League of Legends Millennium Warlord - Chapter 555 The yodel inventor and the mushroom-pickers…

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On March 2, Sylvie B. Heimerdinger's experimental record sheet, the 25th kinetic experiment.

Time: 08:30

Location: Bandle City Forest (has passed the experimental application of the Merlin Gunners Unit)


Current experiments: mechanical gear rotor that can transform energy transmission power, water conservancy magic bicycle

On the outskirts of Bandle City, the bearded yordle put down the experiment record sheet in his hand, pulled the handbrake lever, and waited until the horseless carriage slowly stopped in the clearing by the forest, and the yordle was a little awkward. He jumped off the [Yordel-style disc steam horseless carriage] he developed and took a few steps to the rear deck.

As recorded on the experimental record sheet, the full name of the yordle people is [Siel B. Heimerdinger]. He is an outstanding young inventor who has left his family and became independent in the Bandle people. Home is revelling in his technical experiments.

Supporting the funny-looking auxiliary glasses on the bridge of his nose, Heimerdinger proudly lifted off the waterproof fabric on the rear deck of the carriage, and two big guys were suddenly exposed on the deck of the carriage.

Through countless experiments, the great Heimerdinger had mastered how to make a watertight tarp out of cotton and linen, and it was because of the waterproof raincoat that would work on most furry yordles that Heimerdinger persuaded His quiet neighbors continue to let him carry out his inventions, lest some irritable companions cause irreparable damage to his cherished studio.

In fact, Heimerdinger's experiment is more likely to cause some accidents than the impact caused by the neighbors, which also allows Heimerdinger to learn enough lessons and engrave the idea of ​​'safety first' into his heart .

Unsurprisingly, two things destined to catch the eye of other yordles are securely held by metal arms on the deck,

A round mechanical rotor the size of a head, a magic bicycle filled with water,

The former can make the rotor start to rotate stably through magical charging. According to its characteristics, it is enough to be used in many mechanical devices in Bandle City, greatly reducing the labor intensity of Bandle residents. Under the shackles of scientific rules, it uses sufficient and violent magic energy. Instead of manpower, that's the beauty of science.

After the latter is loaded into a qualified magic core, the magic core will drive the living water in the bicycle's gallbladder to circulate uninterruptedly. Before the energy is exhausted, the rider does not need to think about kicking or stretching his feet, he only needs to think about how to stop the car, and this is something Heimerdinger needs to consider afterward.

"The flat **** before this woodland is perfect."

Pushing down the bicycle along the angled frame of the rear panel, Heimerdinger took a deep breath and carefully poured the pure water he carried with him into the gallbladder from the gallbladder mouth. It is Heimerdinger's standard of doing things for himself.

Look up at the sky, the sky is clear, the sun is shining,

Well, the weather is nice.

At present, the visibility is very high. After thinking about it, Heimerdinger decided to take off the protective glasses to avoid breaking the lenses in the event of an accident. After all, finding and polishing a suitable magnifying glass is not an easy task, at least a little bit. In the 'impetuous' Bandle City, it's not easy to find such Bandle people.

Just thinking about it, Heimerdinger, who had just taken off his glasses, widened his eyes, and the sky had already started to rain.

"After my calculations, the water mist can drift away from here very quickly... It's a good start."

The sky in Bandle City is as much a material realm as it is windy, it rains, and it snows when the fourth quarter arrives.

Most of the residents of Bandle City will not be affected by the abnormal weather, which naturally includes Heimerdinger.

Sitting on the seat of the bicycle, Heimerdinger began to turn the handle of his right hand, and the thin iron wire treated with magic tightened and pulled the yellow piston, so that the magic core in the quartz glass cover began to release sufficient energy,

With the energy of the magic core, the water in the gallbladder can be boiled by increasing the internal heat, and the water flow forming a circular closed circuit accelerates the flow along the metal pipe with the additional heat insulation layer. The boiling water flow drives the special gear to rotate continuously, and the gear is connected The axle of the rear wheel brings sufficient power to the bicycle.

Driven by the axle, the bicycle that was standing still slowly drove forward.

