Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 6414 you don't even have a wife

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Remember [New] in a second! He used to look like a savior, but now he kills anyone who gets in the way with one kick.

It seems that I am a little hypocritical.

But there is no way to explain it.

Just when he was struggling, he found that there was no sword energy reflected in the mirror.

Then came the mirror shattering.

A majestic breath erupted from within.

But it was not an attack, but a broken breath.


The huge mirror was completely shattered, leaving only a small mirror floating in the air.

Needless to say, it is the body of the innate treasure.

What was just now was just a field.

"I didn't do anything?" Yang Dingtian looked surprised.

The same is true for the people watching below. They didn't know what to say, and the mirror suddenly shattered.

The double-faced Buddha hidden in the hall was taken aback, and suddenly opened his eyes.

At this moment, he was not calm, but seemed a little flustered.

"how is this possible?"

"How could the domain be broken?"

"Who did it?"

Countless possibilities appeared in his mind for a while.

But he excluded them all.

"In this world, there is only the Holy Master who can destroy the Chaos Supreme Treasure Domain without a sound. Could it be that he discovered me?" The double-faced Buddha suddenly shook his head in a state of confusion, thinking: " It's also unlikely, if he found out about my existence, he would have shown up long ago, could it be that there are also some strong outsiders hidden among those people outside?"

His eyes suddenly widened.

In this case, it is not impossible.

After a brief surprise from the outside world, they began to join forces to attack the temple formation.

The situation in the hall suddenly became tense.

The Four Great Guardians and the Ten True Immortals once again manipulated the God Destroyer Formation.

"Palace Master, it really doesn't work, let's fight, maybe there is still hope to escape!" Yunhai Dharma Protector seemed a little anxious.

But the heart is not in a hurry.

He is just a puppet who is greedy for Mie Shen.

At this time, it is natural to show loyalty.

But in the ears of the double-faced Buddha, only the word escape was heard.

There is no possibility of desperate.

"Run? Where are you going?" The Double-faced Buddha sneered and stood up slowly at the same time.

He didn't have to run long ago.

Even if you can retreat here for thousands of years or even a million years, you don't have time to run.

Although there is a smile in the eyes, there is also a sense of sadness.

"I haven't seen the return of my family, and I haven't witnessed the true glory, but I will fall because of it!"

Some of the words of the double-faced Buddha were incomprehensible to everyone present.

Especially the four guardians.

They have followed the Palace Master for the longest time.

Never heard of the group of double-faced Buddha?

Aren't we all humans?

Moreover, when the Double-faced Buddha was weak, he was just a young monk in a temple.

The mortal body at the beginning reached the peak by virtue of killing and hypocrisy.

Always alone.

Where did the ethnic group come from?

Guardian Qifeng would like to remind you!

"Mansion Master, you don't even have an ethnic group where your parents and wives come from?"

But this sentence is impossible to say.

Because he dare not.

But someone dared.

A faint thought force suddenly began to rise.

He condensed from the white fireworks, and also walked out from the white flames.

"Should I call you a double-faced Buddha? Or a strong man from another world?"

The figure bathed in the white flames has no form or form, only the breath of the white flames, not his breath, as if it never existed.

The figure was Jian Wushuang. After he broke the domain, he concentrated all his power on the thought power in the hall.

At this time, he fully recovered and appeared in front of the double-faced Buddha.

Do not!

It is in front of a strong man from another world.

The double-faced Buddha's eyelids twitched, not surprised by Jian Wushuang's appearance, but just surprised by Jian Wushuang's strength.

He is not the group of village elders from the outside world.

He is a superpower who has traveled through many great worlds. He has witnessed the destruction of thousands of worlds, and he has also witnessed the miracle of the universe.

So he can understand the power of Jian Wushuang.

Invisible and colorless.

That is no longer the emperor, it is likely to be the Lord of the Universe.

Because the Lord of the universe can also be invisible and colorless in his own universe.

After all, the entire universe is its own body.

But Jian Wushuang is different. He is now a Mahayana monk, but because of the body of the beast, he can also remain invisible and colorless.

It's just that his current physical strength is still too weak. If he can increase to a level of tens of millions of times, it will not be a problem to directly swallow the entire ancient world.

At that time, even if he was still in the Mahayana stage, he was not afraid of any emperor.

Even if the lord of the universe comes, he has to stay away.

Note that it is not the Tribulation Realm, but the Lord of the Universe.

Because what the beast likes to eat most is the origin of the universe.

The origin of such a big world is not uncommon.

To devour is also to eat the purest essence.

Rather than this messy original world.

The origin of the universe is required to start.

But now he is more interested in this strong man from another world, because he feels an inexplicable excitement from him.

That was the excitement from the Nine Prison Tower.

"Shenyan clan powerhouse, I'm curious, when did you seize the double-faced Buddha?" Jian Wushuang revealed the other party's identity in one word.

This made the eyes of the Double-Faced Buddha who hadn't spoken yet, and was even a little fluke, burst.

In a word, the other party saw through his underpants.

How can we talk about this?

At the same time, countless thoughts suddenly rose in his mind.

Who is the opponent?

Why do you know his identity?

It is nothing to know that he is from another world.

It can be inferred from the breath.

But being able to recognize the identity of his God-eye clan, even the Holy Master who fused the two sequences could not do it.

Because he is a true God-eye clan powerhouse.

What I have practiced since I was a child is the complete mystery of the eyes.

He started to practice from the first round, and now he has cultivated to the third round.

At its peak, it can fight against the robbery.

He himself is also an extremely strong man.

He didn't put the emperor in his eyes at all.

Moreover, he is also a noble God-eye clan powerhouse, and he is an invincible existence at the same level.

But now that someone recognized his identity at a glance, with his vision, he couldn't even detect the other party's aura and identity.

This is what frightened him the most.

The God-eye tribe has disappeared for a long time. Since he recovered, he has traveled more than half of the universe, but he has not found the same tribe. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com

He kept searching, and even went to dangerous places.

But no one of the same race has been found, and no one has ever been able to recognize his identity.

Otherwise, it would have been researched long ago.

Searched most of the universe, but did not meet the same race.

Now he meets a mysterious strong man who can recognize his identity.

He was beyond surprised for a moment.

There is excitement deep in my heart, but also fear.

Excited someone still remembers!

I still remember that powerful God-eye clan, and I can still recognize him as a strong God-eye clan.

But also fear!

The fear comes from the sudden extinction of the original God-eye clan.

It must have violated some kind of rules and was collectively exterminated by a super existence.

Now that he meets a mysterious strong man who recognizes him, he is also worried about this.

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