League of Legends Millennium Warlord - Chapter 550 The rules of the fog

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The gray fog spread much faster than it seemed. Seeing that he could not escape with his legs alone, Blofield could only hold Tina and handed the Noxian one-handed sword that Lu had picked up to the girl. shield guard,

Blofield himself picked up the familiar Noxus two-handed sword, but he didn't expect Noxus to throw things away when he said that, knowing that a situation happened to the soldiers, Demacia would be put on trial.

"According to the speed at which the gray fog spreads, I should have run away. If you tighten your hands, you can take care of each other in case of any weirdness in the gray fog."

Nodding, Tina pointed to the Noxian Buckler in the distance.

"There's still time for the shield there."

"it is good."

There was no armor and stomach lost by the Emerald Leader soldiers nearby, but I saw a part of the way, but they all fit, and it was urgent. devour.

The moment he was engulfed in the gray fog, Blofeld, who was holding his breath, pulled Tina's hand tightly, and a strange repulsion dissipated, and the two did not separate.

Just like the imaginary inability to see things, the visibility of the gray fog reaches about ten meters, and the deadly and dangerous aura is attacking from all directions. Blofeld squinted his eyes and looked at himself, always feeling as if something in the gray fog was peeping at him. .

"The fog is like some kind of evil magic, absolutely capable."

As if to warn himself and remind Tina, Blofeld took a deep breath to calm down some nervousness, and looked down at the arrow drawn with a long sword on the dirt floor.

"In the west, try to go in the direction and see if you can go."

After only walking about ten meters, Blofield found that he had lost his sense of direction. Strangely, Tina on the side also felt confused. Arrows, and even the surroundings became unfamiliar.

Like the disorienting sense of direction, the concept of time seems to have been affected in some way.

In the last resort, the two can only choose to go in an unknown direction.

After the two-one-one, they formed a double battle formation. Tina, holding a one-handed sword and a round shield, was on the right, ahead of Blofield, in case of a sudden arrow miss attack, Blofield clenched the two-handed sword, As you prepare to charge, launch a deadly attack on the enemy.

The two who had planned for a rainy day soon encountered the first accident. As a looming figure walked out of the gray fog, Brofield recognized the heavy armor of the jade collar, and the man patted the woman on the shoulder to signal the woman to stop.

"Well, it looks like Noxus."

"Blofield, that seems right."

Nodding, Brofield sounded.

"Friend of Noxus! Are you all right? It's weird, let's do it together?"

The expression on his face looked strange. The emerald-collared soldier, who seemed to be smiling but not smiling, was holding a blood-splattered emerald-collared horizontal knife in his right hand.

"Another... living prey..."

"Tina! Prepare to fight."


There is not much time left for the two. Facing the charge of the emerald-led soldiers, Tina took the lead and blocked the soldier's horizontal slash with an iron shield. To the horror, even though she had blocked the attack, Tina's left hand There was a shallow crack, but it looked like there was no blood.

Taking pride in her injury, Tina let out a roar, and took advantage of the Jade-Leaded Soldier's retreating machine to use the one-handed sword. The sword's edge was on the Jade-Leaded Soldier's bare left arm. The imaginary severance did not materialize, and the Emerald-Leaded Soldier only stumbled. As soon as the decline was stopped, he raised his sword and attacked Tina again.

Seeing the opportunity, Blofield kicked the emerald collar soldier in one step,

The first sword pierced the iron armor to repel the emerald collar soldiers, and Blofield quickly made up for the deadly second sword.

The two-handed sword slashed the soldier's neck with a cracking sound, and a horrified scene showed two eyes. I saw that the "weak" neck of the emerald-collared soldier was not opened by the sword, but his body was cracked like broken porcelain, like a spider. The net-like blood-colored crack, followed by the soldier's body festering open in a few seconds, together with the armor and weapons, turned into a floating ash.

Suddenly, Blofield felt that the surrounding gray fog was a little thicker, and the battle-hardened Demacian Fearless Pioneer First Shield Array Sword Lieutenant had a long mouth, as if he had just entered the military camp and saw the army kill chickens for the first time. rookie.

"What's going on? Why did this happen? Tina, did you see it too? The head that should have been cut off, why didn't the head fall off, but the body was shattered and turned to ashes? What evil? Different magic?"

The unreasonable scene shocked Tina, as if thinking of something, Tina looked down at the weird crack on the back of her left hand, her heart froze.

"Captain Jian, look, does it resemble the crack on your body?"

Tina's bewildered voice brought Blofield back to his senses, and only then did he notice the porcelain-like crack on the back of the woman's left hand. His heart tightened. Blofield took the initiative to hold the woman's hand and stroked it. The scar felt hard and fundamental. body temperature.

"Injured!? When?"

Facing Blofield's question, Tina shook her head.

"No, I'm pretty sure that the attack that was successfully blocked with the shield, but something happened to the left hand, like, like..."

"Like what?"

With Blofield's serious eyes, Tina said her first feelings in her heart.

"Speaking of unbelievable things, it's like a shield that can be bypassed by an attack. It can't be perfectly defended. In any case, if you are only attacked, you will be injured... If cracks are considered "wounds"."

Patting his face to wake himself up, Blofield released the female shield guard's hand.

