Lords Trying to Survive: Strategizing from a Rundown Yard - Chapter 925 : Chen Rui and Zong Ze

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The number of second-order wolf cavalry has reached 217, enough to form eighteen squads.

There are also five wolf cavalry soldiers who have been transferred to the third-order giant wolf.

These giant wolves are recruited from the construction of the rare-level building [The Giant Wolf's Lair].

As for the second-tier prairie wolves replaced by these wolf cavalry, they were handed over to the wolf cavalry who lost their mounts and the captured soldiers of Odo Village, which further expanded the number of wolf cavalry.

Except for the two wolf cavalry squads that have been transferred to the mine.

All the wolf cavalry in the territory are concentrated here.

The reason why there are so many wolf cavalry soldiers is due to the unclaimed territories that Zong Shen received last night.

Tonight's Raiders module hibernates, making him unable to receive unowned territories, which is also a big loss.

Except for the wolf cavalry and a few arms.

Most fighters can't even put together a squad.

At first glance, it is simply a variety of miscellaneous army.

Not as imposing as standard troops.

It's like a fancy "assembled" unit.

The total number of people is quite large, but there is no such momentum.

This is also no way.

After all, there is still a big gap between the lords who developed the poor and the white, and the kingdoms who have a complete troop tree and wear standard equipment.

Zong Shen still has a long way to go if he wants to have a uniform army.

In addition to getting professional fighters by recruiting rolls.

The development of self-trained soldiers is also a major trend in the future.

Luna and Vereesa are reorganizing the team.

There is a campfire in the front and back of the clearing.

The air was filled with the smoky smell of burning grass.

When Zong Shen's weight-bearer mecha "Rumble" came.

All the soldiers could not help but stand up straight.

The phalanx, which was originally a bit scattered, has become a lot more organized.

Everyone consciously waited for the Lord's review.

Zong Shen was very satisfied with the attitude and reaction of the soldiers.

Although the discipline and momentum of the team are not up to the standard for the time being.

But the soldiers can have this attitude or let him quite gratified.

After stopping the weight-bearer mech.

Zong Shen just got up and stood in the driver's seat.

The chassis of the weight-bearer is more than one meter above the ground, making it a natural podium.

He first looked around the four square formations and glanced at each soldier.

It was only when Vereesa and Luna walked to the front of the queue that they spoke slowly.

"Today's battle. Long-range shooters and mages worked hard."

"Anyone whose equipment durability is more than half depleted can report to Vereesa, Luna, and Doris."

"In the near future, I will find a way to solve the equipment problem for you."

"If you have any thoughts and opinions, you can report to me now."

Zong Shen's speech was very simple.

He went straight to the point and put the issue of equipment wear and tear on the top priority.

In fact, Zong Shen also wanted to say a few words of encouragement to inspire everyone.

I feel like it's not the time yet.

Anyone can say empty words.

But at this time it is better to stick to a pragmatic basis.

As professional fighters, they are not afraid to fight.

Zong Shen would also not leave them without weapons available.

Recently, there have been many new warriors in the territory.

Still have to let the new and old people run in for a while.

After Zong Shen finished speaking, he saw that many people were eager to report.

They stand up straight.

He raised his right hand, waiting for Zong Shen's roll call.

Zong Shen's eyes swept left and right.

First put his eyes on the wolf cavalry queue.

Silly **** Colby is holding up his right hand.

"Colby, it's up to you to speak first!"

"Do you have any question?"

Da Kao is the leader of the wolf cavalry in the territory.

He was also the first wolf cavalry under Zong Shen.

It also contributed a lot to the development of the territory.

It can be regarded as a hard-working model worker.

After he called.

I saw Colby taking a step forward on the giant wolf under his crotch.

Standing still, he raised his chest and said loudly.

"Okay, about the wolf cavalry patrol."

"I think a few fixed patrol routes should be planned."

"That way..."

Colby took the initiative to express some thoughts and opinions in his mind.

Zong Shen listened patiently, and after analyzing it in his heart, immediately gave an answer.

The atmosphere at the scene gradually became more active.

At the same time, in the Kugit Empire in the far southwest of the mainland.

Chen Rui and Garona stood side by side on the periphery of the Balrog Boss spawn point in this area.

In front of him, long-range crossbow archers and mages are working hard.

The light of various magics shone in the night sky.

Although high-level magic skills have a long cooldown.

But low-level attack magic can be used all the time.

For example, magic bullets and magic arrows of various departments are like this, as long as they have enough magic points, they can be cast all the time.

Apart from Chen Rui, there were a large number of lords around the crusade.

They are all indiscriminately attacking the Balrog Boss.

When the Balrog launches a magma attack.

There will be a rush of commotion.

On the left, right and rear of Chen Rui, there were about two or three thousand lords on standby with their soldiers.

Every ten minutes, the lords in front of the output will retreat.

The lords on standby at the rear will be replenished in time after rest.