Heimerdinger always maintains a certain uniform speed. Whenever the speed is 'out of control', Heimerdinger will cut off the channel of the magic core and gallbladder, slowing down the speed of the car. In terms of the safety of creations , Heimerdinger has always been perfect.

"I need to use up all the energy to get the improved data. A qualified bicycle must at least safely circle around the periphery of Bandle Forest for a week, otherwise it is an unsuccessful waste and needs to be improved."

The bicycle carrying the yordle bumped slightly when it passed the small bushes. The sudden sound from the grass startled Heimerdinger. Before the car rolled over, he quickly stopped the bicycle, thinking that he had crashed. Some yordle hiding in the grass.

"Ah, are you all right?"

"Yeah! My mushroom solitary! Woohoo... The mushroom solitary I just picked."

The familiar green messenger flat hat, the quiver worn by the ranger and inserted in the belt, the yordle holding a broken mushroom in front of him is the famous forest scout Teemo of Bandle City.

It stands to reason that Teemo should be patrolling in the woods to prevent humans from entering Bandle City by mistake. Heimerdinger was indeed a little surprised to appear here.

"Teemo? Why are you here?"

"It turned out to be Heimerdinger. Are you inventing again? It looks good."

"Yeah, according to my calculations... Today is a good day for experiments. The braking system and endurance of this bicycle are not good enough. I am improving it.

It's you, don't you have a job? Why are you picking mushrooms here? "

"Actually, I have recently handed over the work of the forest tour to Tristana. With her gunner team in Bandle City, there will be no danger, because the portal of Bandle City has stopped in an interesting place recently, listen. Saying that there is a special plant growing in that place, I plan to go to Runeterra to take a look and prepare something that can be used..."

Scratching his head, Teemo stuffed the crushed mushroom back into his backpack pocket, and lightly patted the dewy hem of his clothes.

Fortunately, the canopy was not damaged, and it was not a problem to extract some non-lethal paralyzing toxins.

Heimerdinger suddenly realized, and suddenly became interested.

"It turns out to be like this. When I get off the car and look for glasses, can you tell me about your extraction efficiency? How much toxin can be extracted from such a big poisonous mushroom? I will see if it can be improved. In fact, I recently have a new idea..."

Seeing that Heimerdinger was about to enter the R&D madman mode, Teemo hurried forward and shook his little hand into a small windmill. The shaking Heimerdinger was a little dizzy.

Once he is entangled by Heimerdinger, it is difficult to get out. Whether it is assisting Heimerdinger to do some 'absolutely safe' dangerous experiments or being questioned by Heimerdinger about the most primitive toxin extraction process, it is a It's a very troublesome thing, after all, no matter how good he is, he can't teach Heimerdinger, who likes to use a wrench, to rub the explosive mushroom with his hands.

It's not that he is unwilling to help, but the portal of Bandle City will not stay in a certain location in Rune Land for a long time, and Heimerdinger's experiment takes a lot of time, and it will delay things if it comes and goes.

He needs to hurry up and go to Zaun according to the information from Tristana and Lu Lugi, and look for fluorescent plants growing underground in the human gathering place called 'Zuan'.

In Lulu's words, the sap of that fluorescent plant can make some light-colored plants disappear under the sunlight. If he can use the sap of this fluorescent plant, he might be able to improve the mushroom bomb.

The most critical question now is how to interrupt Heimerdinger's research madman mode.

While Heimerdinger's big head was still spinning, he knew that the possibility of Heimerdinger stopping the invention and leaving Bandle City with himself was very small, and Teemo took the retreat as the way forward.

"By the way, Heimerdinger, you haven't left Bandle City for a long time. It's always good to live in the beautiful Bandle City, but there are many interesting places in Runeterra.

Would you like to go to Runeterra with me to relax? Runeterra, named Zaun, also has many strange human inventions. Maybe you can get more inspirations when you come back? Of course, if you don't have time, we can go next time... Well, I won't bother, I'm leaving. "

"A human invention..."

