Lord of Pets - Chapter 1387 : 6-turn Shenhuang and 8-winged Seraph King

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"That is…"

Following Mirenda's gaze, the warriors acting as gatekeepers turned their heads one by one.

Then, the soles of their feet seemed to grow roots, and they were frozen in place, with a stiff expression, no different from ice sculptures.

"how is this possible?!"

"Those gaps...could they be..."

The World Shield Dragon God, who returned in triumph, squinted his eyes, and a dragon heart suddenly sank to the bottom of the valley.

He saw that on the other side of the Gate of Breaking Boundary, in the world inside the gate that should have been regarded as the base camp, dense blood lines appeared suddenly.

That's not blood, let alone an illusion, but a crack in the void that contains the power of space but is full of destructive aura!


As if the loud noise of the shackles being broken free, a gap near the gate of the realm continued to amplify.

A rushing river can be vaguely seen inside the gap.

The river is extremely wide and extremely powerful.

But what flows inside is not water at all, but bright and dazzling blood!

"The river of reincarnation? Is this the legendary river of reincarnation? "

"Isn't this place known as the first restricted zone in ancient times been sealed away? How could it reappear in the world?!"

The Clawless Dragon God, the Seventh Generation Ancestor Dragon, was so startled that he jumped his tail, and the dragon scales all over his body stood up like a hedgehog.

The Twilight God giant next to him was even more shocked, his jaw almost fell to the ground. In his usual calm eyes, only fear and anger flickered.

"The Pale Hand? Is he playing tricks?"

"The so-called breaching of the gate of the realm by the evil spirits in the early days did not intend to break through from the beginning to the end. Instead, they buried the lead early and waited for the day when the time is right to ignite it with their own hands?!"

Once this conjecture arises, the eight-winged candy **** angel's chest rises and falls, and the face of the four generations of ancestor dragons and goblin dragons turns pale.

More ancestor-level mythical powerhouses were soaked in the cold a little bit, as if they were facing an abyss from the inside to the outside.

——The river of reincarnation, no matter in any historical legend, represents "taboo"!

It is itself the most mysterious and incomprehensible forbidden zone of death.

A sage once spent his whole life in divination, guessing that this place, like its name, is not only the core of the entire extraordinary world, but also plays a role in supporting the ecology.

At the same time, it is also because the divine substance is too strong, and things will be reversed at the extremes. If the flesh and blood life forms of the non-extreme realm enter rashly, they will inevitably face the risk of extinction.

"In the oldest era, it is said that it was precisely because the river of reincarnation was associated with innate taboos that the first **** king of the ancient demon clan regarded it as a perfect place to seal. Introduce the pale hand into it, and deal a real blow."

"Back then, the seal was clearly implemented perfectly..."

"The Elf Queen of the Elemental Clan, the Dragon of Destiny of the Dragon Clan, the Titan God of the Giant Clan, the Twelve-Winged Rosius of the Angel Clan...the **** kings of the four clans, who were clearly in the outside world, witnessed it with their own eyes, witnessed it with their own eyes, and even joined forces to participate in the final battle. seal."

"For 100,000 years, the River of Reincarnation has never had any major problems, so that the world has almost forgotten this nominal first restricted area..."

The second-generation ancestral dragon has both yin and yang heads, its eyes open angrily, and its body trembles slightly.

It might be fear, it might be jealousy, it might be qi and blood rushing, it's a natural physical reaction.

But there is no doubt that this is beyond expectations, and no one will imagine it out of thin air. The evil spirits of the beginning of time passed through the river of reincarnation, crossed the barrier of the gate of breaking the boundary, and directly launched a devastating attack on the world inside the gate of the boundary.

"Clah la la la—"

The river of reincarnation is rushing, and the river is sometimes as red as blood, and sometimes becomes pale as paper.

When the mysterious aura shrouded it, it seemed as if a pale palm passed away in a flash, and then the river water seemed to be boiled, and twisted creatures continued to condense into shape, and then crawled out of the crack with their teeth and claws, screaming and neighing towards the clear sky or the night.

"Hiss - ah!"

"Jie - Jie!"


Facing the moonlight, a gorgeous figure with the luster of gemstones stretched the red wings on its back.

She is fitter than a horse, greener than a jade bead, the clouds cover the sun for her, the glow opens the way for her, and she takes away the essence of heaven and earth in an instant, and stands on top of all things.


With a long cry, the birds and holy beasts stationed inside the gate of breaking the boundary fell to the ground in pieces.

They curl up their wings, as if encountering a natural enemy, they can only crawl on the ground and bow their heads.

The fiery flame dances upwards, as if approaching an ancient volcano, a drop of magma can burn the sky.

But the thousands of rays of light are short-lived, and the eyes of a bird with such a miraculous nature are empty, nothing but pale.

"Six-turn Divine Phoenix?! Isn't this a blood relative cultivated by the Queen of Heaven? She was once the most important descendant of the Queen of Heaven, but didn't she die on the battlefield outside the territory 25,000 years ago? How could she reappear in the gate?" Inside?!"

Gabriel is the guardian inside the door, and now he has finally broken through the shackles, and has achieved a complete ancestor body from a half-step myth. The wings on the back are no longer six pieces, but a complete eight pieces.

Although paying a certain price, there is no way to imitate the supreme stage and become the strongest at the same stage.

But the bloodline of the 6 stars of mythology corresponds to the title of "King of the Eight-Winged Seraph", which is also very popular.

At least three eight-winged solitary shadow gods and angels added together, it is impossible to be his opponent.

But at this moment, seeing the bright red divine bird like the rising sun, the flame of the spear of Longinus strengthened in his hand was extremely dim, and it was absolutely suppressed.

Six-turn Divine Phoenix—Equal Bloodlines!

But the realm of life is guaranteed to be in the middle stage of the ancestor!


The divine phoenix screamed, all the birds trembled, and the raging fire of nirvana swept across the end of the line of sight, and several watchtowers 10,000 meters high fell down in response.

"No, stop her!"

Regardless of the danger given by his intuition, Gabriel attacked with a long spear.

There are also lower ancestors such as the Golden Crab General and the muscular mermaid, who are the closest, and then launched a charge.

But the sixth-turn Divine Phoenix turned a blind eye, and UU Reading www.uukanshu.com's empty eyes were more terrifying than poisonous snakes.

Just flapping their wings a few times, the sea of ​​flames fell down from the sky, and many gatekeepers of the supreme class were unable to defend at all, and turned into a ball of coke in an instant, dying beyond death.

"That's not a living creature, it's an ancient killer created by usurping the law of the river of reincarnation, distorting time and space, and distorting cause and effect!"

The three generations of ancestor dragons are brilliant dragons, as cold as frost, with sharp teeth, like the wind blowing through the heart.

She didn't turn back in time, because she was suspended in the clouds, and when she looked towards the world inside the gate, she saw far more than one river of reincarnation.

In other places, there are dense blood lines!

Even if 90% of it is not torn apart, but the remaining 10% is torn apart, one or more powerful ancestors must be bred inside.

They don't have any spiritual intelligence, and they can't communicate smoothly. The only thing they can do is to use one by one powerful and unstoppable mythical skills to destroy the surrounding environment and destroy all living creatures within the range of perception.

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