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Bruce Wayne is also considered the son of life in the world. Will the son of life die easily?

Will the son of fate be killed by a monster?

Answer will.

Just as the two Qi Mos were about to attack Bruce Wayne, two sharp swords flashed like the autumn wind swept the leaves, cutting the two Qi Mos in half.

Diana Prince is the only one who can have such a graceful swordsmanship in the Justice League. In the end, he has not listened to Bruce Wayne's words of "going according to the original plan no matter what".

Of course, only Diana Prince was obedient. For a moment, a flash of lightning cut through the night sky, and the ground ran at a high speed. Barry Allen was there, and a figure sprayed energy and flew close to the ground. Victor Stone also .

As for Sea King Arthur Curry, although he can fly, his jumping ability is also amazing, and he landed with a bounce, landing the Batmobile.

"It's crazy," Arthur Curry said to Bruce Wayne stingingly, before jumping into the air again to meet the two sky-flying Enlightens.

The goods are also sturdy, obviously they can fly, and they jump, and they can fly.

With one jump, he was immediately caught by two Qi Mos, one left and one right, and flew directly into the sky.

Bang bang bang!

Even if his legs were on the ground, Arthur Curry was not afraid at all, and he slammed into an enlightened demon in front of him.

Also think about it, if the home is really hammered to death, and there is no flying guy to bring it, how can it fall?

The truth is really falling, and it will definitely fall to death.

The body I mentioned first is also shot and shot, and the teammates who can fly.

Victor Stone flew and grabbed Arthur Curry.

But even so, Arthur Curry didn't let the belt fall to the ground. He threw the fork in his hand, pierced a Qi Mo with a squeak, and then floated away, stepping on the Qi Mo's body with his feet, throwing the Qi Mo's body. As a skateboard, it slides from a building to the ground, very silky.

Several comrades of the Justice League showed their magical powers and tried to kill them.

It should be noted that Bruce Wayne may have the lowest combat power, but he has killed the most Enlightened Demons.

Diana Prince and Arthur Curry looked at him, and the Enlightenment walked sideways, crushing those bugs at will.

But no matter how they hang, they will be destroyed with one sword and one fork, one at a time.

As for Bruce Wayne, the machine gun of the Batmobile tilted to a stop, and a shuttle of bullets killed how many Kaimo.

Not to mention the heavy firepower such as artillery shells, one shot, several Qi Mos were smashed to pieces, and even the whole body was left.

Of course, the firepower is only Bruce Wayne, and the Enlightenment side is also blind. It knows who is more threatened, and almost all the firepower is aimed at Bruce Wayne's Batmobile.

During the fierce battle, the Batmobile hit an obstacle, and the Batmobile, which was in a high-speed driving state, immediately rolled over.

Hit the obstacles at this speed, and it is absolutely a field of destruction.

However, Bruce Wayne, a rich second generation who only knows how to drag racing, maybe someone with super powers like Diana Prince, whose skills are average and absolutely top-notch.

The moment the Batmobile flipped into the air, Bruce Wayne's seat bounced and was launched into the air.

Looking at the ejection, the grasp of the machine is quite strict. If the ejection is too early, the ejection will miss, and it can shoot to the wall next to it. If the ejection is late, wait until the top of the car flips to the ground and then eject again. Just shot directly to the ground.

And Bruce Wayne was able to just give the car just in the air, and the top of the car was waiting for the bomb, and he had to give a thumbs up in response and psychology.

Take a break!

Those Enlightened Demons really hated Bruce Wayne, even if they were at home, the firepower was chasing and stopping.

Good Bruce Wayne's speed is relatively fast, although the firepower of Qi Mo's shot is biting tightly, but his feet are always dead.

When the seat was raised to the highest point, Bruce Wayne took a gun and hit a rope to nail it to the wall with a bang. He swayed to the ground with the help of the rope, and kicked an Enchantress on the ground.

Take a break!

The surrounding Qi Mo hurriedly shot at Bruce Wayne, Bruce Wayne rolled on the spot, dodged a shot, deceived the Qi Mo, and threw a miniature bomb at random, with a bang, the Qi Mo would See God.

The fighting style of Arthur Curry next to him was much rougher. He threw his fork and directly pierced the two demons, who knew that he was wearing a barbecue.

There was a Qi Mo Fei next to it. Arthur Curry pulled out his fork and smashed it at random. With a bang, the Qi Mo brush was launched back, and the momentum was faster than before.


With a crisp sound, Victor Stone descended and landed.


Lightning strikes, Barry Allen arrives.

"Get it done, do what it's supposed to do," Arthur Curry said to Barry Allen.


Then, Barry Allen, who had just arrived, disappeared again.

Run what you have to do.

Run fast to generate a huge amount of energy to help Victor Stone get into the mother box.

Later, Arthur Curry and Victor Stone went to Steppenwolf.

"Hey!" Arthur Curry hit the ground with his fork, making a loud noise, greeting Steppenwolf.

I also know that it is stupid to say that goods like to pretend to be more stupid, UU reading www. That Steppenwolf from, the enemy that was wiped out, and what kind of friend, just sneak attack from behind.

"Remember?" When Steppenwolf turned around, he waved to Steppenwolf.

Steppenwolf didn't talk nonsense anymore, he picked up his ax and rushed towards Liang.

Arthur Curry clenched the fork tightly in both hands, thrust it into the ground ruthlessly, and a surge of energy surged, directly overturning the Steppenwolf.


Diana Prince thus landed, on the face of Arthur Curry Victor Stone.

The Three-British War against Lu Bu is taking shape!

"Tell, Amazon, why did you abandon your sisters and run with some lowly creatures?" Steppenwolf ignored Arthur Curry Victor Stone, but at this moment was willing to speak to Diana Prince, " Failed to protect and was slaughtered, sadly, for what it was."

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