Marvel: Starts with a Zanpakuto - Chapter 1405 Disagreements and Fissures

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When she left the store, Natasha was still immersed in the shock of being resurrected from the dead.

He was holding the golden chalice with all his heart.

That action is like caring for a baby, for fear that a gust of wind will blow it away.

Natasha was in a complicated mood and her mind went blank.

The Holy Grail, which holds the Holy Blood, is known as one of the artifacts of Christ, and there are many legends left in the world, but it is now in hand.

And... drank, the water in the Holy Grail.

The body of death, just like that, a miracle that even dared to think about, was easily embraced.

"Unfortunately...the deal could not be reached."

On the side, Jin Bing sighed: "Those things that I have collected are still fake, and they are in the boss's eyes."

The commander, the antiquities collected hard, but the boss didn't even look at them.

The deal... naturally didn't come to pass.

As a result, Jin Qi can only leave the store with a trace of resentment and jealousy.

"Boss...a Holy Grail..." Natasha woke up suddenly, and after hesitating, handed the Holy Grail: "Let's take it back."

In fact, the reason for doing so is considered.

If you want to expose the suspicion of being an undercover agent, then if Jin Bing forcibly asks for it, he must pay it, otherwise, even if he protects the Holy Grail in the end, he will be able to complete the task.

For the sake of the mission... temporarily hand over the Holy Grail.

Well, the Holy Grail will be recaptured after the fact. As for the miracle of the dead body, S.H.I.E.L.D. will always solve it, and if it is implemented, it will be locked up for a lifetime.

Natasha thinks very clearly, and protects the Holy Grail, while checking the parallel universe instrument to stop Jin and destroy New York's actions.

However, when the Holy Grail was handed over, Jin Nian shook his head, "Since the boss handed it over, it belongs to something, use it."

Natasha was a little surprised.

Clearly seeing Jin Bing's eyes, a flash of greed and possessiveness flashed, and he was quickly suppressed again.

That boss... how powerful? !

As soon as she thought of the signs in the store, the boss showed a simple role, and Natasha felt that this matter became more and more strange.

"Look... must report."

Going to report the incident as soon as possible.

Ephry's character and mind will definitely allow it, within the scope of his control, to be the same.

Silent all night.

The next day, early in the morning.

On the top floor of Fisker Building, Jin Ping was sitting in the boss chair, holding a cigar and puffing smoke rings, staring at the news on TV, grinning terribly.

, Natasha walked in.

"Boss, report on yesterday's work."

"Wait a minute."

Jin Bing waved his hand and stared at the TV screen, "Don't talk, let's finish it."

What content can attract Jin and?

Out of curiosity, Natasha also looked at the TV screen, but with just one glance, she almost controlled her expression.

A TV news broadcast.

Content Overview First, Captain America, Steve Rogers, led the Avengers team, and caused huge civilian losses during the mission.

The United Nations Security Council once again proposed to formulate relevant superhero management laws, so that the Avengers and superclasses would be regulated by the United Nations and the Security Council.

To avoid the disaster in Sokovia, and the next casualty of civilians, superheroes must be regulated.

The proposal will be formally discussed at the United Nations Conference 15 days later, and the results will be obtained at the session.


Jin Fafa gave a gloomy low smile: "Face, I finally held back my hand. I should pick up those guys, there should be no time, let's take care of it."

The waiting machine is finally here!

Taking advantage of the fact that the Avengers were involved in the law, I let go of my hands and feet a little and did something.

Natasha, who understood the meaning of the words, shrank slightly.

Realizing that the emergence of the Articles will inevitably lead to a very serious division within the Avengers, and even... a civil war!

"Natasha, be optimistic about the company's situation."

Jin Bian slowly got up and said, "I'll be back late for work."

After saying that, he moved the Pang's body and squeezed from Natasha's side. Although it looked cumbersome, his footsteps were silent.


Natasha bowed her head, her eyes twinkling.

I thought it would be a while before we could find out the location of the secret factory in Jinping, but now I see... there is no time left, and it must be resolved as soon as possible.

Inside the Avengers... It is estimated that it has been chaotic!

Knowing Tony Steve, the two seem to be far apart, but in fact they are very stubborn in nature. Once something is determined, it will definitely change easily.

With Steve's character, he would definitely agree with the law.

But Tony will definitely agree with the law, because similar things, in fact, have been discussed several times within the Avengers, only to end every time.

One side insists, the other refuses.

Now... a choice has to be made.

The Avengers, which guarantee freedom and equality, are also governed by the Avengers.

So, Avengers Xana.

In fact, as Natasha expected, the Avengers split into two factions.

One faction, headed by Captain America, including Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, and Falcon, resolutely agreed to sign the law, believing that once the treaty was signed, the Avengers would become a weapon for politicians, with freedom and equality.

The other faction is led by Iron Man, War Machine and Vision. They believe that the law should be signed, and that superheroes can transcend the law and need to be governed by management.

Both sides insisted on their own words and quarreled.

Eventually, Iron Man Captain America, looked at each other, and the rigidity of the meeting was over.

S.H.I.E.L.D., an aircraft carrier.

In the director's office, no lights were lit, and the night was pitch black.

Fury, who was sitting at the desk, had a cold light in one eye, and said indifferently: "The plan has already begun, how about the executor?"

"I have found a suitable option."

The voice over there was low and hoarse: "Sokovia's retired special forces, whose family died in the disaster, used some means to intensify their anger."

"very good."

Fury crossed his fingers, Dianba.

"However, there is still a lack of introduction."

The voice said again: "If you want the plan to be implemented, you need one more to completely ignite your emotions and make things that are irrational, such as...kill a certain suspected member."

"Yes, I have found an option."

Saying that, Fury looked down at the desk, with a document on it, and said, "Since you have done it, let's do it, just... clean up the obedient ones."


"A... stubborn old thing."

Fury sneered, threw the document into the shredder, and said: "The United Nations meeting after the 15th generation will have a called T'Challa, the king of Wakanda, the weight... should be enough. Bar?"

"Haha... ashamed."

The voice smiled sarcastically, "Not only did he take the opportunity to provoke conflicts, but he also took the opportunity to intervene in Wakanda, killing two birds with one stone, the old thing... how sinister."

"Wrong, Frank."

Fury got up slowly, looked at the black sea of ​​clouds outside the window, and said solemnly: "Everything I do is for the continuation of the class and the safety of the world."


A contemptuous sneer resounded frequently.

After that, the communication was hung up over there, and Lufrey stood by the window of the aircraft carrier, watching the dark clouds surging outside, and the bright moon.

"Don't be disappointed... Tony Stark."

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