Heimerdinger, who was full of mushroom extractor models in his mind, was stunned for a moment, all the guesses vanished, and his face suddenly became serious, which surprised Teemo, who was smiling with small eyes, and the yordle scout He stopped, wondering if he had offended the yordle inventor in front of him in some way.

When the yordle scout was uneasy, Heimerdinger jumped off the bike hill and took the scout's hand.

"Timo, you are right, behind closed doors is not a good way to create, especially in the field of science, the collision of sparks of ideas is more likely to generate new inspiration and great creations, I decided to go to Rune Land with you. "

"Ah!? Ah, alright, that's great, Heimerdinger is going with him, sounds good."

The unexpected situation made Teemo a little overwhelmed. Fortunately, he was not an idiot, so he changed his mind in time.

As long as Heimerdinger doesn't drag him all day long to discuss those murky scientific theories, this will be a good yordle adventure.

"If you want to go too, I need to prepare more paralyzing toxins. The current amount is estimated to be enough for me alone. Let's go to pick some mushrooms. Living in the human kingdom is still dangerous..."

"Why is the bad guy that one yordle and two yordle encounter different? Isn't the paralyzing poison used to deal with bad guys? Is there any scientific basis for your calculation that the two are positively correlated?"


[Who am I, where am I, what is Heimerdinger saying? How should I respond? 】

The eyes of Teemo, which had been difficult to open in a hundred years, suddenly widened. After the slit disappeared, the small black bean-like eyes reflected the light of 'wisdom'. A yordle is far less likely to meet a bad guy than a yordle is to travel alone.

More people are more powerful, and this principle can be applied anywhere.

"It's okay, I mean, you just happened to try my bicycle, aren't you looking for Mushroom? Riding a bicycle is always faster than you."

The bewildered Teemo was brought on a bicycle by Heimerdinger.

"As long as you turn the handlebar bicycle in your right hand, the bicycle will move forward by itself. Believe me, if this kind of water conservancy magic bicycle can be popularized in Bandle City..."

"Will there be a lot of trouble?"

Teemo's words made Heimerdinger stunned on the spot, and the terrifying appearance of a hundred yordles playing and running karts, littering missiles and water dragonflies, appeared in his mind. The big-headed yordle inventor lowered his head and groped. With his long beard, Teemo turned the handlebars all the way to the bottom without realizing it, and started the first Need for Speed ​​in Bandle City.

"...It makes sense, at least give some reliable yordles, and don't give those troublesome guys, otherwise Bandle City will definitely have a big mess, and if Tristana bans my experiments, it will be troublesome..."

Teemo's screams gradually disappeared, until Teemo, who was riding a bicycle, disappeared into the forest and started the off-road journey. Heimerdinger, who had forgotten his safety, was still in deep thought.

"Experiment...experiment, wait, I don't seem to have started testing the improved mechanical gear rotor..."

In the depths of the forest, the bicycle was already torn apart, and the fierce impact caused an explosion from the magic energy core, which blew up the riders, and also changed the face of Tristana, the captain of the Merlin gunners who was cruising in the depths of the forest.

"Boom, we have something to do!"

Putting the thick, long and sturdy cannon barrel on the glade, the Merlin gunner lit the lead and clenched the metal handle of the cannon.

"Fairy Wood"


The shell blasted a small pit on the ground, UU read www. uukanshu. The powerful reverse impact force of com made Tristana fly into the air, holding her cannon tube [Boom], and flying directly over a few hundred meters, Tristana came to the place where the explosion sounded, looking for possible existences The Bandle Raider.

Soon, the team leader of the Merlin Gunner found a pile of sophisticated scrap iron. On the tree trunk, a tattered scout vest was hanging on the top of the tree, and the tense nerves of the gunner captain could not help loosening.

"Tristana, save, save me..."

As the voice fell, Teemo, who was standing upside down and embedded in the sturdy tree trunk, slid down the bark.

"Aren't you picking mushrooms? Wait, I see..."

Returning her gaze to the broken machine, Tristana stroked her forehead with her right hand and sighed.

"Sure enough, Heimerdinger's inventions are always dangerous, no, very dangerous."

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