Marvel: Starts with a Zanpakuto - Chapter 1461 Tonight is the time for a feast! (3)

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On the rock face of Mount Marcy, a blizzard raged and howled.

The temperature was thirty-two degrees below zero, and the hot air just exhaled from his mouth was frozen into ice in less than a second.

In this extremely harsh weather, the US team and the punisher not only had to withstand the blizzard, but also searched for a gap leading to the interior of the mountain on a steep rock wall with an altitude of more than 1,000 meters.

Both physical strength and will are being tested like never before!

Once the spirit is a little relaxed and accidentally falls from the cliff, there is absolutely no possibility of surviving.

At this time, the US team misses Tony and Fury very much.

When they were still there before, no matter how bad they were, at least they had complete equipment. Like now, they didn't even have a parachute bag, and even rock climbing could only be done with two hands.

Speaking of which, it was also because of that old **** Frank.

He said that the enemies are currently in the dark, and they must not disclose their whereabouts at all. If they are discovered by the Skrulls, they will have no chance to startle them.

Therefore, the two of them engaged in extreme sports with bare hands.

Captain America was slandering inwardly, and suddenly saw the watch flashing green light, one long and three short, and his face suddenly lit up with joy.

Before searching separately, he made an agreement with Frank that if he found something, he could use the light of the watch to convey the message, one long and three short to indicate that Frank had found it.

Finally, I don't have to worry about hanging on the cliff...

With a bang, the US team followed the positioning on the watch, carefully picked up the protrusion of the rock wall, and walked around to the other side.


Frank raised a finger to his lips, beckoning him not to make a sound, and then pointed to it.

Captain America looked up in the direction of the finger.

Even though the line of sight was greatly affected by the snowstorm, a huge cave entrance could still be seen. Because the mountain was hollowed out, it was usually difficult to find.

Captain America glanced back at Frank and asked what he meant.

Frank hung on the rock wall and signed with one hand to signal the location of the entrance to the cave. There were two Skrulls guarding it, and they quietly solved it from both sides, one by one.

Captain America nodded, agreeing to his approach.

They did what they said, and the two of them didn't ink any ink. From the left and right sides, they climbed up cautiously, for fear of disturbing the two Skrulls.


The US team had just climbed a few steps, and accidentally pulled off a rock, making a harsh sound, and Frank glared at it.

At this moment, their hearts almost stopped.

After waiting for a few seconds, they were relieved to find that the people above hadn't noticed. The American team was grateful for the blizzard from the bottom of their hearts, otherwise, they would have been discovered by that moment.

With the lesson learned just now, they climbed more cautiously, for fear of making a little noise and disturbing the Skrulls above.

Climbing to the lower edge of the platform, Frank took a few deep breaths, then gestured three fingers to Captain America, indicating that they would rush up together in three seconds.

3... 2... 1... Go!

Almost instantly, the strength of the muscles of the two exploded to the limit, their fingers were clasped deep in the cracks of the rock wall, their legs kicked on the rock, and they used their strength to do a somersault.

At an altitude of nearly a thousand meters above sea level, they performed gorgeous backflips and leaped onto the platform with the strength of their waist and abdomen.

The Skrulls on the platform were a little drowsy at first, but a blur suddenly appeared in front of them, followed by two humans, who appeared from nowhere and appeared outside the entrance of the cave.

The moment it landed, Captain America didn't give the man a chance to shout, and suddenly raised his arms and shook his hands. The shield was like a cannonball, drawing a blast of air in the blizzard.


The Naskru people were directly smashed into the air by the shield, accompanied by the sound of shattering bones, spouting blood, flew out of the platform, and then fell into the abyss in the blizzard.

And the other Skrull next to him didn't have the slightest chance to resist madness. While he was still in shock, Frank rushed up and punched him on the throat extremely sharply and quickly.


The Adam's apple shattered, and blood foam filled the mouth.

The Skrulls clutched their throats, opened their terrified eyes, and wanted to shout, but they could only make meaningless hoo hoo.

Frank walked over slowly, and under the fearful eyes of the latter, he drew out his saber and wiped his throat, raised his leg and kicked him off the platform.

Quite a standard army assassination technique, hit the throat so that the enemy can't shout, and then kill with one blow, without delay.

Frank, who finished off the enemy, wiped off the blood on the saber with his clothes, and glanced back at Captain America.

"You're slow."

Cap grinned and waggled his fingers.

Realizing that he was a step behind, Frank suddenly looked a little unhappy, and snorted coldly: "If you can use a gun, I don't need you at all, I can get rid of the two of them."

Captain America shrugged, smiled and said nothing.

He did not refute this point. If guns could be used, Frank, an old guy, would definitely be several times more threatening than him.

Frank stopped pestering him, checked his surroundings, and after confirming that there was no surveillance equipment, he said to him, "Be careful, you don't know what's going on when you go in."

There are gravel scattered on the floor of the cave, and the rock walls on both sides are obviously still rough. It can be seen that this passage has not been newly built.

Going deeper along the cave, the temperature gradually rises.

In the darkness, a ray of light suddenly appeared, and the American team and Frank felt tighter, sticking to the edge of the rock wall, approaching cautiously.

The light was getting closer and closer, and then a huge square appeared in front of their eyes.

Many people gathered in the square, as if some evil ceremony was being held.

One of them raised his arms high, wearing a pale mask, standing on a building similar to an altar.

Around that person, there are ancient rock formations, resembling a pile of stone There is a lit brazier, but the color of the flame is a strange purple.

Near the brazier, dozens of people were surrounded by shadows.

These people wore large yellow robes, knelt on the ground piously, clasped their hands together and murmured, and sang a very difficult ancient prayer, like an echo in the valley, circling in the empty cave.

"What are they... doing?"

The US team was stunned, looking at the crazy-looking crowd below, couldn't help but tremble: "Is that masked man Arthur?"

"I don't know, but it shouldn't be a good thing."

Frank shook his head, fixed his eyes on the man in the middle, and said in a deep voice, "Don't rush to do it, and observe for a while."

"Why? I think we should do it now."

Captain America frowned, as if he didn't quite agree with his proposal: "They haven't found us yet, now is the best time to do it, and they can wipe out everyone!"

"No, wait a minute, Steve."

Frank pressed his hand and said in a deep voice, "We're not sure yet, there is our goal here."

"You mean... Arthur?" Captain America frowned and said, "Isn't that masked man Arthur?"

"No, not sure yet."

Frank narrowed his eyes, observed the man's every move, and said, "If we can't kill with one blow, we won't have a second chance, understand? Steve, we have to be careful!"

The US team was powerless to refute, so they had to let go.

When the two were observing secretly, they saw the masked person on the altar, and suddenly cast their gaze over.

This glance scared the two of them out of their wits.

"The two new friends, why don't you come and have a look."


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