Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1795 - Cooperation

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Chapter 1795 Cooperation

Although the silver-haired Companion Beast made Zhou Lingfeng sound terrible, Zhou Wen didn’t think so.

Sometimes, giving up was harder than persisting. Furthermore, what the silver-haired Companion Beast said was only one-sided. Only they knew the truth.

“What’s your relationship with Chess Mountain?” Zhou Wen interrupted the silver-haired Companion Beast’s complaints and asked a question he really wanted the answer to.

If The Thearch was really Nüwa and the silver-haired Companion Beast was Earth’s Companion Beast, what was the relationship between the silver-haired Companion Beast that suddenly awakened when he approached Chess Mountain and Nüwa?

Could it be as Jing Daoxian had said, Chess Mountain was the beginning of myths?

“Why should I tell you?” The silver-haired Companion Beast snorted coldly.

“Don’t you owe me an answer?” Zhou Wen asked.

The silver-haired Companion Beast didn’t refute him this time. He had said that Zhou Wen only needed to open the metal slab to know the answer, but he hadn’t given him anything

“Speaking of which, we were all schemed against. The enemy of an enemy is a friend. Perhaps we can cooperate.” The silver-haired Companion Beast looked at Zhou Wen and said, “Your strength is barely passable. Perhaps you can help a little.”

“Cooperate? How?” Zhou Wen didn’t retort. If he wasn’t strong enough, how could the silver-haired Companion Beast cooperate with him? However, Zhou Wen wasn’t in the mood to fuss over this. He wanted to know as much as possible.

“Stop the birth of Earth’s Companion Beast.” The silver-haired Companion Beast’s answer surprised Zhou Wen.


Zhou Wen imagined that he wanted to find Ouyang Ting, but the outcome was something else.

However, Zhou Wen got a rough idea of the situation on second thought.

Since the silver-haired Companion Beast was Earth’s former Companion Beast, and now that Earth had produced a new Companion Beast, it naturally hindered him. It wasn’t strange for the silver-haired Companion Beast to want to snatch back something that belonged to him.

Without waiting for Zhou Wen to ask, the silver-haired Companion Beast explained, “I want to snatch back what belongs to me. And if you don’t stop the birth of Earth’s Companion Beast, it will be the destruction of Earth when it is born. It will also be the end of humanity. Therefore, we have a common goal. Cooperation is the best choice.”

“Don’t tell me the Earth Companion Beast you mentioned is on Chess Mountain?” Zhou Wen asked with narrowed eyes.

“Apart from that, where else?” the silver-haired Companion Beast said.

“Have you forgotten that the Nüwa you mentioned left a wish mark on me? If I go to Chess Mountain, only death awaits me.” Zhou Wen wanted to obtain more useful information from the silver-haired Companion Beast.

“Do you think she can’t kill you if you don’t go anywhere? How naive. She has already left a wish mark on you. As long as she’s willing, you won’t be able to escape death no matter where you go.” The silver-haired Companion Beast seemed to think of something as he sized up Zhou Wen and said, “It’s a little strange. She has already left a mark on you, but she didn’t attack you. That is strange.”

“Then tell me about her,” Zhou Wen said.

“There’s nothing to say. Only one person can live, she or me. Without her, I wouldn’t have ended up in such a state,” the silver-haired Companion Beast said hatefully.

Zhou Wen found it funny. This silver-haired Companion Beast tended to push everything on others.

One moment, he was talking about how he would have turned out without Ouyang Ting, while the next moment, he was talking about how he would turn out without Zhou Lingfeng. Now, he was talking about how he would turn out without Nüwa.

From Zhou Wen’s expression, the silver-haired Companion Beast knew what he was thinking. He immediately said angrily, “Kid, if you were me, I’m afraid you would be even worse than me.”

Enraged, the silver-haired Companion Beast recounted what had happened.

Zhou Wen truly sympathized with the silver-haired Companion Beast after hearing his story. It was a tragedy.

Every planet in the universe had only one Companion Egg. Zhou Wen had long known this, but where did these Companion Eggs come from? He never had an answer to this question.

According to the silver-haired Companion Beast, he didn’t know where he came from. When he gained consciousness, he was dug out by someone.

A planetary Companion Egg that had just been born and hadn’t begun the incubation process had been dug out. This was unimaginable.

However, someone had done it. That person was the Nüwa-also The Thearch as suspected by Zhou Wen-mentioned by the silver-haired Companion Beast.

As the silver-haired Companion Beast had just gained consciousness and was still ignorant, he didn’t know who the woman was.

Only after he awakened did he figure out what had happened.

Nüwa had used some unknown method to dig him out to nurture a new Earth Companion Beast.

As for why she was doing this, the silver-haired Companion Beast still didn’t know.

He only remembered that the woman had descended from the sky on a huge ship and dug him out while he was still an egg.

“A huge ship?” The scene of a huge ship immediately surfaced in Zhou Wen’s mind.

There were legends about a Great Flood in myths all over the world. And in the information Zhou Wen had obtained over the years, there was a story of a ship descending from the sky to save the humans in the flood.

The anchor and the woman’s portrait made the image in Zhou Wen’s mind even clearer.

Could it be that the flood back then was triggered by Nüwa’s ship entering the underground world to dig out the Earth Companion Egg? Zhou Wen gradually connected all the information together.

However, there was something Zhou Wen still didn’t understand. Why was it that in the legends of the Great Flood, there were legends of an ark saving humans in other areas, but there were no records of this in Eastern myths?

The Great Flood myth of the East only had the legend of Yu the Great controlling the water, but there was no record of a ship saving humans.

If Chess Mountain was the birthplace of Earth’s Companion Beast, wouldn’t the East have more legends about the ship?

“Let’s work together to kill her before she escapes. You get to live, and I’ll take back what belongs to me. We’ll each take what we need,” the silver-haired Companion Beast suggested again.

“Since you know that I have a wish mark, how do we go to Chess Mountain?”

“I naturally have a way. Otherwise, why would I want to work with you?” The silver-haired Companion Beast seemed confident as he turned around and left. “Follow me.”

Zhou Wen flew with the silver-haired Companion Beast. At that moment, the energy fluctuations from the silver-haired Companion Beast had completely vanished. It was impossible to tell what level his strength had reached.

Just from his speed, he didn’t seem to be weaker than an Apocalypse-grade powerhouse like Transcendent Immortal.

Moments later, the silver-haired Companion Beast landed somewhere. Zhou Wen focused his gaze and was somewhat surprised.

Why is it here? Zhou Wen was alarmed. The place the silver-haired Companion Beast had brought him to was Guide Ancient City.

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