to perish, will he choose to surrender? "

The sacrificial shaman kneeling on the ground did not speak, and the madness on his face was fully revealed.

Seeing this, King Keno stood up from the throne, his voice was low, and his hands were raised high.

"Since you are given a way to live, let's see what kind of price your stupidity will bring to you! The priest, who used to doubt that the **** of fog is actually a protector, is fortunate now that he will return to the **** of fog when he loses everything. gaze,

The **** of fog, the **** of Xilu, Donglu can play a strong role for some reason, unless enough living sacrifices are offered, Tiram, tell me, how many subjects of Liyinlan are there in this castle? "

The priest named Tiram raised his head with a horrified smile on his face.

"My king, counted as a foreign country, there are still about 6,000 subjects of Liyinlan in the castle."

"Very good, take over the live sacrifice of the **** of fog, start with those foreign countries as animals, destroy the city, and let the land of Liyinlan become the dream demon of the Eastern Land!"

On September 25th, the Jade Leader Mage was exhausted, and the magic shield of the High Castle in the inner city of Liinlan, which had endured a week of magic attacks, was finally broken.

The dragon lizard knight, the dragon bird knight, broke into the battlefield first, bypassing the deserted city walls. The soldiers blasted the outer wooden city gates with alchemy explosives. The soldiers quickly entered the inner city and surrounded the **** castle. rise,

What makes me puzzled is that the situation of the defenders of the castle is the same as that of the fourth one. Seeing the penumbra outside the castle, it seems that Li Yinlan has given up his resistance and chose to hide in the inner castle. He was imprisoned by the soldiers of the Jade Collar.

The "U"-shaped castle covers an area of ​​about 80,000 square meters. The architectural style of Liyinland is the same as that of the traditional castle in Valoran. The layout and structure are extremely complex and changeable. Three meters of moat, there are countless sharp spears and iron thorns inserted upside down at the bottom of the river.

The steel gate of the city gate is like the narrowest prison. The stone used for casting the castle seems to have used a special craftsmanship.

The entrance is only at the east gate of the city. In addition, another tightly closed steel gate is found on the third floor of the Dragon Knights Castle.

"how is the situation?"

Looking at the closed steel gate from a distance, Milton asked his lieutenant.

"Back to the commander of the army, the entire castle was surrounded by the army, and there was no resistance of any kind during the period. Li Yinlan had already shrunk inside the castle, and the Dragon Knights had already occupied the high ground. No condition was found."

After deliberately sniffing the **** wave in the air again, Milton narrowed his eyes.

Male Yuta recalled the experience of the Fidet Arena, and then returned to the child in fine clothes and food until he shouldered the heavy responsibility of revitalizing the family.

After entering the blood amber military academy to study, my father took a week in the cage to experience the life of a gladiator. What I saw and smelled was blood with severed limbs, and the smell of organs and brain flowers made me vomit on the first night. Three times, sleepless nights.

The real cruel place far beyond imagination, without the shackles of virtue, without the principle of action, every beast imprisoned in a cage, only thinking of killing the enemy after the gate is opened,

Same as the spectator seat that is high and without any sense of threat, for a week, I experienced the fighting life of a gladiator from the perspective of a gladiator.

The skilled gladiator's bloodthirsty beast is only one side away from a steel fence that rises with it.

Every time the gladiator roars and filial piety will make you tremble with fear, and the hungry and bloodthirsty beast will open its mouth larger than its own body and tear the enemy to pieces, swallowing the defeated in its belly.

It is because of the second cruelty that Milton understands how rare the opportunity to study at the Blood Amber Military Academy is.

Facts have proved that although his father has done something well, the effect is unquestionable. If not, he would have become the army commander of the Jade Leader Black Iron Guard 1st Legion.

"Linland's friends did something special... exploded, to see what the **** is going on in Leinland Castle?"

Put enough alchemy explosive packs outside the steel gate, and with a bang, the steel gate was blown to a gap for passage, and the Black Iron Guard soldiers with their shields filed into the steel gate, starting the final siege battle.

Knowing when it started, the color became dim, the gray cloud covering the sun enveloped the whole sky, and the rain was rustling.

Using the wooden fence to imprison the prisoners, Blofield, whose hands were tied, lowered his head, allowing the raindrops to beat his cheeks, while the female shield, Wei Tina, was also listless, looking very embarrassed.

There are not too many prisoners in the fence, and only thirteen when they are fully counted. For Blofield Tina, it is bad news for discounts, because Thirteen, there are no Leach, Carl Gallup, and the consequences of the three can be solved. has died somewhere.

In fact, even if he himself does not have any positive expectations, because Noxus treats captives more rigorously than imagined, the only good news is that the fake identity of the kingdom of Northland can withstand investigation, the only consolation at this moment. thing.

"What should I do? Think of a way to kill it?"

Tina, who wanted to be captured, put her head slowly on Brofield's shoulder with a confused expression, and the black guard soldiers guarding the fence just glanced at the prisoner and then ignored the action of the prisoner. As a pair of "Northland Kingdom" Business couple, Tina enough reason to act like Noxus' eyelids.

"Wait for an opportunity and prioritize completing the mission. Since Noxus didn't directly kill the prisoners in Li, it only exposed the flaws, and there is still a chance."

Smiling flatteringly at Noxus, who was staring at him, Blofeld performed Yishang's humble expectations perfectly.

While being observed by Noxus, Blofield also observed the emerald-collared soldiers from the perspective of Captain Demacian Sword.