"...Wait, let's rearrange the thinking, it's really weird, many things can be judged according to the principle... First of all, the attack of the gray fog will cause fatal injuries to the enemy, and it will also cause the disability effect of severed limbs. , will only increase the degree of "fragmentation" of the enemy's body,

Even beheading will do, to kill the enemy, unless the body is "shattered" to such an extent that it cannot sustain life, right? "

Forcibly looking away from the crack on the back of her left hand, Tina nodded.

"That's right, the attack made the emerald collar soldier unable to maintain his body, and then it shattered and turned to ashes."

"Then according to the situation, the gray fog is very unable to defend, and even if it blocks the enemy's attack, only the enemy's knife stabs, or touches, the body will have more cracks, if it suffers a heavy blow or fatal injury. If so, there will be more cracks, until the body shatters like that strange emerald collar soldier."

"The only way to defend is to avoid the attack perfectly and make the enemy incapacitated."

"Tina, don't take the shield..."

"If you take a shield, once you can't dodge the attack, the damage will be more serious.

Captain Brofield Sword, the one-handed sword and shield learned by the fearless pioneer, has no choice in the battle, at least can block some of the unavoidable attacks, in order to win the opportunity to attack,

If the two are destined to return to Demacia, I hope that only Demacia can understand the situation of Li Yinlan. I am afraid that there is some gray fog, and Noxus, the emerald collar, has no intention of doing anything. "

The atmosphere was a little heavy, Blofeld nodded and looked directly into the resolute gaze of the female shield guard.

"I like to say dejected words, come back two at a time, anyway, try to avoid the attack, be the main attacker, and support from the side, Tina, don't look at Demacia's sword captain, you still need the girl to take care of it."

Gritting her teeth, Tina nodded in response.

The road in the gray fog is farther and more desperate than imagined, the ever-changing scenery is as boundless as the gray sea, the dead silence and darkness can wear away the last trace of patience,

Huiji screamed murderous words in a clear sense and rushed to the two, so that after knowing some of the gray fog rules, by using environmental obstacles, the two cooperated enough to deal with ordinary lunatics without injury. Only the soldiers in armor with the jade collar will bring To put some pressure on the two, some soldiers' equipment was not turned into ashes during the period, so Blofield found a pair of hand armor and a set of half-body breastplates that were quite suitable.

After knowing it for a long time, the two of them, who had no idea what the hunger and thirst were, saw the castle. The fragments of the steel gate that had been blown up by the explosives piled up in the distance.

"Look, no matter where you go, you will eventually return to the inside. According to Noxus, the source of the gray fog is probably inside."

Blofield picked up a set of Noxus dragon lizard knight's saddle from the ground, apparently one of the dragon lizards had died, and he knew that the dragon lizard's owner was also there.

Looking up at the castle that looked like a giant beast, Tina noticed that her body was a little stiff.

"Come in?"

"Do you think there are other options?"

With a wry smile, Blofield stroked the crack in his arm.

"If you fight for one, I'm afraid it will be true."

In a closed room in Leinlaneburg, Milton, whose arms were full of cracks, sat on the ground with a sullen face, silently sharpening the edge of his beloved knife with the whetstone he carried with him, surrounded by a dozen of Milton's men. The emerald collar soldier is wounded, and his body has more or less hideous cracks.

The short-headed Meme tightly holds the Catalytic Stone of Eternal Life in her left hand, and uses an obsidian crystal staff in her right hand to control a fire element bird composed of magic elements. Road, and the other two surviving mages sat cross-legged to speed up their meditation.

It wasn't until Mammy withdrew the magic that the cold sharpening sound stopped, and Milton put his eyes on the female mage.

"How is it? Did you find the right way?"

Nodding, Maemi took a pen and paper and began to draw the next route.

"The route with the least number of "lost people" can be seen farther away, to be sure, it is far away from the lord's main castle, because the lord's stove is seen at the end of the corridor.

Milton, more of the lost are moving in the direction and must go in. "

While speaking, a soldier with an emerald collar who was at rest in the room suddenly began to twitch. The soldier's mouth murmured intelligible language, and the expression on his face looked ferocious.

With what Milton said, and the two emerald-led soldiers slashed at the comrade-in-arms just now, the long knife killed his neck and heart, and watched his colleagues shattered and turned to ashes, and the faces of the surviving soldiers were It was hard to hide the color of loss, and a strange atmosphere overwhelmed everyone's heart.

Anyway, personally burying the irrational comrade-in-arms's blow to morale paid off, and the ending was unexpected.

Standing up, Milton, holding a long knife, looked at each soldier with a solemn tone.

"Everyone, please remember that the most elite warriors in the emerald leader can hold high the supreme glory of the battlefield, and fight until the moment they stop breathing, fear of death, and fear of being defeated by fear~www.novelbuddy.com~ The psychology of cowards is the most shameful.

If you lose your mind, please behead without hesitation, and Andrew will take over the command. If Andrew is also killed, then the highest rank Rex will continue to command, and so on. "

Speaking of which, Milton's eyes became more bloody, and the magic steel sword in his hand trembled slightly, as if resonating with the Lord.

"Those who are alive protect Mage Mimi at all costs, and cooperate with Mage Mimi to continue advancing until the culprit that caused the gray fog is destroyed.

In the dictionary of the Emerald Collar, there is no retreat word, becoming more mad than the lost, more afraid of warriors,

Follow, and slay the enemy of the eye. "

The strange sense of loss was swept away, and all stood up and clenched the weapons in their hands.

"I can follow Milton and die in battle, even if I die!"

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