Live Wilderness Adventure - Chapter 879 dynasty

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Whenever a motley wolf feels hungry, it will initiate a group hunting request by sneezing.

Whether its request goes through depends on how many sneezes it can collect.

It has even evolved into a more advanced form—variety wolves at different levels have different right to speak when they sneeze.

Provided that the first variegated wolf to sneeze is the leader of the pack, it only needs to get three or so more sneezes for the pack to rally and start hunting.

But if the first variegated wolf to sneeze is an ordinary variegated wolf, then about nine other variegated wolves must join it, that is, more than ten tickets, before its hunting request can be approved.

【Too outrageous】

[Is this the earth? 】

[Nature is so big that there are no surprises. 】

[I unilaterally declare that the motley wolf has become a spirit, which is a sign of demonization! 】

Animals can vote. For most audiences, this is definitely a blind spot in the blind area of ​​knowledge. The unbelievable facts are in front of them, and a storm is directly set off in the brain.

It's really hard to imagine that animals can have such a high IQ performance, and it's not even a simple one ticket for each variegated wolf.

Just one word - outrageous!

Bi Fang nodded: "The election behavior of animals is indeed quite rare in nature. As far as I know, there are no more than one hand."

[Hiss, counting with one hand, which means there are other animals too? 】


[It’s unbelievable, as expected, there are a lot of animals that become sperm in foreign countries]

【I said it at the beginning】

"In more detail, the African buffalo will, unlike the mottled wolf's sneeze, they use the 'toward voting method' to determine the direction to go."

"Which foraging point is the closest, and where the water and grass grow luxuriantly, this kind of thing is very important to the African buffalo herd, whose total number can easily exceed a thousand, and it is directly related to the survival of the buffalo."

"So about an hour before the collective foraging, the female adult buffalo in the herd start voting."

"Each of them will stand up for a minute, stare at the place they want to go, and then lie down in this direction. Finally, whichever direction has the most buffaloes, then everyone will go to graze."

[Then here comes the question, what if there are exactly the same number of buffaloes facing in both directions? 】

【You will be arrogant】

【So good at bragging, why don't you go to the construction site】

[Buffalo: Oops, the brain is about to grow]

【Cow Brain Overload】

"Hahaha, this kind of situation is not uncommon. In fact, it is simple, just divide into two teams and look for food separately."

Bi Fang was not surprised by the audience's tricky question, and said bluntly, "African buffaloes don't know how to count, so I just roughly estimated the number. 55 and 45 will be regarded as 55, so there is often a difference between the two parties 'the number of votes is the same' In other cases, they will be directly divided into two teams."

[Smart, but not that smart (eat melon)]


[Looks like a big smart]

"Secondly, there are red deer, which use the 'standing vote method'."

Bi Fang then gave an example of an animal.

"The red deer will lie down and chew the cud after eating grass, and some red deer eat fast and digest quickly, so they will naturally get hungry quickly, while others will be slower, and those who eat fast will want to go to other places for food, but As social animals, we all must act in unison."

"At this time, the red deer will stand up, and whoever is hungry will stand. When the number of standing red deer exceeds 60% of the group, everyone will start a new foraging operation together."

"If there are not enough deer, even if the leading red deer stands up, this operation will not be approved."

【America line】

[It’s so amazing that it has a certain impact on my worldview]

[I was surprised to hear this kind of thing, and increased my knowledge, but I admire Lao Fang's knowledge more than animals]

[Isn't this Fang Shen's routine operation?]

[If one day Lao Fang suddenly announced live broadcast that he had proved the unified field theory, I might be a little surprised]

[Compared with buffalo and red deer, I feel that the motley wolf vote is more complicated, and there are so many votes, it is really too smart]

[I understand what Bi Fang said about the social behavior of motley wolves is very complicated, how complicated is it?]

Bi Fang couldn't help but nodded.

"If you're new to mottled wolves, you might think they're not that 'social'."

"Compared to dogs or gray wolves we are familiar with, variegated wolves have much less body language, especially facial expressions, and they are not as noisy as dogs, and their vocal signals are not rich."

"But from the study of sneezing votes, the variegated wolves are not bad at expressing, but we haven't fully cracked their communication methods..."

Bi Fang took Harley lying on the grass, and introduced the "three brothers" on the prairie to the audience with a unique deep voice, making sure that the sound would neither disturb the eating animals nor let the animals eat too much. The audience couldn't hear what was said.

The eldest brother, the lion, the second brother, the hyena, and the third brother, the variegated wolf, eat together in this less than one mu of land.

"Many people know that the second brother in Africa is a spotted hyena, but few people know that the motley wolf is also the third brother on the African savannah. Even because of their similar heads, many animal editing videos will introduce the motley wolf as a hyena."

"As the third brother, with the current number of variegated wolves, the combat power is actually going to surpass that of leopards, but perhaps because they don't want to think of conflicts, even an ostrich and leopard can't finish it, so the two sides did not clash, and the variegated wolves also I don’t want to lose on my side.”

"Scenes like the gathering of the 'three brothers' are rare."

"There is a saying that in the earliest version of the "Lion King" animation, the villains placed by Disney's illustrators next to 'Scar' were not spotted hyenas, but variegated wolves."

"The reason for the change of actors is obvious. Compared with the silent variegated wolf, the spotted hyena that barks like a smirk is obviously more 'playful'."

""The Lion King" is an African enlightenment work for me. Although the story template is the same as "Hamlet", it is the result of decades of animal behavior research on the lion, based on many biological observations and descriptions. 'Infanticide' by lions."

"It's not an exaggeration to say it's an eco-documentary."

"In a sense, the motley wolf escaped a 'catastrophe' of being stigmatized, but missed an opportunity to be famous."

Bi Fang's tone suddenly became rather regretful.

"It's only been in the past two decades that the variegated wolf has been valued by everyone. Because we suddenly discovered that the variegated wolf, which used to be everywhere, is now endangered."

"Currently there are only about 6,000 variegated wolves left in the world, and even a few have the ability to breed."

"From Algeria to South Africa, these variegated wolves are trapped in nearly a hundred fragmented habitats."

"In order to solve the real survival problem, many scholars initiated the action of changing the name of the variegated wolf, trying to make their original name spread more widely, rather than the nickname of wild dog."

[Renamed? 】

[No, UU Reading www. What's the use of 】

"Of course it is useful. 'African wild dog' is not only called by us in China, but also in many places. In foreign countries, it is African Wild Dog. This name will make many people think that they are just African pastoral dogs."

"But they are wild animals, not dogs, and the importance of the two is completely different."

"Do you still remember the Sir who climbed Mount Everest with me before?"

"A few years ago, there was a documentary called "Dynasty". There were five episodes in total. There were five protagonists in it, one in each episode. Among them was Motley Wolf. It’s the same in eco-documents.”

"Whether it's starring Sir Alex, or Mike Gunton, the helm of the "Dynasty" series, they insist on using Painted Wolf instead of African Wild Dog in the film, so that the public can really understand the name and meaning of this creature, as well as their unique survival. abilities and habits."

"When we know it, recognize it, understand it, the future of Africa's top predator may be a little bit brighter."


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