Marvel: I Can Control Metal - Chapter 1629 Leo is back

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A dazzling light bloomed from Leo's chest and became the most dazzling existence in this space.

Even because of the birth of this golden light, the entire quantum field began to tremble violently, as if fearing the existence of this golden light.

All the energy particles wrapped around Leo were all pulled apart by the space, as if even the space itself was clear and did not dare to touch anything.

A black hole of energy was immediately formed around Leo. In this space full of energy in the quantum field, it was as if a circle of black holes were formed around Leo.

If Leo hadn't deliberately considered Janet's existence, I'm afraid these sudden spatial annihilation forces could have directly disappeared Janet.

Leo himself didn't think that his indestructible body would have such a huge impact here. Seeing this, it was also a little light, a golden light flashed, and Janet, who had been surrounded by a black hole, was instantly teleported to a new location. far fringes.

"Is there no problem here?"

At this time, Janet was completely unaware of Leo's existence, and she couldn't even see the existence of the black hole, as if the entire domain space had blocked Leo's existence, so people dared not look directly. Don't dare to touch it.

But suddenly there was such a greeting in Janet's ear, it was Leo's voice.

"What... what?"

Janet hadn't recovered from the change just now.

"Is there a threat to where you are now? Is it a familiar location?"

Leo's voice sounded in Janet's ears again. Obviously, Leo was afraid that his teleportation would send Janet to an unfamiliar probability field, what threats would he suffer, or some other situation.

After all, this is a quantum field that is extremely closely linked to the real space, and it may be thousands of miles apart if there is a small gap.

Janet didn't hesitate, and immediately closed her eyes to sense it. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes and said, "No problem, it's safe here, it doesn't matter."

"Okay, then I'll go first."

Leo's voice finally came over, and then disappeared, and the slightest connection was also disconnected.

But Janet still stood there, perceiving what had just happened, and was very emotional.

And Leo, let the golden light on his chest burst open, and countless energy poured in, and his body seemed to be untied immediately, and the whole person instantly became huge.

Leo's whole body was covered with brilliant golden light between his fingers, and the scene in front of him changed for a while. The original scene, which was like slow motion, was shrunk by the colored light ball for several minutes before entering the quantum realm, but it flashed quickly in front of him.

The next second, Leo, who was full of brilliant golden light, reappeared on the earth, and was instantly linked to the space on the earth.


On Earth, in Dr. Pym's home, everyone was still sitting and watching TV. The boring TV program made them unable to catch their eyes. In the end, Pietro chose a movie to watch.

As for Hank Pym, he was not knocked unconscious by Pietro again, but he was forced to stay where he was by Pietro, not allowing him to move.

Hope helplessly accompanied everyone to watch the movie. This weird atmosphere continued until the end of the movie, and then replayed it for the second time.

It was already two in the morning, four hours had passed since Leo disappeared, and nothing happened.

Obviously, Pietro was going to look for another movie to watch, and he didn't have the slightest idea of ​​putting Hank Pym back in his room to sleep. Wanda was the same, sitting firmly on the living room sofa and watching everything in front of him.

Only Scott on the side couldn't help yawning, "Are we going to spend the night here?"

"If Leo doesn't come back, yes."

Wanda glanced at Scott and said firmly.

"Okay, look first, I may need to rest for a while."

Scott looked at Pietro who was looking at him seriously, stretched helplessly, and fell asleep directly on the single sofa beside him.

But Scott just lay down, and the whole hall of the house suddenly gusted out of thin air, and the curtains, tablecloths and books that blew the whole room began to flutter wildly, turning into a mess.

"Wanda, did you do this?"

Pietro couldn't help standing up, looking at the gust of wind that appeared out of thin air in the room and said loudly.

"No, I didn't do it."

Wanda also responded loudly and said that in this hurricane-swept room, it became extremely difficult to communicate at a distance of several meters.

The single sofa that Scott was sitting on was overturned to the ground, and the whole person woke up instantly, and then ran to Pietro's side in a hurry.

However, Hope stepped forward to help Hank Pym out of the sofa in an instant, but was stopped by Wanda, "Wait, don't get close yet, the source of this storm is Doctor."

Dr. Pym has already noticed this, he is like the strongest eye in the center of the storm, and he can't even stand up, as if he will be swept away in the next second.

Even as the wind increased, Dr. Pym was gradually lifted into the air by the huge gust of wind. His limbs were spread out, but his feet were already more than ten centimeters away from the sofa under him.

"This movement... it should be made by Leo."

Scott, who leaned out from behind Pietro, looked at Hank who was forced to hang in the air, and said excitedly.

As soon as Scott's voice fell, a golden light burst out in the air, instantly flashing in everyone's eyes, causing a moment of daze. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

By the time several people present could clearly see the situation in front of them, the previous gust of wind had already stopped.

In the hall of the room, Leo, whose whole body was shining with warm golden light, was easily suspended in mid-air, while his right hand was dragging Dr. Pym, who was firmly attracted by gravity.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting."

Leo's figure slowly fell, just following Leo's consciousness, seemingly unaffected by gravity, and Hank finally landed on both feet.

The palm close to Dr. Pym fell, and the space energy wrapped around Hank's body disappeared. Hank felt a pressure drop, his feet softened, and he fell directly on the sofa.

"Leo, you're back!

Wanda exclaimed in surprise that in the few hours that Leo disappeared, she really thought a lot, including what her feelings for Leo were.

Perhaps, far more than all friends or life mentors, that is a kind of heart touching she has never had.

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