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the next day.

An encrypted message was sent to S.H.I.E.L.D.

After inspection by the technical department, there was no security risk, and it was confirmed that it was correct. After the intelligence passed on during the incubation period, the senior agent Black Widow handed it over to the supreme commander, also the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury.

That one packaged U disk.

The black shell is made of carbon fiber, and there is a high-tech password lock inside. If the input fails only once, the information stored in it will be directly destroyed.

In the office, Fury, who was enjoying coffee, sank when he saw the information sent by hand, similar to a USB flash drive.

"It's actually used in a way..."

Fury frowned, pressed the side of the USB flash drive, entered the password, and opened the sealed box.

Inside, there was a rolled up sheet of paper.

A paper letter!

Although in modern society, information is mostly transmitted in electronic form, that does not mean that paper-based information has been eliminated.

On the contrary, paper intelligence has an irreplaceable importance to electronic information, that is, security and confidentiality.

In other words.

Any use of paper-delivered information means that its importance is much higher than that of electronic information. It represents hidden agents, and it is necessary to be cautious and use this method to transmit it.

"Looking at the problem over there in Jinbian, it's better than expected." Fury muttered to himself, letting go of the coffee beside him, and gently twisting the roll of paper with his fingers.

The rolls of paper are densely packed, using the secret words exclusive to the agent to record one thing.

Deciphering the code is not difficult for Fury.

Just do it, the code decryption method is all by yourself, and you can know the content of the face with a basic glance.

But after reading it, Fury was a little shocked.

On the other hand, the tolerance threshold is low. On the contrary, the tolerance threshold is much higher than any one, so that there is nothing to do, which can make you feel shocked.

But the content of the intelligence record was really surprising, and even nearly knocked over the coffee.

"Dead body... The Holy Grail... Equivalent deal..."

Fury turned over, chewing a few words, his eyes flashing with inexplicable light.

According to the information sent by Natasha, it is difficult to analyze why the hell's kitchen is hidden, and the purpose is clearer.

Collecting items from myths and legends?


If so, why did you give the real Holy Grail to Natasha on purpose?

He also said... the other thing, I haven't found yet, the item I thought of.

Thinking of this, Fury habitually crossed his fingers and thought about it quickly.

"If there is another one that can..."

Fury, whose back was facing the light, had a cold light in one eye: "The reason why I gave Natasha the Holy Grail is because of the disguise that I have seen through long ago, and I deliberately used a way to tell Cun?"

Now...the same one, it can be explained!

Fury's eyes brightened, and he seemed to have guessed the meaning of the man's gift of the Holy Grail.

"Worth a try…"

Make a quick decision and ring the table's call bell.

"Let the eighth-level agent, Coulson One, hand over the heavy task."

Manhattan, Hell's Kitchen.

Sitting behind the long table, Lord was half-lying with his legs folded on the table, flipping through the books in his hand.

Ai's rain is holding a broom and is carefully cleaning the living room. Her double ponytails are bouncing up and down, and she looks very loving.

Suddenly, Lord put down a thick book and showed a smile: "Forget it, rain, welcome the first guest, a heavyweight."

Rain nodded dumbly, and then held the broom door.

Coulson walked in the car, took a deep breath, handed the driver a dollar bill, and smiled: "If you can find the rest, just pay it."

Then, after finishing the clothes, after confirming that they are neat, they stepped on the leather shoes and walked to the street.

As soon as he turned the corner, he saw a girl of about 12 or 13 years old standing beside the tattered signboard. She was wearing a maid's uniform and wearing a pair of ponytails. She was holding a broom and staring blankly outside the door.

"Find the target, try to make contact."

Coulson turned on the headset, briefly explained, then patted his cheek, tried his best to squeeze a kind smile, and walked towards the girl.

"it is good,…"

Coulson squatted thoughtfully, then reached out, trying to show the demeanor of a mature, charismatic young man.

"Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Phil Coulson, right?"

The rain interrupted. After taking a look, he said, "Come on, the boss has been waiting for a long time."

Coulson is numb.

I wanted to say that I was from the Homeland Strategic Defense Attack and Logistics Support Bureau, and then looked at the blank face of the other party, and then referred to it as S.H.I.E.L.D.

One of the most fun.

But now... I was directly attacked by a girl who broke her identity within ten seconds of meeting.

But after thinking about it, Director Zhi Furui's entrustment seemed to understand something, his eyes were slightly solemn, he got up and followed the girl, and walked into the store.

Jingle bell~

The wind chimes rang softly.

Coulson followed the rain and walked into the quaint hall, and was shocked at first sight.

From the outside, it is only 15 square meters, and it is a long and narrow place. There is actually hidden space inside, and the height of the second floor alone is nearly four or five meters higher than that from the outside.

"Welcome, Mr. Phil Colson."

Lord, sitting behind the long table, did not get up to greet him, but maintained a sitting position, folded his hands on his abdomen, and smiled: "I follow the exchange of equivalents, and I can only take the corresponding things in exchange for everything I want. "

As for the rules, Coleson already understands, and the other party already knows his identity, so he simply hides it again, straight to the point:

"Okay, I want to know, are there any clear rules for the value of trading items?"

Also one of Fury's entrusted issues.

If there is a transaction, then it must be clear how the other party identifies the value of the item.

"The value is determined."

Lorde smiled slyly, "Anything, maybe a roll of paper, maybe a cigarette, if you just think it's worth it, you can trade it for it."

Hearing this, Coulson frowned and asked a question: "Your approach has no precise rules and no hints, and it is in line with the transaction process. The interests of both parties are high and low."

"To choose a deal."

Lorde still looked stunned.

The meaning is very simple Whether the transaction is or not, it is up to you to decide whether the value is high or low.

feel right to choose a deal.

Here, just rules!

Coulson was blocked by a sentence, and all the words he thought about how to refute were turned into clouds.

"So what's your choice?"

Lorde leaned back slightly, leaned on the seat, and looked at the young bald agent.


Coulson gritted his teeth, then took an ancient slate from his briefcase: "It's just a trade thing. Could you please see how much it's worth?"

Lorde glanced at it and raised his brows slightly: "Actually... Moses Ten Commandments?!"

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