There seems to be some order.

The overall output efficiency is not much more colorful, but the victory is stable enough.

The crusade here looks no different from that in Zongshen's area.

Except for those few powerful lords.

Ninety-nine percent of the lords behaved almost the same when facing the Balrog Boss.

In contrast, here Chen Rui has to appear very calm.

He and Garona even looked up at the starry night sky.

Chen Rui looked at a bright star in the north and said with emotion.

"It's amazing that Zong Shen gave this person."

"I can't see through his strength."

"I can't find anything about him in my last life in my memory."

"But now, he has completed three breakthrough events!"

"Every time is so shocking."

"If he is really a strong person, then in the last life, he will not be a nameless guy."

Chen Rui said softly to Garona beside him.

In his life, the rise of Zong Shen is a mystery.

This is the only thing Chen Rui can't figure out.

In this life, Garona was his closest companion.

He could tell Garona everything about him.

Before that, Chen Rui boldly revealed to Garona that he was a rebirth.

Let's test the response of the lord system to this.

As a result, there is no strange state in the lord system at all.

There was no intervention whatsoever.

Since then, Chen Rui has understood that the lord system hardly interferes and peeps on the lord personally.

Unless some information about future situations is spoken, it will be silenced.

Secondly, when using the [channel] to communicate.

Those sensitive information and words are also blocked.

As for the actual communication, it is more relaxed.

As long as it doesn't involve revealing changes in trends in future stages.

The lord system will not care about you.

There will be no punishment whatsoever.

These are all summed up by Chen Rui after many trials.

The lord system is not that versatile.

Maybe it does have powerful permissions.

But as Zong Shen thought, the lord system is more like a shepherd.

It only grasps the development rhythm of the lords on a macro level.

It does not monitor and intervene in subtleties.

Garona stood beside him, quietly listening to Chen Rui's story.

She didn't say anything, just hugged Chen Rui gently.

In their area, the temperature is still hot.

Although the last round of Balrog Boss was also successfully eliminated.

But did not get cooling privileges.

For the lords of other regions, it is not bad that the temperature does not rise.

Their first crusade took less than eight hours.

Because Chen Rui is a rebirth, he exchanged points for some high-energy items containing huge frost magic elements and water magic elements during the winter challenge period.

In fact, the thing with the highest energy density of elements alone has to be a magic gem or magic core.

Unfortunately, these things are not in the points exchange.

The points exchange for the Winter Challenge only provides low-level gems of the common five elements of magic.

There are no such rare departments like Frost, Thunder, Arcane, etc.

So Chen Rui can only choose to exchange other items with similar effects.

with preparation.

He was also quite rewarding in the first round of the crusade.

However, after today's Balrog Boss gained additional frost and water elemental resistances.

The means Chen Rui prepared were useless.

According to yesterday's situation, Chen Rui vaguely guessed that the adjustment of the Flame Demon Boss was probably due to Zong Shen.

After all, that guy only got the fastest kill in the region yesterday.

There must have been some sleight of hand.

So in today's second round, everyone can only launch attacks in a normal manner.

There is still a big gap between Chen Rui, who is a rebirth, and our hanging comparison sect.

The biggest advantage of the reborn is that they know some clues and subsequent stage changes in advance.

But it takes a lot of energy to convert these clues into strength.

As for Zong, he only needs to rely on the tips of the strategy module to get the maximum profit with the least loss.

In comparison, Zong Shen is more domineering.

This round of Balrog Bosses in their area has not been completed until now.

However, Chen Rui still behaved very calmly.

He has been a human being in two lives, and his greatest wealth is actually not the memory of his previous life.

It's that calm state of mind.

This is the key factor for him to rise in this life.

The Balrog Boss in front of him still has about 15% of his health remaining.

According to the current progress, it will take about an hour or two to destroy it.

And as Balrog's blood volume decreased, his attack intensity and frequency became more and more violent.

All participating lords had to face it more carefully.

This is the real situation when dealing with crusades in ordinary areas.

in a sense.

The rise of Zong Shen changed not only himself.

At the same time, it also had a profound impact on the lords of the entire region.

This influence and change are imperceptible.

The overlord of each regional lord often strengthens himself by occupying the relics and resources in the region.

From this point of view, common lords are like their stepping stones.

However, once there is a strong overlord-level lord in the area.

In the future, it can also feed back those ordinary lords in some ways.

This is a balancing process.

However, Chen Rui is not without advantages in the region.

In contrast, Zong Shen was not so sympathetic to the lords of the unified region.

His strategy is a relatively gentle way of annexation.

As for Chen Rui, he is more aggressive in this regard.

Now Chen Rui has united more than half of the lords in the region.

Because it is difficult to quickly increase the level of the legion.

So he adopted the alliance system.

With his innovative [Legion of the Dead] as the core, twenty or thirty sub-corps were united.

A tighter alliance was formed.