Seeing the arrogance of the confident emerald leader of Noxus with the soldier's face, each soldier's spirit is inferior to those of the legionnaires who are willing to sacrifice their lives for Demacia, plus the emerald leader is famous for its wealth , The weapon armor and stomach are naturally worse.

Blofield knew very well that the emerald collar soldiers who guarded Tina in the distance were better than the standard iron soldiers of Demacia, and it was difficult to know a bronze sword. Now, who would have thought that the emerald-collared soldier actually had a steel weapon, and even the armor was unusually cold and hard.

Similar to the plate armor of the Demacian soldiers, the ring iron heavy armor from head to toe makes the emerald-collared soldiers like a moving iron tower. The defense power is inferior to the knight plate armor, but the action is more flexible. I am afraid that only Demacia is the only one. The Mithril Armor is slightly better.

Noxus has the blood of the northern barbarians, and its body size is much higher than its species. It is said that Demacia belongs to the most elite warriors. Sophisticated weapons and excellent soldiers are enough to make the army of eyes become the most elite warriors. The invincible smashing army on the battlefield is also the enemy that Blofield is most willing to meet.

[Even with the protection of the Forbidden Stone, in terms of equipment, Demacia can't compare with the soldiers of the emerald collar.

Comparing the level of excellence of the soldiers of the army formation alone, the troop of the eye is comparable to the fighting will of the fearless vanguard, but only slightly inferior in equipment, unless the Noxus Black Guard with the magic steel weapon is the emerald leader.

The problem is that there are only more than 2,000 Fearless Pioneers, and the First Black Iron Guard Legion is 10,000 in size. In addition to the Three Black Iron Guards, the Jade Leader also returned its elite troops.

If there is a war between the Emerald Leaders in Demacia, there will be a lot of deaths on the battlefield of Demacia. Even if there are countless soldiers willing to sacrifice their lives for Demacia, it will be difficult for Demacia to win the war. It can only be consumed by the forbidden magic stone. Fight, fight hard with the jadeite collar]

Knowing why, even though Demacia's most elite army, the Fearless Vanguard Sword Captain, Blofield maintained a pessimistic attitude towards the war that Demacia's Emerald collar could have.

"What's that? It seems to be close to each other?"

Just as Blofield was a little dejected, a riot broke out in Noxus outside the fence. A rush of gray fog began to spread around from the direction of the castle, and the rolling gray fog blocked the sight of the station.

Blofield naturally saw Xi Miankong's vision, and lightly nodded with his elbow to Tina, who was closing her eyes to recharge her energy. At this moment, Captain Sword already had a good premonition.

"Grey mist? Where did it come from? Black magic from black lightning, right?"

"Wait, it doesn't seem to be mentioned in the battle plan?"

"Will there be any danger on the side of Captain Milton?"

"There is no news over there, Brut, quickly ask the Milton Army Commander about the situation."


The emerald scout named Brut just rode his horse, but saw a few dragon and bird knights flying like crazy and flying in the direction away from the gray fog. Now that the combat troops have a messenger, Brut is ready to do it again. , but listened to the swooping dragon bird knight roaring while shaking the army token of the first legion.

"The commander of the Milton Legion ordered the troops to quickly withdraw from the gray fog at all costs!

Commander Milton! All troops quickly withdraw from the gray fog area at all costs!

Get it wrong!


After finishing speaking, the Dragon Knight continued to fly towards the east, and its Dragon Knight also looked terrified, as if he didn't mean to stop at all.

"Damn it! Just talking about the reason for the evacuation, what happened to the commander of Milton?"

He hated to send all the dragon knights to the military court, and the emerald leader who was in charge of the prisoners gritted his teeth and issued an order to retreat.

"Team 5 of the Black Guards obey the orders! Those with heavy armor abandon heavy armor, and they must wait to discard all the heavy objects from their weapons and bodies, all move to the east, and quickly evacuate!"

"Repeat! The fifth team of the Black Guards obeys the order! Those who are heavily armored abandon the heavy armor, and must wait to discard all the heavy objects on the weapon body, and move to the east until they are out of the range of the gray fog, and quickly evacuate!"

Seeing that Noxus started to evacuate in a hurry, and the thirteen prisoners in the fence panicked, Tina also wanted to shout twice, but was stopped by Blofield. Because it has been a ragged year and touched a gold ring from his pocket.

"Let's follow and evacuate! The Viscount of the Gran Kingdom has a lot of wealth, and Xici lost a lot of things in the war. The last possession of the golden ring is willing to give it to him. When he returns to the Gran Kingdom, he will definitely pay a lot of money in person. Thanks!"

Nian's words made the captain hesitate for a moment. After waving his hand, the wooden door of the fence was opened by the soldiers with the jade collar, and Nian was placed behind a cavalry.

Glancing at some overwhelmed captives, the captain of the emerald collar rode on his horse and shook his head at the emerald collar soldier who was about to lock again ~www.novelbuddy.com~ The voice was released.

"Let's keep the door open, leave a knife, and what the **** is in the gray fog, you have to give me some hope, maybe it can help me."

Throwing away the iron lock, the emerald-collared soldier pulled the short knife around his waist and threw it into the fence.

The gray fog from the west was approaching at a terrifying speed, and the captain dared to continue to hesitate.

Winking at Tina, Blofield and Tina stood up and ran a few steps and knocked down the pair who were fighting for the short knife. After the rope was cut, the scolding stopped, and Eleven fled to the east.

The two ran from the fence, and Tina looked at Blofield.

"How to do?"

"Get out too! Follow Noxus!"

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