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Of course, Thor said this purely because he didn't understand time travel. In fact, in Barry Allen's world, time is not something that can be worn casually.

In order to make up for his regrets, Barry Allen, who once ran to Nick Fury by mistake, has gone back to the past many times and tried to revise the past.

That's right, after he passed through, the original regret was made up, but at the same time, worse things will happen.

And in order to solve the worse thing, he went back to the past again, which led to other unintended consequences.

Time is not something that can be traversed casually.

In the past, it is not something that can be changed just by wanting to change.

This is in the TV world.

But in the same DC world, Barry Allen in the movie went back to the past and changed the fact that the Justice League failed.

At this time, the space lights up, and the video starts playing.

At the beginning of the picture, Diana Prince, Barry Allen, Victor Stone, Arthur Curry, Bruce Wayne gathered together to develop a plan against the enemy.

"Satellites show he built a defensive dome," Victor Stone said, projecting a three-dimensional image out of the third "eye" between his eyebrows.

"This is a design flaw." Bruce Wayne found a breakthrough at a glance. "Shoot the tower down, the dome will collapse, and the enemy will not expect our frontal attack."

"Yeah, because they wouldn't think anyone would be this crazy," Barry Allen said.

"Bruce is right, we have to destroy the defensive dome." Victor Stone and Bruce Wayne agreed. "Find the mother box before they sync up."

"What if the dome wasn't destroyed?" Arthur Curry asked a key question.

"It will be destroyed," Bruce Wayne said solemnly.

"Once Victor is integrated into the Trinity, with Barry's assistance, he can break through the defenses of the mother box," Diana Prince asked.

"Remind me, what should I do?" Arthur Curry asked.

"With the power of love," said Barry Allen.

"Barry," Victor Stone called in a questioning tone.

"I have to create a burst of energy," Barry Allen said, knowing what Victor Stone wanted to ask.

"You have to run faster than before to generate such a large current," Bruce Wayne said in more detail, "and then directly touch Victor's body, the energy should allow him to enter the mother box. "

"Victor, then it's up to you," Bruce Wayne said to Victor Stone after speaking to Barry Allen. "Tear them apart before they sync up."

This time, the Justice League finally has a plan, unlike the last time they dealt with Steppenwolf, they fought each other and acted accordingly.

Soon, the prototype army plane flew to its destination, the rear hatch opened, and Diana Prince, Victor Stone, Arthur Curry, and Barry Allen all jumped out

"I shot down the tower, destroyed the force field dome, and whatever you see, it's going according to plan," Bruce Wayne said to the four. "That's why I brought you together."

This is a bit like a last word. His super power "rich" can't make up for his shortcoming of combat effectiveness. This is the base camp of the Steppenwolf. It is dangerous and abnormal, and he will die if he is not good. die here.

After explaining the "last words", Bruce Wayne closed the cabin door and drove the big plane into the sky, flying over the tower.


The aircraft fired projectiles towards the circular force field above the tower.

With a bang, the force field was blasted with a gap, but the next moment, the gap recovered by itself.

"Bruce, retreat, you won't succeed." Victor Stone on the ground couldn't help saying when he saw this scene.

"Just knock a little louder." Bruce Wayne, who is so easy to give up, immediately changed direction and fired four or five shells in one go.

Immediately, a larger hole was blown up in the circular force field. Bruce Wayne drove the plane and flew in before the hole was healed. Two more shells were fired, and a large pillar was blown off.

This time, the life gate was hit, and the circular force field dissipated immediately.

"Kill them!" Steppenwolf was furious when he saw the uninvited guest, and immediately ordered, "Go and defend the Trinity!"

Like those apocalyptic flies, they flew into the sky one after another.

"Shit!" Bruce Wayne felt his scalp tingle when he saw the dense locust-like apocalypse passing through the border, and hurriedly flew the plane to escape. He didn't think he could fight so many monsters sitting in this tin box.

Maybe it was in a panic, or maybe there was some malfunction when it broke into the force field before. The huge prototype slammed into several walls and finally crashed into a building.

"The tower is down, have you received it?" Bruce Wayne left the prototype while notifying his friends.

"Got it," Barry Allen asked. "Are you all right, Bruce?"

"Go to the reactor, I'll try to keep these monsters away." Bruce Wayne jumped into his Batmobile.

"What does that mean?" Barry Allen had a bad feeling.

"Don't worry about me, go find the mother box." Bruce Wayne turned off the communication and rushed out in the Batmobile.

Da Da Da Da!

The firepower on the Batmobile spurted out lines of fire, smashing the few apocalypse demons that had just caught up.

Da Da Da Da!

He started the fire with a high-profile all the way, and galloped under the night.

Such a high profile was deliberately done by Bruce Wayne, in order to attract the attention of the Apocalypse Demon, so that it would be convenient for Diana Prince to act.

"Follow me, you bugs." Bruce Wayne sat in the Batmobile, and his sunglasses reflected the lines of fire, a cool batch.

Take a break!

Those Apocalypse Demons also took up their weapons and shot at Bruce Wayne.

Some of them were flying in the sky, some were standing on the ground, and they shot Bruce Wayne from all angles.

Fortunately, shooting a fast-moving object is not so easy, and Bruce Wayne's driving skills are very good, and nothing will happen for a while.

However, the apocalypse that Bruce Wayne is dealing with, they can fly, which is tricky.

Those bugs can't take out Bruce Wayne with a gun, but they can fly onto the Batmobile themselves, and even bend the barrel of the tank.

This time, the firepower of the chariot was at least half of the waste.

Before Bruce Wayne could respond, an Apocalypse Demon fell in front of the chariot and tore the windshield of the chariot apart.

Bruce Wayne, just exposed to the Apocalypse Demon.

Bruce Wayne's flesh and blood, this time suddenly "faced" the Apocalypse Demon, looks dangerous.

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