Martial God Asura - Chapter 5197: Tough Tao Wu

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Chapter 5197: Tough Tao Wu

On the Situ World Spiritist Clan’s flying warship, a group of elders was gathered together in a hall, treating the juniors whom Chu Feng had crippled. Grand Elder Situ Hongbo was personally channeling the recovery formation, hoping to restore the juniors’ cultivation.

Through his spirit power, it was evident that he wasn’t just a rank three Half-God level cultivator but a Blue Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist as well.

“Damn it!” Situ Hongbo cursed as he left the formation.

The other elders channeling the formation with him were sweating profusely and gritting their teeth. They had already tried their best, but they couldn’t restore the juniors’ cultivation.

“Is there any news on that brat?”

Situ Hongbo glanced at the other elders in the room.

“Lord Grand Elder, we have already distributed the wanted posters all around. It shouldn’t be long before we receive news on that brat,” one of the elders replied.

“I have never been so angry in my entire life. It’s one thing for the Demon Spirit King and Daoist Ninth Dragon to disrespect us, but even a nameless nobody dares to insult us too? Listen up! You have to catch that brat by hook or by crook, or else what will people think of us? How can we rule over the starfield if we can’t even exact vengeance for our own people?” Situ Hongbo roared.

He was feeling frustrated not just because Chu Feng had crippled the juniors’ cultivation but because he was suppressed by the other powerhouses on their own territory. He couldn’t pick a fight with those powerhouses, so he could only vent his anger on Chu Feng.

The crippled juniors were despaired to have lost their cultivation just like that, but they were consoled by the grand elder’s determination to punish Chu Feng. They were glad to be part of the Situ World Spiritist Clan so they wouldn’t have to take this grievance lying. At the very least, Chu Feng would be suffering a worse fate than them.


A loud explosion suddenly sounded.

Someone had kicked open the hall’s locked door, raising a powerful wind that sent weaker cultivators tumbling all around. If not for the elders moving in right away to protect the crippled juniors, the shockwave of the kick would have been more than enough to kill them.

A person appeared by the doorway—Chu Feng.

The Situ World Spiritist Clansmen were stunned. It took several moments for them to realize that the uninvited guest was the very person whom they had just put on their wanted list.

However, that only deepened their shock.

The person whom we have put on our wanted list actually came knocking on our door? How does he have the guts to do that?

“He’s the one who crippled us, Lord Grand Elder!”

“Lord Grand Elder, hurry up and capture him! You mustn’t let him get away! I’m going to personally tear out his tendons and skin him alive!”

The crippled juniors were the ones who were the most agitated of all. Despite having lost their cultivation, their killing intent didn’t dwindle in the least.


The oppressive might of a rank three Half-God level cultivator crushed down on Chu Feng. Situ Hongbo had made his move.

It didn’t matter to him why Chu Feng dared to march into their warship. What was more important here was ensuring that Chu Feng couldn’t get away.

Despite having made a move, his goal was not to take Chu Feng’s life but to capture him alive. He thought that it would be a mercy to Chu Feng if he had killed him right away.


However, his oppressive might abruptly vanished right in front of Chu Feng.

Situ Hongbo immediately realized that Chu Feng hadn’t come alone—the latter had brought with him a cultivator who was equivalent to or even stronger than him. That realization brought a frown to his face, and he halted his aggression.

“What big words. I’d like to see who dares to make a move on my young brother Chu Feng today!” a furious roar echoed from beside Chu Feng.

Amidst a spatial distortion, Old Cat and Tao Wu appeared beside Chu Feng.

“Old Cat? W-what’s your relationship with that kid?”

Situ Hongbo was shocked to see Old Cat.

Similarly, despite Old Cat’s forceful speech earlier, its courage faltered now that it was standing right in front of Situ Hongbo. Clearly, the two of them recognized each other, and Old Cat appeared to be wary of Situ Hongbo despite being the stronger one here.

“Elder Hongbo, Chu Feng is my brother. I heard that you have placed him on your wanted list, so I came here to check if there has been a misunderstanding,” Old Cat replied.

“Misunderstanding? He crippled the juniors of our Situ World Spiritist Clan! What misunderstanding could there possibly be? Old Cat, are you intending to stand up for that kid?” Situ Hongbo asked coldly.

“Ermm… I… Well…”

Old Cat was unable to answer that question.

“The hell are you stuttering for!”

Tao Wu furiously smacked Old Cat’s head, causing a meow to escape from the latter’s mouth. He unfurled the wanted poster before turning his sights to Situ Hongbo and the others.

“I’ll just ask one question. Are you the ones who distributed this wanted poster?” Tao Wu asked.

Both his attitude and tone were forceful and hostile.

“Yes, it was distributed by our Situ World Spiritist Clan. However, there’s a reason behind it. Chu Feng crippled our juniors for no good reason. If you were in my position, wouldn’t you put him on your wanted list too?”

Realizing that Tao Wu wasn’t one to be messed with, Situ Hongbo took a much milder tone and attitude, even explaining the situation too.

Chu Feng was planning to deal with the Situ World Spiritist Clan by himself, and he wasn't intending to get Tao Wu and Old Cat involved in it as well. However, he couldn’t tolerate how Situ Hongbo was blaming it all on him.

The juniors of the Situ World Spiritist Clan were the ones who first made a move on him.

Of course, it was not as if he would have spared any Situ World Spiritist Clansmen even if they hadn’t courted trouble with him, but nevertheless, he wouldn’t stand for the Situ World Spiritist Clan twisting the truth here.

But just as Chu Feng was just about to argue about the matter, Tao Wu suddenly interjected, “Screw you! Stop going into useless details that no one is interested in. I’m here to find the ones who issued the wanted poster. I’ll just ask you one more question now: Do you want to live or die?”

The Situ World Spiritist Clan could hardly believe what they had just heard. Even Chu Feng looked at Tao Wu in a different light too.

Tao Wu didn’t care about the veracity of the matter at all. He was determined to stand up for Chu Feng today even if Chu Feng was the one who had done wrong.

That sent a gush of warmth into Chu Feng’s heart.

“Utter arrogance!”

Unable to take the humiliation, an elder of the Situ World Spiritist Clan drew his weapon and charged at Chu Feng. He was a rank one Half-God level cultivator, and the martial skill he executed allowed him to move at extreme speed.

It was several times faster than Situ Hongbo exerting his oppressive might earlier.


But before the elder could reach Chu Feng, he suddenly cried in agony. With a single hand, Tao Wu grabbed his neck and squeezed it.


The elder’s neck was snapped. Just like that, he was dead.

After dealing with the elder, Tao Wu casually flung the elder’s corpse to the side before beckoning the other members of the Situ World Spiritist Clan to have a go at him.

“Who’s next? Come at me if you aren’t afraid of death!” Tao Wu said.

Situ Hongbo’s face turned pale.

He was initially uncertain how powerful Tao Wu was, but the earlier confrontation revealedTao Wu to be a rank five Half-God level cultivator. That wasn’t someone whom they could mess with!

They had picked this fight thinking that Chu Feng was an insignificant junior with no backing, but who could have thought that he had such a powerful expert backing him?

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