His layout for the matter even dates back to the Crypt Challenge.

Therefore, more than half of the lords in the area where he is now have been united by him.

This can be seen at the scene of the Balrog crusade.

Every time the Balrog Boss launches a lava attack.

In Chen Rui's team, the soldiers under his command will send out evacuation reminders in advance.

This is what he did with the experience of the previous life and the observation and summary.

You can detect the attack trend and direction of the Balrog Boss three or four seconds in advance.

Whenever a reminder is issued, the lords around Chen Rui will retreat uniformly.

Dodge lava rain and searing rays.

The lords on the other side are more scattered and loose.

These scattered lords belonged to dozens of different small legions.

Among them are some "loose people" who have not yet joined any legions.

Although Chen Rui's movements were fast, there was still a long way to go if he wanted to fully unite the lords in the area.

His strength in this area is not too low.

However, it is not as well-known as Zong Shen.

The lords from the earth are not as foolish as the natives of the continent.

Popularity is a great advantage in conquering lords.

If Zong Shen served dim sum, he would be able to complete the regional unification earlier than Chen Rui.

But obviously, Zong Mou's interest is not here.

Because for Zong Shen, unifying the region is only an inevitable process.

There is no need to speed it up on purpose.

Or put more energy on the development of the territory and the exploration of the ruins.

to increase his strength faster.

This is the truest thought in Zong Shen's heart.

Chen Rui thought about Zong Shen.

In the queue not far in front of him, the largest number was a slinger riding a wild boar.

This is also a special force in this region.

They are the tusk slingers of the ancient Stonehog tribe.

Barely regarded as an alternative Ranger.

The attack method is to throw stones the size of a baby's fist with a sling.

The maximum range is only 80 meters.

Can deal some bludgeoning damage to the target.

The height of these tusk slingers is only about one meter five.

Big shoulders and round waist, rough face.

Their noses are characteristic, large and round.

It looks like a close relative of a dwarf warrior.

The Stone Pig Tribe is similar to the Wild Wolf Tribe, and they have all disappeared from the mainland.

Now it appears as a special unit in the region.

The damage of these slingers is not high, but the attack cost is extremely low.

One stone can make ten slings.

Compared to arrows and crossbow bolts, their ammo consumption is almost costless.

Whenever a reminder signal that the Balrog is about to launch a counterattack appears.

These guys would run away on grey boars under their crotch.

Chen Rui has become accustomed to this.

Even a special logistics system has been prepared.

Plenty of stone pellets are enough.

In addition to these tusk slingers, there are various types of cavalry of the Khudge Empire.

It's different from the Rhodok kingdom next door.

The cavalry of the Kugit Empire, especially the cavalry archers, is a must.

This is also related to the geographical environment of the two countries.

Most of the Rhodok kingdom is a mountainous region.

And only a small part of the Khugeit Empire was mountainous.

The rest is the southwestern plains of the continent.

It is also the second largest plain in the entire continent.

The first plain is the Plain of Bemerles at the center of the continent.

It is also the seat of the kingdom of Swadia.

The plains have always been a good place to breed cavalry.

When it comes to the Rhodok Kingdom, we have to mention Zong Shen's younger brother Zong Ze.

At this time, Zongze has ended today's crusade.

The crusade speed in their area is actually slightly faster than that in Chen Rui's area.

This is because there are many powerful lords in the area where Zongze is located.

In addition to Zong Ze himself, the development progress and strength of two lords are also good.

Almost half of the Rhodok kingdom is in the mountains.

These mountains are rough and difficult.

But there are also many relics and rich mineral resources.

Even gathering wood is easy.

In addition, the most famous arm of the Rhodok kingdom is the archer.

Therefore, the dominant arms of the lords within the Rhodok kingdom are also archers.

Except for the Rhodok archers.

They also have second-order special units that are exclusive to this area.

Mountain troll spear thrower.

These guys are strong, about two meters tall.

The skin has a pale blue sheen.

Strong muscles, especially strength attributes.

They are topless~www.novelbuddy.com~ collect wildflowers and grind them into mud as paint to apply on their bodies.

The face is rough and slightly hideous, and the lower jaw is like an orc with two protruding fangs and canines.

The top of the head is mohair-style, slightly yellowish.

The comprehensive attributes of these guys are higher than those of the wolf cavalry.

The pure strength attribute is almost comparable to that of a Tier 3 infantry soldier.

Life is also high.

The main method of attack is the throwing of short spears.

Has the skill of [Fever Throwing].

Can greatly increase throwing power and speed.

Their throwing spears are powerful, even comparable to the arrows shot by fourth-tier rangers.

Where there are advantages, there are disadvantages.

These guys also have serious drawbacks.

That is the cost of attack consumption and the problem of attack efficiency.

A bag of the most common [Dark Iron Throwing Spears] only has ten pieces.

The spears of these throwing spears are made of black iron, and the spears are cut and polished wooden handles!

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